If It Gave Us Time

65: I Just Thought I’d Come And Say Hello

Lowering his head down against the mattress, Gerard quirked a sleepy smile to himself, his hand gently pushing Isla’s shirt up so that it revealed the bump that she carried. It had been a while, after they’d bumped into Sergio, a few weeks had passed, and whilst the idea of bumping into the other man again did play on Gerard’s mind, he had resolved to not let it bother him, reassured by Isla’s insistence that her feelings towards the other man weren’t the same as they had once been. He knew that there was no escaping it, after their friendship had ended, Isla’s life had moved on and she had had other relationships, but he knew that they were in past, and that they had a future, even if he did have a feeling that Sergio wasn’t just going to disappear. He knew that he was one that Isla was happy with in that moment.

Closing his eyes, he allowed his palm to settle flat against her stomach before he felt a hand against the top of his head, something which caused him to shake it. “You’re supposed to be sleeping” he mumbled, watching his thumb as he traced it over the side of Isla’s stomach.

Isla, who’d started to weave her fingers through his hair, quirked a sleepy smile to herself. “So are you” she mumbled.

Gerard shrugged lazily. “I woke up” he replied “And I thought I’d say good morning to Sprout. I didn’t wake you, did I?” he posed, tilting his head so that he looked up at her.

Isla shrugged. “Maybe” she mused “But it’s Ok. I’ve gotten used to it. It’s not the first time I’ve woken up like this” she added.

Gerard scoffed playfully. “I’m not going to apologize for loving this” he quipped, tapping her bump lightly.

“I know you’re not” Isla replied “But, so you know, the first week of night feeds are all yours. It’s how you’re going to make up for waking me up all the time now” she added with a warm, playful smile.

Gerard grinned up at her. “I think I can cope with that” he mused.

Isla rolled her eyes, but didn’t say anything more, instead opting to mess with his hair quietly for a few seconds.

Gerard closed his eyes, relishing the light touch of her fingers, before he shook his head. “You ready for this afternoon?” he murmured, disturbing the moment of quiet which had passed between the two of them.

Isla’s expression lit up with a soft smile. “What do you think?” she asked “How could I not be looking forwards to another chance to see our little Sprout?” she prodded.

Gerard leant forwards, kissing her stomach softly. “You’re still sure about not finding out the sex?” he mumbled, peppering a few more kisses against her skin.

Isla didn’t hesitate in nodding. “I’m sure” she mused “Why? Have you changed your mind?” she pressed.

Gerard shook his head, glancing back up towards her. “No” he replied “I guess I am just still a little surprised that you don’t want to know. I figured you’d be the kind of person who’d want to know as soon as possible” he quipped.

Isla merely offered him a shrug, something which made Gerard smile up at her gently for a moment before he turned back to her bump, pressing another kiss against it.

“You know, you can stop looking at it. I promise I won’t take it off of you”

Gerard, who was staring down at the sonogram photograph that he held in his hands, rolled his eyes a little at the teasing sound of Isla’s voice before he looked up, offering her a small shrug. “I don’t know if I believe that. You can be pretty mean when you want to be” he played along.

Isla shook her head amusedly, adjusting the strap of her handbag on her shoulder. “I promise” she quipped “Besides, I was kind of hoping that we could get out of here. I’d rather not spend more time in hospital than necessary” she added.

Gerard spared another quick look down towards the picture he held before he nodded his head, moving to push the picture into the pocket of his jacket. “Let’s get out of here” he mused, offering her his hand as he stood up.

Isla felt her cheeks warm a little as she glanced at his hand before she placed her own in it, allowing him to knot their fingers together.

“Did you arrange our next appointment?” Gerard asked, happily swinging their hands between them.

“I did” Isla mused “It’s not for a few weeks, but we managed to arrange one that fits both your schedule and mine. I know how much you would have complained if we hadn’t” she added.

Gerard scoffed playfully before he opened his mouth to reply, only to be cut off as someone cleared their throat, causing the two of them turn, glancing up at Sergio who was a few paces behind. “I thought it was you two” the doctor mused, a familiar smirk on his face.

Gerard shook his head, a slightly bitter smile passing over his features, before Sergio stopped ahead of them, catching the defender’s expression with a smirk. “It’s good to see you both again” he mused.

Isla shifted her feet before she shook her head, offering the doctor a slightly hesitant look. “We...uh...we were just on our way out” she mumbled.

Sergio held his hands up innocently, a boyish smile dancing across his features. “I don’t want to hold you up” he quipped “I just thought I’d come and say hello to the two of you” he added, glancing amusedly at Gerard who stood glaring at him. It amused him, the jealous look that the defender wore on his face as he looked at him was something which made him grin, and he didn’t intend to stop causing it, kind of liking how unsettled the usually confident defender looked with him around.

Isla followed his stare, glancing at Gerard briefly, before she shook her head, turning back to Sergio. “Sergio...”

“Are you going to be at Eduardo and Camille’s wedding this weekend?” Sergio interjected “I know that your parents are good friends with Camille’s and I figured that they’d probably have tried to get you hired as the photographer” he added.

Isla blinked a couple of times, surprised that he had cut her off, before she pushed her glasses back up her nose. “They...uh...they did” she stumbled out.

Sergio nodded. “I’ll be there too” he mused “I’ll see you there, Lala” he chirped before he wandered away.

Isla watched him away before she turned towards Gerard, noticing him glaring after the other man. “Geri?” she murmured.

Gerard shook his head, pulling his stare down towards his girlfriend as his expression softened. “Sorry” he mumbled “Let’s just get out of here” he added, trying, and failing, to push a smile up onto his features. He knew that Sergio was trying to get at him, the amused expression which had passed over the other man’s features as they’d spoken had made it more than clear, but as much as Gerard didn’t want to let it bother him, he couldn’t help the knot the formed in the pit of his stomach at the thought of Isla and Sergio being in the same place at the same time whilst he wasn’t.

Isla looked up at him, her eyes briefly searching his expression, before she let out a soft sigh, nodding her head. “Alright” she agreed quietly.
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