If It Gave Us Time

47: You Do Know That We’re Happy For You, Don’t You?

“How much more stuff do you think you have to pack?”

Isla, who was sat up on the bed in the middle of her childhood bedroom, jumped a little at the sound of her mother’s voice before she looked up, her blue eyes settling on the older woman who stood in the doorway, an expression that was hard to read spread across her features. It hadn’t been long, after she and Gerard had agreed that they were moving in together officially, only a few days had passed, but with the defender having travelled away with Barcelona for their match against Getafe, Isla had opted to go back to her parents’ home, wanting to get a jump on packing the things that she kept there before she moved them into Gerard’s home, something she knew had caught both of her parents off guard.

They’d looked surprised to see her, when she’d stepped into the hall, both Daniel and Eva had looked stuck for something to say, and they’d been even more speechless when she had explained what she intended to do, something which had caused her to make her way upstairs, wanting to allow them time to process the news before they spoke.

She knew that they’d be surprised, in all of the relationships that she had been in, Isla had always tended to be overly cautious, so much so, she had caused a few of them to break down because of her hesitation, and she knew that the idea that she was prepared to move in with Gerard after only a few months would shock them. If she was honest, the fact that she felt ready to take that step with him shocked her too.

Glancing at her mother, she briefly searched her expression before she shook her head, returning her attention to the half packed box which sat on the bed ahead of her. “I’ve finished emptying out the wardrobe of clothes” she mused “I’ve still got to pack up my shoes, and all of the other stuff in here, but I am making good progress. Did you need something, mama?” she asked, sparing the older woman another quick, slightly anxious, glance.

Eva, who’d been watching Isla place a few things into the cardboard box ahead of her, shook her head, fixing a soft smile onto her lips. “No” she mused “I guess I just wanted to come and see how you were doing. You really are serious about this, aren’t you?” she added, her voice more than a little awed.

“You thought I was kidding?” Isla asked.

Eva shook her head. “I was just surprised” she mused “I mean, I remember you getting all worked up when Sergio asked you to move in with him. You practically passed out, and I guess that I am surprised to see you so calm about this. Don’t get me wrong, I am thrilled for you and Gerard, you know how much I like him, I am just...surprised that you’re so calm” she explained, her words deliberate and careful.

Isla smiled a little, not missing the careful way that her mother spoke, before she shrugged her shoulders, her fingers bashfully pushing the frames of her glasses back up her nose. “You’re not the only one” she noted “But this feels right, mama. I can’t explain how, exactly, but it feels like the right thing for us to do right now. Does that make some kind of sense?” she asked uncertainly.

Eva smiled softly. “It makes perfect sense” she mused.

“Really?” Isla pressed “Because when I said that, it sound pretty silly” she added.

“When you know, you know” Eva mused reassuringly.

Isla offered her mother doubtful look, something which made the older woman smile a little before she stepped into the room, plopping down at the foot of the bed. “You’re not worried, are you?” she asked gently “I mean, if there’s something on your mind...” she trailed off.

Isla shook her head to herself, thinking over her mother’s question, before looked up, a faint smile dancing across her lips. “I’m not worried” she mused “And I think that’s what surprises me most. I was a mess when Sergio asked me to move in with him, mama, you said it yourself, but this, with Gerard...it’s different. A good kind of different” she gushed gently, a bashful laugh falling out of her mouth.

Eva’s smile widened slightly before she shook her head, reaching out to push some of Isla’s blonde hair away from her cheeks. “Baby” she murmured softly “Me and your papa, you do know that we’re happy for you, don’t you? You and Gerard” she insisted gently.

Isla sighed a little, but didn’t pull away, allowing Eva to softly tuck her hair behind her ear. “I know, Ma” she murmured.

Eva looked at her, briefly contemplating saying something more, before she leant forwards, kissing the top of Isla’s head tenderly. “You know” she mused “Even though you’re going to live with your boyfriend, I’m still going to expect you every week for Sunday dinner. Gerard too” she added cheerfully, trying to brighten the mood slightly.

She knew that Isla was still upset with her and her husband, the fact that she’d not spent the night at her parents’ home since Rodrigo’s announcement at Christmas confided it, but Eva didn’t want to push the subject, knowing that Isla would come around in her own time. It was going to sting, Eva knew that it wasn’t something Isla was just going to get over in the blink of an eye, and she knew that she just had to leave her to it, certain that if she tried to prod it more, she’d only make things worse.

Isla snorted out a laugh. “I can’t promise that” she mused “Gerard’s still terrified of you” she added.

Eva rolled her eyes as she leant back, meeting Isla’s eyes. “He’s scared of me?” she asked.

“He has been since we were kids” Isla confirmed “Not that he’d ever admit it” she added.

Eva laughed. “He’s got nothing to be scared of” she mused “I mean, as long as you’re happy with him, he’s good with me and your papa. He’d not make the worst son-in-law” she added cheekily.

Isla rolled her eyes, but didn’t say anything to refute it, something which made Eva lift an eyebrow before the sound of a knock at the bedroom door filled the air, causing them both to turn around to look at Daniel and Rodrigo who stood in the doorway, both looking at Isla with slightly apprehensive expressions on their faces. “Rodrigo?” Eva pressed.

“Papa called” Rodrigo replied, answering the question he was sure would follow “He said that you might need a hand with some packing, Isla. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m somewhat of an expert” he joked shyly.

Isla quirked a half smile. “You gave up your Sunday to help me pack?” she mused “The boys must be in terrible moods” she added.

Rodrigo smirked. “The boys are fine” he mused “My in-laws, however, are not” he added.

Isla laughed. “They still hate you?” she asked.

“If anything, they hate me more” Rodrigo quipped “But it means that I am glad to be out of there. I can stay and help?” he asked.

Isla feigned thought for a moment before she leant over the side of the bed, collecting a collapsed box from beside it that she promptly tossed towards her brother. “My shoes are in the bottom of the wardrobe” she pointed out “The ones at the bottom of the rack in there ought to go in first” she explained.

Rodrigo offered her a playful salute before he padded towards the wardrobe, sitting down in front it.

Isla turned to look at her father. “You want to help too, papa?” she asked.

Daniel smiled shyly. “If you’ll have me” he mused.

Isla smiled back at him gently before she gestured towards the boxes. “Pack anything you can see” she mused “It’s all got to go” she added.

Daniel nodded and collected an empty box, moving to start packing away the things that littered Isla’s dressing table.

Eva, who was still sat on the bed, watched the three of them for a few seconds before she stood up. “I’m going to go and grab some wine” she mused “After all, it’s not every day that we get to toast our youngest moving in with her boyfriend. It’s a cause for celebration” she added, sparing a doting look towards Isla before she skittered out of the room.

“It’s something I definitely didn’t see coming” Rodrigo quipped “Although, you and Gerard have always been equally annoying, so I guess I shouldn’t be that surprised that you make each other happy. You can be dorks together” he chirped with a smirk.

Isla tossed a pillow at him. “Idiot” she mumbled.

“Rodrigo, leave your sister alone” Daniel muttered “We both know that you finding Cara was much more of a surprise than Isla finding Gerard” he added with a smirk that made Isla laugh whilst Rodrigo rolled his eyes.

“Come and grab a glass” Eva mused as she stepped back into the room “I’ve picked a good bottle” she added, showing off the bottle of wine that she held.

The other three all stood up, taking a glass out of her hand, before she poured a splash of wine into each one. Setting the bottle down, she gripped her own glass before she raised it slightly, sending a small smile towards her daughter. “To my beautiful daughter and her lovely boyfriend” she mused “I hope you find happiness together in your new home” she added.

“To Gerard, for putting up with Isla” Rodrigo quipped, earning a swift nudge in the ribs from his sister.

“Rodrigo” Eva warned.

“To the two of you” Rodrigo mused “It’s been a long time coming” he added sincerely.

Isla smiled at him gently, her cheeks flushing pink.

“I hope this is only the beginning for you” Daniel contributed “You both deserve happiness, baby” he added, bumping Isla’s shoulder gently.

“Gracias, papa” Isla replied shyly.

Eva and Rodrigo smiled too before they all clinked their glasses together, toasting what they hoped would be only the start of Isla and Gerard’s relationship.
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