If It Gave Us Time

37: Would It Make A Difference?

“Are you really going to wear that?”

Isla, who was fixing her hair in Gerard’s bedroom, smirked a little at the sound of his question, her blue eyes watching as he stepped into the bedroom via the mirror that stood ahead of her. It had been a little while, after they’d talked about the pace at which their relationship was moving, a few days had passed, and with Barcelona due to play Villarreal at home that night, Isla had agreed to go along, knowing just how keen Gerard was to introduce her to his friends. They weren’t in a hurry, despite Gerard’s nerves about them, Isla was keen to take little steps forwards and enjoy them, but she knew that he was excited about her going that night, even if he had tried to play it cool. The little smile that had tweaked the corner of his lips since she’d shown up a little over an hour previous spoke volumes.

“It’s the right team, isn’t it?” Isla replied “And besides, I didn’t bring a change of clothes. If I go home now, my mother’s not going to let me leave again” she added, smirking at him via the mirror.

Gerard, who’d stepped up behind her, smirked a little at her teasing before he settled an arm around her waist, holding her close to him. “That’s all the more reason for you to come and stay here” he mumbled, pressing a soft kiss against her shoulder.

Isla rolled her eyes, her elbow nudging his ribs playfully. “You think I should come and stay here just so I could change out of this shirt?” she teased “I mean, you do know that he’s the best player in your team, right?” she added, her voice warm and playful.

It was a running conversation, with Isla prone to complaining about having to stay with her mother and father, Gerard often suggested that they just move in together, but they both knew that it wasn’t the right move for them, not yet at least. They were still getting used to one another, they were still figuring out how to be a couple, and they both knew that moving in together, whilst a tantalizing prospect for the future, was something which would be a little too much too soon for them.

Gerard, who’d moved to brush a few loose hairs off of the back of her neck, leant forwards, brushing a soft kiss against her skin. “He is pretty good” he mumbled “But I am not so bad myself. In fact, I think I am pretty great” he added.

Isla scoffed out a laugh, something which made Gerard poke at her side, tickling her slightly. Isla laughed again, squirming to avoid his hands, before she took a pace forwards, easily stepping out of his grasp. Smiling a little to herself, she allowed a few seconds of silence to pass between them before she looked up at him, her expression softening slightly. “They’re going to like me, aren’t they?” she asked quietly.

Gerard, who’d been grinning at her, felt his expression slacken in surprise at her question before he nodded, his hands gently taking a hold of hers so that he could pull her close to him again. “Of course they are” he insisted as though it was the most obvious thing in the world “How could they not? You’re bright, you’re funny, you have a catalogue of embarrassing stories about me...they’re going to love you, Isla. I have no doubt about that” he added, his voice caught between soft and assured.

Isla looked up at him, her blue eyes searching his for any sign that he didn’t believe what he was saying, before she quirked a faint smile. “I do know a lot of embarrassing stories about you” she mused.

Gerard laughed. “I know you do” he mused “And you know what? They’re going to love them” he added.

Isla lifted an eyebrow. “You’re not going to tell me not to tell them?” she asked.

“Would it make a difference if I did?” Gerard asked with a playful grin.

Isla let out a soft laugh before she shook her head. “Probably not” she replied.

“Are you sure that you don’t want to wait until after the game?”

Gerard, who had Isla’s hand gripped in his own, smirked a little at the nervous tone of her voice before he nodded, sparing a look down at her. “I’m sure” he mused “We don’t know what the outcome of the game is going to be, so I don’t know what the mood of the team will be after the game. They’re probably going to be fine now, though. Why? You nervous, Vasquez?” he chirped, trying to keep his voice bright and teasing.

He knew that she was nervous, the little touches of her glasses and the way that she kept reaching up to mess with her hair which was perfectly in place was more than a bit of a giveaway, but he thought that his teasing would help her to relax a little, even if it was just a fraction. He wanted her to be as calm as she could be ahead of a meeting that he was almost one hundred percent certain would go off without a hitch.

Isla merely glared up at him, something which made Gerard chuckle and squeeze her hand. “I told you” he mused “You’re going to be fine. I mean, I like you, so...” he trailed off, grinning at her impishly.

“You’re an idiot” Isla announced.

Gerard went to reply, but was cut off by Luis who had just stepped out of the room ahead of them. “That’s why we love him” he announced.

Gerard rolled his eyes playfully before he gestured towards the Uruguayan. “Isla, this is Luis” he noted “Luis, this is Isla, my girlfriend” he added, the excitement audible in his voice as the word ‘girlfriend’ fell out of his mouth.

Luis raised an eyebrow, not missing the tone of the defender’s voice, before he stuck his hand out towards Isla. “It’s good to meet you” he mused.

“You too” Isla replied quietly, shaking his hand.

Gerard noticed how quiet she was and offered her other hand a light squeeze, mumbling something that Luis didn’t catch into her ear, something which caused Isla to splutter out a soft laugh.

Luis smiled a little as he watched them, not missing the way that Gerard in particular looked at Isla, before he cleared his throat. “You guys coming through?” he asked “I mean, we’re all pretty excited to meet the girl that puts up with him” he joked.

Isla smiled gently. “He is a lot of work” she played along.

Gerard scoffed, something which made Isla giggle, her blue eyes shining a little as they looked up at him. “You are” she quipped “But you know that I love you anyway. You’re my idiot” she fussed.

Gerard rolled his eyes lightheartedly, something which made both Luis and Isla smile before the Uruguayan pushed the door open, gesturing for Isla to go through. “Come on” he mused “The guys can’t wait to meet you” he added.

Isla offered him a hesitant smile before she nodded, stepping through the door.

Gerard followed after her, watching as she touched her glasses back up her nose and brushed some imaginary hair off of her face, before she spotted Lionel, something which made her expression relax a little. “Messi” she announced.

Lionel, who’d been talking quietly with Jordi Alba, looked up at the sound of his name before his face lit up, something which made Gerard smile as Isla smiled. “Vasquez” the argentine mused “You made it” he added.

Isla smiled. “It was touch and go” she mused.

Lionel grinned before he stepped towards her, wrapping her in a tight hug. “It’s good to see you” he mused, rubbing her back fondly before he quirked an eyebrow, his smile growing into a teasing smirk. “Are there two numbers on the back of your shirt?” he asked.

Isla grinned before she caught Gerard’s eye, not missing the playful eye roll he gave her. Shaking her head, she turned around, showing off the back of her shirt to a series of laughs. “I’ve got good taste” she teased, her blue eyes focused on mirroring Gerard’s.

Gerard rubbed the back of his neck gently, catching her meaning, before he nodded, offering her a tender smile that she knew was meant just for her. Blushing, she smiled back at him softly before she turned, introducing herself to a few more of his teammates.

Gerard simply watched her with a smile, hoping that that was just a first of many.
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