If It Gave Us Time

29: You Already Knew That About Me

Blinking his eyes tiredly, Gerard carefully trailed his hand up and down Isla’s side, his ears filled with the soft sound of her snores which were the only sound audible around the two of them. It hadn’t taken her long, after they’d had dinner together, Isla had insisted that she had some work to get done, but she’d quickly stowed away her laptop, opting to curl up with him in front of a film instead before she’d drifted off to sleep, something which had bought a grin up to Gerard’s face, even if he had been hoping for a little more time with her. There was a small part of him that adored the idea that she was comfortable enough around him to fall asleep without a second thought.

Guiding his hand up and down her back, he felt a small smile tweak his lips before he carefully leant forwards, dusting a couple of feather light kisses against the back of her neck.

Isla, who’d been happily sleeping, stirred a little at the feel of the kisses before she tentatively blinked her eyes open, sparing a sleepy look back over her shoulder. “I fell asleep again, didn’t I?” she mumbled.

Gerard smirked a little at her question, but didn’t look up and meet her eyes, instead opting to focus on his hand which was still brushing up and down her side softly. “You did” he confirmed “In fact, I’m starting to think it is my company. You always seem to nod off when I am around” he teased.

Isla rolled her eyes before she moved her hand, gently capturing his before she knotted their fingers together. “It’s not my fault that you’re boring” she played along, gently running her thumb over his knuckles.

Gerard let out a small laugh, but didn’t say anything, instead opting to watch her thumb for a few seconds before he lifted their hands, allowing him to press a soft kiss against the back of hers.

Isla’s cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink at the feel of his lips against her skin before she gently turned over, laying face to face with him. “Hi” she squeaked softly.

Gerard grinned at her for a second before he reached out, playfully pushing her glasses back up her nose.

Isla scoffed playfully. “You just ruined the moment” she mused “I mean, I was thinking about kissing you, but you went ahead and...” she trailed off as Gerard leant into her, pressing his lips to hers gently.

Isla let out a small squeak, surprised by the sudden kiss, before she pulled away from him, letting out a soft giggle. “Idiot” she mumbled teasingly.

Gerard smirked and leant in again, happily stealing another soft kiss. “You already knew that about me” he mumbled between soft kisses “You know I’m an idiot, but I am also your boyfriend now, so you’re stuck with me” he added.

Isla giggled gently before she reached her hand out, gently pushing the tips of her fingers back through his dark hair. “You seem to like saying that” she pointed out “I mean, we’ve been officially official for a few hours, and I think you’ve found a way to work that into every conversation that we’ve had” she added.

Gerard shrugged, his smirk softening into a light smile. “Can you blame me?” he asked “I mean, it’s something I used to think about a lot when we were kids, and now here we are. It’s a pretty big deal for me” he added as he reached his hand up, capturing hers before he gently pulled it towards his lips, allowing him to press a light kiss against her palm.

Isla watched him for a few seconds, a soft smile spread across her lips, before she leant into him, pressing another soft kiss against his lips.

Gerard smiled into the kiss before he shifted his position slightly, gently tugging Isla on top of him as he deepened the kiss.

Isla let out a quiet sound as one of his hands weaved its way into her hair before she pulled away from him slightly, a soft blush quickly spreading over her cheeks as she looked down at him. Holding his stare for a second, she quietly searched his eyes before she leant down again, gently brushing her lips over his.

Gerard held her close, his fingertips gently grazing the side of her face and neck before the sound of a small squeak reached his ears, something which caused him to frown before he gently pulled away from Isla, glancing up at Luna who stood in the doorway, shielding her eyes.

“You have a bedroom, Isla” Luna squeaked.

Isla quickly pulled away from Gerard and attempted to rush to her feet, only to stumble as she tried to untangle her legs from the defender’s.

Gerard reacted quickly and steadied her on her feet, something which made Isla flash him a soft smile before she turned back to Luna. “Firstly” she noted “We were just kissing and I can assure you, that that’s probably about as far as it would have gone. And secondly, you were the one who insisted that we’d have the place to ourselves all night. What are you doing here, Luna?” she added, her words rushed and muddled in embarrassment.

Luna scoffed playfully. “Sure, you’d have just kept it to kissing” she teased, smirking a little towards Gerard who offered her a playful non-committal shrug.

Isla shook her head. “Luna” she warned.

Luna giggled before she padded out into the hall, returning seconds later with a handsome dark haired man in glasses. “Gerard, this is my boyfriend, Evan” she mused “Evan, this is Isla’s new boyfriend, Gerard” she added.

Evan smiled. “You do know what you’re getting into, right?” he teased as he moved to shake Gerard’s hand.

Gerard laughed. “I’ve got a pretty good idea” he played along “She’s not changed too much since we were teenagers” he added, sparing a playful glance towards Isla who quickly rolled her eyes, refocusing on her attention on Luna.

“What are you doing back, Luna?” Isla pressed.

Luna’s face lit up before she thrusted her hand forwards, showing off the gorgeous ring that sat on her finger. “Evan proposed!” she announced excitedly.

Isla blinked a couple of times. “What?” she pressed.

“Evan asked me to marry him” Luna repeated “I’m engaged, Lala!” she added, giggling happily.

Isla stared at her blankly for a few seconds before she shook her head, a wide grin quickly splitting across her face. “Really?” she pressed.

Luna nodded eagerly. “It was so cute” she fussed “And look at this ring, Lala, isn’t it gorgeous?” she added as she scampered towards her roommate, eagerly showing her the ring.

Isla took a hold of her hand and marveled at the ring for a second before she nodded. “Beautiful” she mused “I didn’t know that Evan had such good taste” she added, sparing a teasing glance towards Evan.

Evan merely scoffed playfully, something which made Isla smile before she turned back towards Luna. “You didn’t have better things to do than come back here and ruin my date?” she asked, a slightly suggestive smirk on her face.

Luna scoffed. “We’re going back to his place” she mused “I just...I had to tell someone and I chose you. I mean, I need a maid of honor, and probably a wedding photographer. Do you take engagement photos?” she asked, her words rushed in her excitement.

Isla giggled at how excited Luna looked before she nodded. “For you, Luna, I’m sure I could manage it” she confirmed “But maybe this is a conversation for us to have tomorrow? I’m sure that when he popped the question, Evan didn’t exactly envisage coming here and telling us before you went back to his place” she added, sparing another look towards Evan.

“I did have something else in mind” Evan confirmed with a smirk.

Isla rolled her eyes before she wrapped Luna in a tight hug, mumbling a soft ‘congratulations’ before she stepped back, allowing Evan and Luna to make their way out of the apartment.

Gerard, who was sat beside Isla, watched the other couple out of the room before he shuffled to his feet, wrapping his arms around her before he pressed a soft kiss against the side of her neck. “So” he mumbled, kissing up the side of her neck towards her jaw “Where were we?” he added.

Isla smirked before she turned around, pressing a quick kiss to his lips. “I think I was about to go and put some pajamas on” she quipped before she stepped away from him, making her way towards her bedroom as the sound of his laugh rang in her ears.
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