If It Gave Us Time

21: Can’t You Wait To Spend More Time With Me?

Grinning amusedly to himself, Gerard rested his shoulder against the door frame of Isla’s bedroom, his blue eyes fixed on Isla who sat in the middle of her bed, oblivious to his presence. It had been a while, after their first date, a little over a week had passed, but with Gerard having played a match for Barcelona the previous night, he had the day free, something which had led to him dropping by Isla’s apartment, more than a little eager for them to spend more time together. It had gone well, despite their conversation circling around to one of Isla’s ex-boyfriends, their first date had been more successful than Gerard had anticipated it would be, and he was keen to build on it, wanting to make the most of the period of their relationship which was all about them getting to know one another again before things started to get serious.

Smirking to himself, he watched as Isla mouthed the words to the song that she was listening to through her headphones, before he took a couple of careful steps across the room, stopping at the side of her bed. Taking a second, he admired the picture that filled the screen of her laptop, before he leant over, pressing a brisk kiss against her cheek.

Isla, who’d not heard him coming, let out a squeak in surprise before she turned to glare up at him, something which made Gerard laugh gently, holding his hands up innocently. “Sorry” he quipped “I just couldn’t resist it. You really didn’t hear me coming?” he teased as he plopped down onto the side of the bed, eagerly laying down against the mattress.

Isla watched him lay down before she shook her head, unable to stop the corners of her lips quirking upwards into a soft smile. “I didn’t” she mused “What are you doing here?” she asked as she turned back towards her laptop.

Gerard shrugged. “We played a match last night” he mused “And I figured, seeing as I had some free time, I could drop in on you. You’re not thrilled to see me?” he teased impishly.

Isla, who’d moved to close her laptop down, feigned thought for a couple of seconds before she leant over slightly, pressing a soft kiss against his lips. Gerard blinked in surprise, but was quick to lift a hand, gently weaving his fingers through her hair as he kissed her back gently, something which made Isla smile gently against his lips before she pulled away from him. “That answer your question?” she chirped as she shuffled back to her feet.

Gerard grinned goofily to himself for a few seconds, just about resisting the urge to coo over the kiss, before he shook his head, clearing his throat slightly. “What’ve you got planned for today?” he asked.

Isla, who’d padded towards her wardrobe, shrugged. “Not much” she mused “I mean, I’m due at my parents’ house this evening for dinner, but for the rest of the day, I don’t have plans. Why? Can’t you wait to spend more time with me?” she added, offering him a teasing smirk over her shoulder.

Gerard just smiled at her, something which made Isla’s cheeks flush a soft shade of pink before she turned back towards her wardrobe, quietly flicking through its content. “Did you have something in mind or...?” she trailed off, disturbing the comfortable silence which had settled over the two of them.

Gerard, who’d been quietly admiring her, blinked a couple of times, surprised by her speaking before he offered her a lazy shrug. “What do you normally do on a Sunday morning?” he asked.

Isla shook her head to herself before she turned around to look at him. “You really want to know?” she asked.

Gerard didn’t hesitate in nodding, offering her a small smile.

Isla offered him another slightly uncertain glance, wordlessly asking if he was sure, before she shyly shrugged her shoulders. “I tend to sit around in my pajamas” she admitted “I mean, I might venture to the kitchen to get a bowl of cereal or something, but I tend to hang out in here, watching TV shows on my laptop” she added, messing with the ends of her hair sheepishly.

Gerard was quiet for a moment, thinking over her words, before he sat up, pulling his shoes off of his feet. “Which cupboard do you keep the bowls in?” he quipped as he stood up.

Isla furrowed her forehead. “What?” she asked.

“The cereal bowls” Gerard clarified “Which cupboard are they in?” he added, his expression brightening with a warm smile.

Isla stared at him for a second, marveling at the warm smile on his face, before she shook her head, a soft giggle falling out of her mouth. “The cupboard closest to the fridge” she noted.

Gerard nodded swiftly. “Then why don’t you find us something to watch?” he mused “I’ll be right back” he added before he jogged out of the room.

Isla briefly thought about stopping him, about insisting that they could do anything else if he wanted to do, but Gerard caught her eye, flashing her a quick wink before he ducked out of the door, something which made Isla shake her head, unable to stop herself from grinning.

Lazily twisting a piece of Isla’s blonde hair around his finger, Gerard quirked a small smile, his eyes settled on Isla who was resting against his chest, her soft snores filling the air around them. It hadn’t taken long, after they’d had breakfast together, less than half an hour had passed before Isla had started to snore quietly, but Gerard hadn’t found the heart to disturb her, even if he had been hoping for a little more when he’d arrived at her apartment that morning. He couldn’t quite bring himself to disturb her when she looked so happy and peaceful.

Allowing the piece of hair to slip between his fingers, he carefully adjusted the arm which was wrapped around Isla’s waist before the sight of the bedroom door being edged open caught his eye, something which caused him to look up, his eyes widening a fraction as they settled on the woman who’d stepped inside, a woman that definitely wasn’t Luna as he’d been expecting. “Eva...Mrs Vasquez” he spluttered out before he flinched, not meaning his voice to be so loud.

Isla stirred a little, but didn’t wake up, something which caused Gerard to breathe out a soft sigh in relief.

Eva looked up at the sound of his voice, her eyes slightly wide in surprise before they softened, settling on Isla’s sleeping face. “I see you two made up” she mused, trying, and failing, to keep the amusement out of her voice.

Gerard spluttered out a slightly surprised sound. “What?” he asked.

Eva shook her head. “It doesn’t matter” she mused “I’m just sorry for intruding. I was on my way into town and I thought I’d pop by and ask if Isla wanted to come with me. I didn’t expect that you’d be here, Gerard” she added kindly.

Gerard felt his cheeks warm before he shook his head, spluttering out another uncertain noise. “It...uh...It was a spur of the moment thing” he stumbled out.

Eva smiled, not missing the stumble in his voice, before she shook her head. “It’s been a long time, Gerard” she mused.

“It has, Mrs Vasquez” Gerard breathed out.

Eva offered him another small smile, allowing a couple of beats of silence to pass between them, before she lowered her stare, glancing at Isla who stirred a little more in her sleep, her blue eyes peeking open tentatively. “Look who’s up” she teased quietly.

Isla frowned slightly, trying to wake herself up, before she lifted her eyes, looking up at her mother. “Ma?” she asked through a yawn.

“Hola, baby” Eva replied.

“What are you doing here?” Isla mumbled quietly as she sat up, her body stiffening slightly as she felt Gerard move behind her.

Eva noticed the slightly panicked look that had passed over Isla’s face before she grinned. “I was in the area” she mused “And I thought I’d invite you into town with me, but I can see you’re otherwise occupied” she added, her eyes sparkling amusedly.

Isla caught her mother’s look before she shook her head. “Ma” she warned.

“We’re having dinner tonight, Gerard” Eva chirped “Me, my husband, Rodrigo and Isla, and we’d love for you to join us” she added.

“Madre” Isla hissed.

Eva just grinned at Gerard, ignoring Isla’s protests. “We insist” she mused “Dani and Rodrigo will be so excited to see you. You have to come, Gerard” she added.

Gerard blinked a couple of times, sparing Isla a brief look out of the corner of his eye, before he quirked a polite smile. “You’re so kind to offer, but...”

“Then it’s settled” Eva interrupted “I’ll see you two tonight” she added before she ducked out of the door, ignoring the stuttered protests of both Isla and Gerard as she pulled it closed.
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