If It Gave Us Time

72: This Isn’t The Time For Small Talk

“So, what do you think?” Isla quipped as she twirled a little, showing off the dress that she wore to the camera of her laptop.

Gerard, whose face filled the screen, looked her over for a few seconds before he quirked a small smile. “You look nice” he replied “You got a hot date?” he added teasingly.

Isla, who’d moved to sit down on the bed again, shrugged playfully. “There’s not a lot you could do about it” she played along “I mean, you’re all the way in England” she added, bumping her glasses back up her nose.

Gerard simply offered her a playfully pointed look, something which made Isla giggle before she shook her head, her fingers gently smoothing out her dress. “I’m going to dinner with Luna” she mused “Evan’s out of town for a couple of days on business, and you’re away too, so we thought it’d be a good chance for us to catch up. We’ve not seen a lot of each other recently” she added.

“I’m sure it’ll be great” Gerard replied “Just make sure that...”

“That I take it easy” Isla finished for him, a knowing smile on her face “I’m sure I can probably sit through dinner without bursting” she added, her fingers delicately skimming over her bump.

It had been a while, after they’d decorated a nursery for the baby, a couple of months had passed, and with Isla’s due date rapidly approaching, Gerard had been slightly apprehensive when it came to leaving, something which had made Isla smile, even if she had been quick to insist that he had to go, pointing out that they still had over a week before the due date arrived. She knew that missing the birth was something which worried him, since they’d leant that her due date fell when it did, and that it fell on a date around two of Barcelona’s longer away fixtures, he’d been worried that he’d not be around when she went into labour, and whilst Isla knew that she couldn’t make any guarantees, she had been quick to assure him that they’d cross that bridge when they got to it, not wanting him to worry about something neither one of them could control.

Gerard watched her for a second, admiring the slight smile which had appeared on her lips, before he quirked one of his own. “You’re still not feeling anything?” he asked.

Isla shrugged. “A few cramps” she replied “But nothing major and that means that you can focus on your match tonight rather than on fussing over me” she added knowingly.

Gerard rolled his eyes playfully. “You act like you don’t love my fussing” he quipped “You’re going to miss it when you’re not pregnant anymore” he added.

Isla offered him a nonchalant shrug, something which made Gerard roll his eyes playfully before the sound of the doorbell filled the air, causing Isla to shake her head gently. “That’s going to be Luna” she mused “You sure I look OK?” she asked.

Gerard didn’t hesitate in nodding. “I’m a lucky guy” he quipped, winking at her playfully.

Isla felt her cheeks warm a little before she blew him a kiss. “I love you” she mused “You go out there and kick some ass tonight, OK?” she added.

Gerard grinned. “I’ll try my hardest, just for you” he quipped “I love you, Lala” he added.

Isla offered him one last smile before she closed the laptop down, moving pad down the stairs. Pulling her jacket around her shoulders, she moved to open the front door, only to pause as a small ripple of pain tugged at her stomach. Placing her hand on the handle, she waited a few seconds for the pain to pass before she pulled the door open, greeting with Luna with a grin. “You ready?” she quipped.

Luna nodded. “So ready” she quipped.

Letting out a quiet curse, Isla rubbed a hand against her bump, trying, and failing, to ease the pain which had only gotten worse as the night had progressed. She hadn’t thought anything of it, as she had gotten closer to her due date, little aches and pains had been common, and that night had felt no different to her, but as hours had passed, the pains had started to get worse, something which confirmed to her that the baby was on his or her way.

Closing her eyes, she took in a deep breath before she let it out slowly, lifting her eyes towards the television screen which was hung on the wall behind the bar. Chewing on her lip, she peeked up at the scoreboard, checking how much longer was left in the game before the sound of the seat opposite hers being pulled out reached her ears, causing her to turn back, watching as Luna sat back down. “Sorry” Luna chirped “I didn’t expect Evan to call so early. I told him that we had plans and...” she trailed off as she looked up at Isla.

“Isla?” she pressed “You doing OK?” she asked.

Isla quirked a feeble smile. “You’ve not had anything to drink tonight, have you?” she asked.

Luna frowned, but shook her head. “No” she replied “I didn’t think it’d be fair given how pregnant you are. Why?” she prodded.

Isla feigned a nonchalant shrug. “Oh, you know” she mused “I just think I’m having contractions is all, and I am going to need a ride to the hospital” she added, her teasing smile faltering into a pained grimace.

Luna’s eyes widened. “What?” she spluttered.

Isla offered her a wobbly smile. “I’m having contractions” she repeated gently “And they’re starting to get pretty close together now. I wasn’t sure before, but it really freaking hurts, Luna and I need...”

“You got it” Luna interrupted, quickly hurrying out of her seat “Let’s get you in the car, and you can call your mama and once we’ve got you settled at the hospital, we’ll figure out how to get a hold of that boyfriend of yours, OK?” she asked, gently offering Isla her arm.

Isla nodded her head, smiling despite the few tears that had gathered in her eyes. “OK” she agreed.

Tossing a clean towel down onto the bench ahead of himself, Gerard moved to pull his shirt over his head, smiling as he listened to the animated chattering of his teammates around him. It had been a good match for them, despite conceding an early goal, they’d managed to recover and score three of their own, and they were pleased with the result, glad to have gotten three points out of what would be the toughest away trip in the group.

Smiling, he listened to the teasing cheer that went up as Luis, who’d scored two of the goals, stepped into the changing room before he shook his head, moving to open up his locker. Reaching inside, he collected his toiletry bag before his phone’s vibrations reached his ears, causing him to roll his eyes. Setting his bag back down on the shelf, he moved to pick up the phone before pressed the home button, frowning at the number of missed calls which filled the screen.

“Everything OK?”

Gerard, who’d been looking at the phone, looked up, his eyes landing on Lionel who stood ahead of him, a curious look on his face. “Hm?” he posed.

“You OK?” Lionel asked “I mean, it’s not like you to not be leading the celebrations” he added with a smirk.

Gerard rolled his eyes. “I’ll be right with you” he quipped “I just need to check in” he added, waving his phone slightly.

Lionel offered him a knowing smile. “Tell Isla hi from me” he quipped before he wandered away, affording Gerard the opportunity to slip out of the room and into the quieter corridor outside. Stepping a little away from the door, he moved to find a quieter spot before he pressed play on the first voicemail that had been left for him.

“Hey, Gerard” Luna’s voice announced “I know you’re probably not going to get this for a little while yet, I mean, me and Isla, we’re still watching the game on TV, but I promised I’d try anyway and you know how Isla...”

“This isn’t the time for small talk, Luna” Isla’s voice interrupted sharply “I’m about to have his baby. Lead with that” she added, her voice strained.

Gerard’s stomach flipped.


Gerard blinked a couple of times before he lifted his head slowly. “I...I...” he stuttered

Jordi and Samuel, who’d been walking towards him, shared a look before the Frenchman tilted his head. “Everything OK?” he asked.

“I...I need to get out of here” Gerard stumbled out “Isla...the baby...I need a taxi or something” he added, his words rushed and difficult to understand.

Jordi frowned. “A taxi?” he asked.

Gerard nodded. “A taxi” he repeated “Or a car, or a freaking bike for all I care. I need to get to the airport. I need to get back to Barcelona” he added before he sprinted away.

Ducking back into the changing room, he made a beeline for his locker before he tossed his shirt back over his head.

“Why’d you need to get back so quickly?” Samuel, who’d followed after him, asked.

Gerard, who’d been stuffing his things into his bag, stopped for a second before he turned around, the biggest smile on his face. “Because I’m about to become a papa” he announced.
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