If It Gave Us Time

17: Maybe, It’s Not Impossible

Nervously chewing on her lip, Isla paced up and down the hall, anxiously awaiting the sound of a knock against the front door. She knew that it was coming, despite Gerard’s rather delayed reply to the text that she had sent to him the previous night, she knew that he was on his way over, and she was anxious to see him, wanting to put things right as quickly as she could. She didn’t quite know what she was going to say to him, after the way she had left him in the restaurant the previous afternoon, she wasn’t sure that there was that much she could so to him to alleviate the embarrassment and awkwardness that lingered between them, but, after the conversation she had had with her mother, she wanted to at least apologise to him, not wanting to him to think that he’d done anything wrong.

Stopping ahead of the front door, she spared it an anxious look, almost willing for the knock to fill the air before she turned away, pacing up and down the hall a couple more times before she felt her phone buzz in the pocket of her jeans. Jumping, she pulled the phone out of her pocket before she glanced at the screen, rolling her eyes at the slightly teasing text that Luna had sent to her. Shaking her head, she moved to type out a quick reply before the sound of a soft knock against the front door reached her ears, causing her to still for a second before she lifted her head, staring at the door. Blinking a couple of times, she stuffed her phone back into her pocket before she shuffled towards the door, pulling it open nervously.

Gerard, who’d been stood patiently on the other side, looked up at the sound of the door opening, a halfhearted smile appearing on his lips. “Hi” he breathed.

Isla smiled as best she could despite the knot in her stomach, “Hi” she squeaked “Do you... do you want to come in? Luna’s not here, so it’s just the two of us” she babbled.

Gerard offered her another small smile, briefly contemplating making a teasing comment, but he opted against it, instead just offering her a slightly stiff nod. “If you don’t mind” he mumbled.

Isla shook her head, mumbling something Gerard didn’t catch beneath her breath, before she shuffled out of the doorway, allowing him to step inside before she stepped past him, nudging the door closed with a soft thump.

Gerard watched her for a moment before he shuffled a little deeper into the apartment, stuffing his hands into his pockets as an uncomfortable silence settled between them.

Isla followed after him tentatively, allowing the silence to linger for a few long seconds, before she shook her head, messing with her glasses nervously. “I’m sorry” she murmured “Yesterday, the moment in the restaurant, that was...I shouldn’t have...I’m just sorry” she stumbled out.

Gerard shook his head, a tight smile on his face. “You don’t have to be” he mumbled “I was the one who misread things. I overheard you and Luna talking yesterday morning and I just...I got ahead of myself. If one of us should apologise, it’s me. I’ve made this all awkward again” he added, letting out a slightly rueful laugh as he motioned between the two of them.

Isla frowned. “Y...you heard us?” she spluttered.

“I heard some of the conversation you had” Gerard replied with a nonchalant shrug “The part where you thought you might...you know” he added, grimacing a little at his own awkwardness.

Isla’s cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink, but she didn’t say anything, something which made Gerard shake his head. “I’m sorry” he noted “I read the moment wrong and I acted stupidly. I mean, you clearly didn’t want to kiss me...”

“That’s not true” Isla squeaked, cutting him off.

Gerard blinked a couple of times, surprised by both the interruption and what she’d said, before he tilted his head, a slightly baffled smile on his face. “That’s not what it looked like to me” he breathed “I mean, I tried to kiss you, and you ran out of the restaurant as quickly as you could. Lala, if you’re not interested in me, then just say it. This...babbling about whether we like each other, it’s something we would have done before, something we should have done when we were kids, but we’re not kids now, so let’s act like grownups and talk, yeah?” he pressed.

Isla stared up at him for a moment, allowing a couple of beats of silence to pass between them, before she nodded her head slowly. “OK” she agreed.

Gerard mirrored her nod, allowing another moment of quiet to pass between them, before he quirked a faint smile. “What’s happening here, Vasquez?” he prodded with a nervous laugh.

Isla let out an equally uncertain laugh. “I wish I knew, Piqué” she replied, pushing her glasses back up her nose “I know it was a lot easier before Luna and Sofia set the two of us up, though” she added.

Gerard laughed loudly. “You’d not change that for anything, really” he teased “I mean, yeah, we’re awkward, but you love having me around” he added.

Isla feigned thought for a second, something which made Gerard scoff playfully before he shook his head, stepping half a pace closer to her. “I don’t want this to be awkward again, Lala” he murmured “And I don’t want to rush anything either, but I think...maybe...it’s not impossible that I have some kind of feeling for you and if that’s something you share in...” he trailed off, offering her a coy smile as he gently reached up, brushing a couple of messy hairs away from her face.

Isla stood quietly, allowing him to lightly brushing the tips of his fingers against her face, before she bit her lip, diverting her stare shyly down towards her feet. “You think it’s maybe not impossible that you like me?” she mumbled, her voice caught between shy and teasing.

Gerard, who’d been carefully moving his fingertips downwards towards her jaw, quirked a crooked smile, his bright blue eyes flicking up to mirror hers. “It’s better than nothing, no?” he quipped.

Isla scoffed, letting out a soft laugh. “You’re so romantic” she teased.

Gerard just smiled at her, his eyes flicking between her eyes and her lips.

Isla watched the movement of his eyes, feeling a knot in her pit of her stomach, before she took half a pace towards him, something which caused Gerard to arch an eyebrow before he shifted his hand, settling it gently against the side of her neck. Holding his hand in place, he met her stare again, wordlessly asking if she was sure that time, before he leant his face a little closer, their noses lightly brushing against one another. Isla held his stare, encouraging him to lean closer, something Gerard did before the sound of the front door opening and closing filled the air, something which caused Isla to jerk back quickly.

Gerard startled, surprised by her movement, before he looked at her, admiring the sheepish smile she wore on her lips. “Sorry” she said “The sound of the door surprised me. Luna’s not meant to be back for...” her words trailed off as Gerard stepped closer to her, pressing his lips firmly to hers. Letting out a soft gasp, she stilled for a second, surprised by the kiss, before she gently lifted a hand, slipping her fingers into Gerard’s dark hair.

Gerard grinned at the feel of her fingers, kissing her for a few seconds before he pulled back, his blue eyes mirroring hers.

Isla held his stare, allowing a few beats of silence to pass between them, before she smiled goofily. “Maybe” she mumbled “It’s not impossible that I could like you too” she teased.
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