If It Gave Us Time

40: I Know The Look She Gets When She’s Serious

“Are you nearly ready to get out of here?” Isla chirped as she stepped into Gerard’s bedroom, her fingers aimlessly reaching for the back of her dress. It had been a while, after they had agreed to trial living together a few days a week, a few weeks had passed, and whilst it had taken a little getting used to, Isla was pleased with how it was going. It was a little awkward, with both of them wary of trying to push things too far too soon, they both, from time to time, appeared to walk on eggshells around one another, but they were getting there, slowly but surely.

Gerard, who’d been using the mirror to adjust his tie, looked up at the sound of her voice before he breathed out a soft laugh, a soft, loved up smile brightening his features. “You look incredible” he mused.

Isla, who’d moved towards the wardrobe in search of a pair of shoes, shook her head, trying, and failing, to distract him from the soft glow of pink that appeared on her skin. “You think so?” she asked quietly “I mean, Luna did take me shopping so that I could find the right dress for tonight. She thinks I have pretty terrible taste and...” she trailed off as she felt Gerard’s hand brush against the bare skin of her back, gently trailing the zip upwards.

Smiling bashfully, she felt the blush on her cheeks worsen before she stood up, turning so that her eyes mirrored his. “You really think I look OK?” she asked quietly.

Gerard didn’t hesitate in nodding. “I think you look amazing” he mused sincerely.

Isla shifted a little, trying to stifle her giddy smile, before she reached her hands out, gently adjusting the tie that he wore. “You clean up pretty nicely too” she mused.

“I know that” Gerard scoffed, playfully rolling his eyes.

Isla laughed and pushed his shoulder, shaking her head playfully. “Dork” she muttered.

Gerard merely offered her a nonchalant shrug, something which made Isla giggle before she moved back towards the wardrobe, collecting a pair of shoes from inside. Gerard watched her for a few seconds, quietly musing about how much he liked seeing her collect her things from inside of his wardrobe, before he cleared his throat slightly. “Are you sure that Luna’s not going to mind me being there?” he asked “I mean, I do hardly know her. She’s Ok with me coming?” he added.

Isla, who’d moved to scan her reflection in the mirror, smiled a little, not missing the nervousness that he trying to hide in his voice, before she nodded. “She’s fine with it” she mused “In fact, she was pretty insistent about it. She keeps gushing about the fact that I might actually be able to bring a plus one to her wedding. I think it’s something neither of us really saw coming.” she added, shaking her head amusedly.

Gerard smirked. “You just couldn’t resist me” he teased.

Isla briefly thought about scoffing, about making a joke or rolling her eyes, but as she turned around to face him, she couldn’t force it out. Instead, a soft smile lit up her features.

Gerard noticed the smile on her face before he quirked an eyebrow. “What’s that look for?” he prodded.

Isla shrugged awkwardly. “No reason” she mused “I just...I really like us, you know? I didn’t think I would. I was so sure that something’d go wrong, but thus far...I just like us” she stumbled out shyly.

Gerard’s expression softened before he reached a hand out towards her, something Isla was quick to take, allowing him to pull her into a soft embrace. “I like us too” he murmured into her hair.

Isla, who’d closed her eyes at the feel of his embrace, grinned for a few seconds, enjoying the hug before she took a step back, gently adjusting Gerard’s tie again. “You ready to go and be adorable at my best friend’s engagement party?” she asked.

Gerard, who’d been watching her hands, offered her a boyish smile. “When aren’t we adorable?” he asked.

“So, on a scale from one to ten, how awkward are you feeling right now?”

Gerard, who’d been quietly swirling the last of his drink around the bottom of his glass, jumped a little at the sound of Rodrigo’s voice before he looked up, greeting the other man with a wide smile. It had been awkward, with Isla having disappeared with her friends almost half an hour previous, Gerard had spent a lot of his time sat alone, quietly sipping on his drink, and he was grateful to see Isla’s older brother, even if he was surprised. Rodrigo was the first person that he’d seen, with the exception of Isla, Luna and Evan, who didn’t just know him as the guy that Isla had bought as her date.

“Pretty awkward” Gerard replied “I’d say a comfortable six, maybe seven, but seeing you makes it a little easier. What are you doing here?” he asked.

Rodrigo, who’d plopped into the seat beside the defender, shrugged. “Luna invited the whole family. I’m surprised that you’ve not run into my madre or padre” he mused “She’s been friends with Isla since they were eighteen maybe, and so we’ve all seen a lot of her over the years. She was the one who replaced you in always being around our house” he added.

Gerard scoffed. “You don’t like her more than me, do you?” he teased.

Rodrigo shrugged playfully. “You both have good points, but you both have bad points too. Luna used to have the biggest crush on me, and it was always pretty awkward, especially when Cara started to be around more, but you were always hopelessly in love with my baby sister and never did anything about it, so...” he trailed off, offering the defender a cheeky smile.

Gerard shook his head, a blush on his cheeks. “Was it that obvious?” he asked, his voice caught between teasing and soft.

Rodrigo shrugged. “Isla didn’t notice” he pointed out.

“But you did” Gerard replied “Your parents did. Your papa...”

“My papa did something stupid” Rodrigo interrupted gently “He interfered where he never should have interfered, but you’re still the one who stopped calling her. She didn’t cry because my papa had let slip to your madre that she’d been out on a few dates with what’s his name. She cried because her best friend, the guy she was in love with without really ever knowing it, he stopped calling one day. You have every right to be upset with my papa, when I found out, I was upset with him, but it doesn’t get you off the hook that easily, Piqué” he added, offering the defender a meaningful look.

Gerard blinked a couple of times, caught off guard by the shift in Rodrigo’s tone, before he let out a quiet sigh, nodding his head in agreement. “I’m...”

“Don’t you dare apologise to me” Rodrigo interrupted with laugh “Just, you know, try and make her happy. I don’t tend to take a big interest in her love life, but I know the look she gets when she’s in it with someone, when she’s serious, and, hombre, she’s always had that look for you. So do me a huge favour, and don’t screw it up, Ok?” he added, his cheeky smile reappearing.

Gerard let out a laugh. “I’ll do my best” he mused.

Rodrigo nodded before he stood up. “Another?” he asked, gesturing to Gerard’s empty glass.

Gerard nodded. “Gracias” he mused.

Rodrigo flashed him another grin before he nodded over the defender’s shoulder, something which caused Gerard to frown before he turned, catching sight of Isla walking towards him, her face lit up with a smile that he instantly knew was meant just for him. Watching her, he smiled as she sheepishly reached up to touch her glasses back up her nose, before he let out a familiar breathy laugh, knowing just how serious things already were between them.
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