If It Gave Us Time

30: I Think I Could Guess

Humming quietly to herself, Isla flicked through her wardrobe, trying to choose out an outfit for the day. It was early, with her and Gerard still trying to grow accustomed to sharing a bed, they had developed a habit of inadvertently disturbing one another, and when Gerard had disturbed her a little over an hour previous, she hadn’t even attempted to get back to sleep, instead opting to make the most of the early rise by heading out for a jog before she’d started to get ready for the day ahead. It wasn’t going to be a busy one, with no meetings scheduled, she planned on spending the time looking over details for a wedding she would be working at that weekend, and she was looking forwards to it, even if it was likely to be quiet. A small part of her was relishing the idea of having a quiet day.

Carefully filing through her clothes, she tugged out a clean sweater and a pair of leggings before she turned back towards the bed, jumping slightly as her eyes met Gerard’s. “You’re awake” she spluttered, holding her sweater against herself in order to hide the fact that she was only wearing her underwear.

The corner of Gerard’s mouth quirked upwards. “I am” he confirmed.

Isla shook her head, trying, and failing, to hide the fact that she was blushing, before she let out a slightly nervous laugh. “I thought you’d be asleep for a while longer” she noted “I’ve just been out for a jog and I took a shower when I got back. I was just about to get dressed” she added, her eyes glancing down towards the clothes she held in her hands.

Gerard followed her stare down towards her clothes before he looked back up at her face, amusement dancing across his features. “You know that I’ve seen you in your underwear before, right?” he quipped.

Isla nodded, but didn’t say anything, instead opting shift on the spot for a few seconds before she took a couple of steps towards the door.

Gerard watched her amusedly before he climbed out of the bed, gently capturing her wrist in his hand before he pulled her back towards him.

Isla opened her mouth, preparing to say something, but Gerard was quicker, pressing his lips to hers.

Isla let out a small squeak, surprised by the kiss, but she warmed to it quickly, kissing him happily for a few long seconds before she felt the light touch of his fingertips against the bare skin of her back, something which caused her to jump slightly before she pulled out of the kiss, smiling up at him bashfully. “Sorry” she mumbled.

Gerard just smiled down at her, something which made Isla giggle shyly before she shook her head, her fingers messing timidly with his as she moved to knot them together. “What do you keep smiling at me for?” she asked, her eyes looking down towards their feet.

Gerard shrugged lazily. “Can’t I smile at my beautiful girlfriend?” he teased as he reached his other hand up, tucking a couple of damp strands of hair back off of her face.

Isla smiled up at him goofily, something which made Gerard laugh before he leant down, capturing her in another soft kiss which lasted for a few seconds before the sound of the front door opening and closing with an obnoxiously loud thump filled his ears, causing him to pull back slightly before he shook his head, resting his forehead against Isla’s. “I’m growing to hate your roommate” he mumbled playfully.

Isla shook her head before she pulled away from him, moving to pull her sweater over her head. “You won’t have to worry about her for too much longer” she mused “I mean, with her and Evan getting engaged, it’s only a matter of time before they start thinking about moving in together and they’ll probably want to take this place, meaning I’ll probably have to head back to my parents’ place for a while” she added, tugging on her leggings.

Gerard tilted his head. “You’d go back and stay with your parents?” he asked.

Isla nodded. “I’ve got some money saved up” she mused “But it’s not enough for a deposit on an apartment of my own, so I’d probably have to head back there for a few months to save up some money. Why? Are you worried about my mama or papa walking in on you in the shower if you stay over?” she teased, offering him a crooked smile.

Gerard rolled his eyes, but couldn’t keep the slight flush off of his cheeks, something which made Isla giggle before she pushed herself up onto her toes, pressing a gentle kiss against his cheek. “It won’t be that bad” she mused as she stepped back from him, collecting a hairband from onto top of her dresser.

Gerard stared at her for a moment, watching as she pulled her hair up into a messy ponytail, before he opened his mouth, something which made Isla laugh gently, catching sight of his face in the mirror ahead of her. “No” she noted.

Gerard shook his head. “You didn’t know what I was going to say” he commented.

“I think I could guess” Isla countered “And whilst it’s sweet, I think it’s probably a pretty bad idea” she added, her expression softening a little as she turned around to look at him.

Gerard smirked. “You don’t know that” he noted “I mean, you said it yourself, it’d only be temporary and...” he trailed off as he admired the amused smirk on Isla’s face “It’s a terrible idea, isn’t it?” he quipped.

“Right now, probably” Isla agreed “But hey, you know how infuriating my mother can be. If the offer still stands in a few months, you never know” she added with a small shrug.

Gerard let out a small laugh before he stepped towards her, wrapping his arms around her waist before he dipped his head slightly, pressing a gentle kiss against her shoulder. “You think we’re going to be together in a few months?” he mumbled against her sweater.

Isla didn’t hesitate in nodding. “You’re not getting rid of me that easily, Piqué” she mused “I mean, what was it you said last night? You’d been waiting for this since we were kids? Well, I’ve been waiting for it too, and whilst I know that it’ll have it’s bumps, you’re not going to shake me easily. You stuck with me” she added as she leant up, pressing a brisk kiss against his cheek.

Gerard kissed her shoulder again, mumbling something she didn’t quite catch beneath his breath, before the sound of Luna’s voice calling Isla’s name reached them, something which made the blonde roll her eyes before she pulled out of his arms. “Roommate duty calls” she mused “You’ll be out of here soon?” she asked.

Gerard nodded. “I’ve got training in a bit” he confirmed “And then some stuff that should keep me busy most of the day. I’ll call you tonight?” he asked.

Isla smiled at him before she pushed herself up onto her toes, pressing a quick kiss against his lips. “I’ll be waiting” she quipped before she wrinkled her nose, mumbling about how cheesy her comment had sounded as she stepped out of the room, leaving the defender laughing to himself behind her.
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