If It Gave Us Time

73: There Aren't Words

Shoving the taxi door open, Gerard pushed himself back to his feet quickly, ignoring the feeling of his phone vibrating in his pocket. He knew who it was going to be, since he had sent a text to Luna telling her that he had touched down in Barcelona, she had called numerous times in order to ask just how far away he was, and he didn’t want to waste time answering it, wanting to find Isla as soon as he could. He knew that there was a chance that he had missed it, in the brief conversation that he had had with Luna once he’d left the stadium, she had been quick to tell him that things were progressing very quickly, but still he wanted to rush, even if he had missed the birth. He didn’t want to waste any more time than necessary away from Isla and their newborn.

Pulling some money out of his wallet, he passed it quickly to driver before he stepped away from the car, making his way quickly towards the maternity ward. Jogging, he reached the door and pushed it open before he stepped up to the desk, stumbling over Isla’s name.


Gerard jumped at the sound of his name before he turned around, his eyes settling on Luna who stood behind him, her head tilted a little as she took in his appearance. “You got on a plane dressed like that?” she quipped amusedly.

Gerard shook his head, dismissing her joke. “Isla” he announced “Where is she? Is everything OK?” he added.

Luna’s teasing smile softened a little before she nodded. “Everything’s fine” she confirmed.

Gerard studied Luna’s expression for a second before he shook his head, a slightly sad smile growing across his face. “I’m too late, aren’t I?” he murmured.

“It happened really quickly” Luna mused softly “Her waters broke in my car on the way here and by the time your midwife got here, she was already five centimeters dilated. She kept trying to hold on, insisting that she wanted you but...” she trailed off, not quite sure what else to say to him.

Gerard nodded his head slowly for a few seconds before he closed his eyes, letting out a soft sigh.

“Her room’s just around the corner” Luna chirped, trying to brighten the mood slightly “The last I saw her, she was sleeping, but I am sure that she’d not mind you disturbing her. She’s been asking after you” she added, smiling up at him gently.

Gerard quirked a feeble smile. “I’d like to hope so” he teased halfheartedly.

Luna hesitated for a split second before she stepped towards him, wrapping him in a loose hug. “It’s OK” she mused “Isla and Sprout, they’re fine and that’s the important thing, right?” she added as she stepped back slightly.

“Yeah” Gerard agreed, nodding to himself “It is. I should...”

“Room 102” Luna interrupted with a grin.

Gerard flashed her a grateful smile before he stepped away from her. Making his way up the corridor, he scanned the passing room numbers before he reached the one he was looking for, something which caused him to hesitate for a second before he stepped towards it, knocking the door open. Shuffling through the doorway, he caught sight of the back of Isla’s head before his stare landed on Eva who’d looked up at the sound of the door. “Hi” he squeaked quietly.

Eva smiled at him gently before she leant forwards, softly brushing her fingertips back through Isla’s blonde hair. “Isla, baby” she whispered softly “You’ve got a visitor” she added before she shuffled to her feet, excusing herself from the room.

Isla let out a soft sound, something which made Gerard smile, before she turned onto her back, her blue eyes looking up at him sleepily for a second before they filled with tears. “Piqué” she breathed.

“Vasquez” Gerard replied, trying, and failing, to stop a few tears gathering in his own eyes.

Isla snuffled a little. “I’m sorry” she whispered “I should have...I should have known what the pains were when we spoke earlier. If I had figured it out then...”

“It’s OK” Gerard interrupted, wiping his eyes with his sleeve.


“It’s really OK” Gerard insisted “I’m here now, aren’t I?” he added gently.

Isla smiled tearfully. “Is that the kit you wore for the match tonight?” she asked.

Gerard looked down at himself before he shrugged, offering her a lopsided grin. “I didn’t exactly have time to change” he quipped “Nor did I have time to shower, so if you can smell something a little odd, that’s probably me too” he added.

Isla giggled, something caused Gerard to offer her another soft smile before he stepped towards the side of the bed, gently pushing her messy hair back away from her eyes. “You doing Ok?” he asked.

Isla nodded. “Tired” she mused “And I hurt a bit, but it’s so worth it, Geri. Wait until you see her” she gushed.

Gerard’s face lit up before he took a half pace backwards, meeting Isla’s blue eyes. “Her?” he asked.

Isla nodded, unable to contain her tearful smile. “We’ve got a little girl” she breathed gently.

Gerard opened and closed his mouth a couple of times, trying to find something to say, before he shook his head, letting out an awed laugh. “I was so sure she was going to be a boy” he announced, dropping a kiss on the top of Isla’s head.

Isla cuddled into him, enjoying their embrace for a few seconds, before a knocking at the door filled the air, causing her to sit up slightly, sparing a look towards their midwife who’d poked her head around the door. “I see papa’s arrived” she cooed softly.

Gerard smiled. “At last” he quipped, playfully rolling his eyes at Isla.

The midwife laughed gently before she gently shuffled the door open a little more, allowing her to wheel a bassinette into the room. Gerard watched her closely before the bassinette got close enough for him to look inside, something which caused his breathing to hitch.

Isla caught the slight stutter in his breathing before she reached her hand up, gently lacing her fingers through his. “Beautiful, no?” she asked quietly as she tugged his hand towards her lips, allowing her to place a soft kiss against the back of it.

Gerard shook his head, not looking away from the baby. “There aren’t words for how beautiful she is” he murmured.

Isla grinned against his hand. “There’s a spare t-shirt for you in the baby bag” she mused “I’d rather you didn’t say hello to our little girl smelling as awful as you do” she teased, nudging his side gently.

Gerard rolled his eyes playfully before he stepped across the room, briefly looking through the holdall that sat there. Pulling out the new t-shirt, he quickly replaced the old one before he stepped back towards the bed, flashing a teasing smile towards his girlfriend. “Am I presentable enough now to meet our newborn now?” he quipped.

Isla feigned thought before a grin split over her face. “You’re as good as you’re going to get” she teased.

Gerard scoffed playfully before he turned his attention back towards the baby, his smile softening a little as she kicked her feet. Offering Isla a brief look over his shoulder, he took in a breath before he leant forwards, carefully lifting the baby up into his arms. The little girl grumbled a little, letting out a few soft sounds, before her blue eyes opened, staring up at Gerard’s face. Gerard watched her, unable to look away, before he carefully lifted her a little higher, allowing him to touch the lightest of kisses against her forehead.

Isla, who’d been watching the two of them, gently rubbed a hand up and down Gerard’s back, the smile on her face immovable as she watched him with their little girl.
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