If It Gave Us Time

32: I Was The Picture Of Confidence

Tapping his fingers against the top of his steering wheel, Gerard shifted a little in his seat, trying to work up the nerve to climb out of the car and head up the path towards the front door of Daniel and Eva’s home. It had been inevitable, with Isla having finished moving her stuff into her parents’ home a couple of days previous, it had only been a matter of time before he arrived to pick her up for a date, and whilst Isla had been quick to insist that she would come out with just a text, Gerard wanted to be polite, wanting to try and alleviate the tension that still existed between him and Isla’s father. It still played on his mind, the conversation that he and Daniel had had was something that he often thought about bringing up with Isla, but each time he thought about it, he quickly opted against it, not wanting to disturb the balance of a relationship which seemed to be going well.

Sparing the house another look, he let out a quiet sigh before he flicked his stare down towards his phone. Staring at it for a second, he briefly contemplated sending Isla a text before he shook his head to himself, pushing the door of the car open. Pushing himself up to his feet, he lingered beside the car for a couple of seconds before he made his way up the path, gently pressing the doorbell before he took half a pace backwards. Watching the door for a second, he fixed the best smile he could onto his face before it swung open, revealing Eva whose face lit up at the sight of him. “You’re early” she quipped.

Gerard tilted his head. “I am?” he asked.

“Either that, or Isla’s running late” Eva quipped “She’s barely been home for twenty minutes and she’s definitely not ready. She’s always taken forever to get ready” she added with a playful roll of her eyes as she stepped out of the doorway, allowing him to step over the threshold.

Gerard let out a small awkward laugh. “It’s OK” he noted “Our reservation’s not for a while yet” he added.

Eva smiled, a little amused by how uncomfortable he looked, before she jutted a thumb over her shoulder. “I was going to make myself a drink” she mused “Can I get you anything, Gerard?” she asked.

“A glass of water would be nice” Gerard replied “If you don’t mind, of course” he added sheepishly.

Eva shook her head gently, letting out a soft laugh. “Don’t look so nervous, Gerard” she mused before she swanned away, ducking into the kitchen.

Gerard watched after her for a second before the sound of a laugh reached his ears, something which caused him to turn around, his eyes settled on Isla who stood on the stairs behind him, her face lit up with a bright amused grin. Gerard rolled his eyes at the sight of her smile, something which made Isla let out another giggle before she shook her head. “I told you I’d come out to the car if you texted me” she quipped “You didn’t have to come inside” she added playfully.

Gerard shook his head, trying, and failing, to hide the blush which had started to spread over his cheeks. “I was trying to be polite” he quipped.

Isla merely grinned at him, something which made Gerard roll his eyes before he stepped towards her, greeting her with a gentle kiss on her cheek. “You nearly ready to go?” he asked quietly.

Isla nodded, her teasing smirk softening into a light smile. “I just need to get changed” she mused “You think you can survive another five or ten minutes without embarrassing yourself too much?” she added, her voice caught between soft and playful.

Gerard feigned thought for a second before he nodded. “For you, I’ll manage” he played along.

Isla giggled softly before she pressed a quick kiss against his cheek, disappearing back up the stairs.

Gerard watched her back up the stairs, smiling gently to himself, before someone cleared their throat behind him, causing him to jump slightly before he turned around, his already pink cheeks darkening a shade as he spotted the doting grin that lit up Eva’s face. “You two are so cute” she gushed as she handed him his glass of water.

Gerard merely offered her a slightly bashful smile, something which made Eva coo softly before she stepped out of the hall, mumbling about how sweet the younger couple were together.

“You’re sure that you don’t want to just come back to my place?” Gerard complained playfully as he rested his arms on the top of his car, his blue eyes settled on Isla who had padded around to the other side. It had been a good night, after they’d left Isla’s parents’ home, he’d relaxed into things, and whilst they’d only headed out for a quick dinner, he had to admit that he’d had fun, even if Isla had insisted on poking fun at how nervous he seemed to be around her mother. There was a part of him that merely liked being around her.

Isla, who’d been adjusting the scarf that she wore around her neck, let out a soft laugh. “You’re so romantic” she teased.

Gerard shook his head. “You know what I mean” he quipped “I like being around you, and I like sleeping next to you, but I don’t think I am quite ready to do that in a house you share with your mama and papa. Don’t get me wrong, they’re lovely people, but...” he trailed off, not quite sure what to say next.

It was awkward, the idea of being romantic with Isla whilst her mother and father were under the same roof was something which made him nervous, and he wanted to try and avoid it for as long as he could, even if he wasn’t sure how long Isla would be back in her parents’ home. The idea of having breakfast with Daniel and Eva after he’d spent the night in the same bed as their daughter was something he wanted to escape for as long as he could.

Isla stared at him for a second, a playful smile briefly passing over her lips, before she nodded her head slowly, her expression softening slightly. “I know it’s pretty awkward” she admitted “I mean, I’ve only been back there for a few days, and already I feel like a teenager when they’re around. I mean, even you showing up to pick me up for our date...” she trailed off, smiling bashfully.

Gerard smiled back at her. “It really did feel like an awkward teenage first date, didn’t it?” he asked.

Isla nodded her head. “It did” she confirmed “And you didn’t help with all your awkward blushing and babbling” she added.

Gerard scoffed playfully. “I was the picture of confidence” he quipped.

Isla snorted. “Sure” she replied sarcastically.

Gerard rolled his eyes before he reached his hand across the roof of the car, something which caused Isla to lift an eyebrow briefly before she placed her hand in his, allowing him to squeeze it softly. “It’s temporary” he noted “You did something which I am sure that Luna and Evan are grateful for, and whilst it’s not the most fun thing for you, it’s only temporary. It’ll take you a couple of months to make the money you need for a deposit, or it will take me a couple of months to wear you down and convince you to move in with me, because I love you...because I’d love to have you” he stumbled out.

Isla merely stared at him for a few long seconds, something which caused Gerard to shift his feet, shaking his head slightly. “I...uh...obviously that’s not what I...” he stumbled out “What I meant to say was that I’d love to have you move in with me, which, now I say it, sounds incredibly ridiculous. You know what, I think I am probably just going to shut up. I’ll drive you back to your parents’ place?” he asked, feeling his cheeks warm more and more with each word that came out of his mouth.

Isla blinked a couple of times, trying to keep pace with his words, before she nodded her head slowly. “Ok” she breathed before she pulled the door to the car open, slipping into it.

Gerard watched her, listening to the car door thump as she pulled it closed, before he lightly hit the top of the car, ruing the moment that the words had fallen out of his mouth.
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