If It Gave Us Time

60: Our First

Bunching up her t-shirt slightly, Isla allowed one of her hands to drop, her fingers ghosting over the exposed skin of her stomach as she shook her head to herself, unable to stop herself from smiling. It hadn’t been long, since Isla had shared the news of her pregnancy with Gerard, a little over a week had passed, but still neither one of them had quite got their head around the idea, even if they were beyond excited about it. The idea that they were only a handful of months away from welcoming a baby into the world was still dizzying.

Grinning sheepishly to herself, she allowed the tips of her fingers to touch her stomach slightly before the sound of a laugh reached her ears, causing her to shake her head before she looked up, her stare settling on Gerard who stood in the doorway, his eyebrow lifted amusedly. Shaking her head, she felt her cheeks flush a soft shade of pink before she lowered her shirt, covering her stomach again. “You need something?” she asked.

Gerard shook his head. “I just thought I’d come and see if you were nearly ready to get moving” he mused “I mean, I know that the appointment’s not for a while yet, but I thought we could go and grab coffee or something. Obviously, not coffee for you, decaf probably or tea. You can still have tea, right? Anyway...” he trailed off as he spared a glance towards Isla, not missing the soft smile that she wore.

Letting out a soft laugh, he rubbed the back of his neck gently before he glanced at her again, his cheeks a soft shade of pink. “I just thought I’d come up and see if you were ready” he rephrased “Are you?” he asked.

Isla, who’d moved to sit up slightly, nodded her head. “I just need to get some shoes on and then I’ll be ready to get out of here” she mused.

Gerard nodded, something which caused Isla to shuffle back to her feet, padding towards the wardrobe in order to collect a pair of shoes. Gerard watched her quietly for a few seconds before he let his gaze drop slightly, staring down towards the front of her shirt as a soft smile began to tug at the corner of his mouth.

He still couldn’t quite believe it, despite the positive pregnancy tests that Isla had shown to him, and the visit that they had made to Isla’s doctor a couple of days previous, he was still having a difficult time wrapping his head around the idea that she was pregnant, but that didn’t stop him smiling, even if the news had come more than a little out of the blue. He couldn’t deny that there was a large part of him smitten by the idea.

Sheepishly scratching his jaw, he admired the front of Isla’s shirt for a few seconds before the sound of her clearing her throat reached his ears, causing him to look up, the small smile that he wore growing a little as their eyes met. “You ready?” he asked.

Isla, who’d followed the line of his stare, smiled a little before she nodded, gently bumping her glasses back up her nose. “I think so” she mused “You?” she asked, almost subconsciously passing her hand over the front of her shirt.

Gerard watched the movement of her hand before he stepped towards her, capturing her hand in his before he offered it a soft squeeze. “So ready” he enthused, earning a small giggle from Isla who gently squeezed his hand in return, wordlessly sharing in the excitement that was obvious in his voice.

Gently bumping her glasses back up her nose, Isla glanced around the small examination, sparing a nervous glance towards the clock which sat on the wall, the second hand ticking loudly around its face. They hadn’t been waiting long, after they’d been shown into the room, only a couple of minutes had passed, but it was enough to make Isla anxious, even if the receptionist had told her that their midwife had stepped out to take a phone call. She simply wanted to get things over with, not liking the anticipation.

Staring at the clock, she watched the second hand make its way around the face before she felt a soft touch against the inside of her wrist, pulling her attention towards Gerard who sat in front of her, pressing a tender kiss against her skin. Letting out a quiet sigh, she gently pushed her other hand back through his hair before she leant forwards, kissing the top of his head softly. “Sorry” she mumbled into his hair “I get fidgety when I am nervous” she added as she leant back, offering him a feeble smile.

Gerard just kissed her wrist again, smiling gently against her skin.

Isla messed with his hair, smiling gently to herself before she heard the door open and close, something which caused her to look up, her eyes settling on the woman who stood beside the door, staring at Isla with wide eyes. “Isla Vasquez?” she pressed.

Isla nodded her head slowly. “That’s me” she confirmed.

The midwife quirked a grin. “You don’t recognize me, do you?” she mused as she stepped a little further into the room “I mean, I guess I shouldn’t expect you to. It’s been a good few years” she added.

Isla merely offered her a bemused smile, something which made the midwife shake her head. “Sabrina” she introduced herself “As in, Sabrina, Sergio’s sister-in-law” she added.

Both Isla and Gerard stiffened momentarily at the mention of Isla’s ex boyfriend’s name, before Isla cleared her throat, forcing the best smile she could onto her face. “Of course” she mused politely “It’s...uh...It’s been a while” she stumbled out.

Sabrina nodded. “Years” she agreed “Though, clearly they’ve treated you well. This is baby’s papa?” she fussed, sparing a glance towards Gerard.

Isla blushed and nodded, her fingers knotting through Gerard’s in order to offer his hand a tight, comforting squeeze. “He is” she confirmed “Gerard, this is...uh...Sabrina. She and I...”

“I heard” Gerard interrupted quietly “It’s good to meet you, Sabrina” he added, smiling as best he could at the midwife.

Sabrina smiled back at him gently before she clapped her hands together, moving to settle down ahead of the ultrasound. Leaning forwards, she gently pushed Isla’s shirt up before she offered the couple another grin. “Your first?” she asked.

Isla’s tight expression relaxed a little. “Our first” she confirmed gently.

Sabrina grinned. “It’s pretty exciting. I’ve got two boys myself” she gushed, gently squeezing a little gel over Isla’s stomach.

Isla flinched a little, but forced another grin, something which seemed to be enough for Sabrina who was quick to turn towards the machine, gently scanning Isla’s stomach. “Did your doctor estimate how far along you could be?” she asked.

“Eight weeks” Isla replied.

“That looks about right” Sabrina mused “You two want a look?” she asked.

Gerard thought about rolling his eyes, but instead nodded, smiling pleasantly as Sabrina turned the screen around slightly. Squeezing Isla’s hand, he smiled at her softly before he glanced at the screen, a sight which caused his breath to hitch in his throat.

Isla giggled, not missing the soft sound of his breath catching, and squeezed his hand. “Speechless?” she teased quiet enough for just the two of them to hear.

Gerard scoffed playfully. “Never” he quipped.

Isla offered him a playfully pointed look before she glanced back at the screen, grinning giddily to herself.

Gerard smiled too and leant over to kiss the side of her head.

“Things look good” Sabrina mused gently “Baby looks good. Congrats, you two, you’re going to be parents” she gushed.

Both Isla and Gerard let out small awed laughs, something which made the midwife shake her head before she stood up, padding towards the computer which sat a little away across the room. “I’m going to make you an appointment for a couple of weeks’ time, Isla” she mused “We’ll just do little checks to make sure things keep progressing well before we do another scan at twelve weeks. Does that sound good?” she asked.

Isla nodded, not looking at Sabrina, but instead grinning at Gerard giddily.

Sabrina smiled at the two of them before she stepped back across the room, handing Isla an appointment card. “I’ll see you then” she mused “And I’ll make sure to say hi to Sergio for you” she added, causing both Isla and Gerard’s smiles to falter before the blonde cleared her throat.

“We’ll see you then” Isla mused “Gracias, Sabrina” she added as she stood up, hurrying out of the room behind Gerard as she tried to ignore the irked expression which had replaced the smile he’d worn moments previous.
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