If It Gave Us Time

88: I Am Doing What I Want To Do

Placing his toiletry bag on the shelf inside of his locker, Gerard turned his head slightly, catching sight of the array of pictures which were tacked onto the inside of the door. It had been a little while, after Isla’s night out with her friends, a few weeks had passed, and with Isla’s birthday having rolled around, the defender found himself a little disappointed that he wasn’t at home, even if Isla had insisted that she didn’t mind. It still didn’t change the fact that he wished he had more of the day to spend with her. He had seen her, with Barcelona’s match that afternoon being played a home, he had had the morning to spend with her, but still he hadn’t wanted to leave when the time came, wanting instead to spend the day making a fuss of his girlfriend.

Pausing for a second, he scanned the pictures, smiling in particular at the most recent shot of Isla and Maddie which showed the two of them grinning at the camera, before he moved to close the locker door, only to pause as his phone let out a sound. Frowning a little to himself, he leant in and picked it up, his expression brightening a little as he spotted Isla’s name on the screen. “You can’t miss me already” he chirped “I’ve been gone for less than an hour and a half” he added, smirking to himself.

Isla made a noise down the line, making it clear to him that she was rolling her eyes at his joke, before she spoke. “Do you know where Maddie’s comforter is?” she asked.

Gerard frowned. “The blanket thing?” he asked, sitting down in front of his locker.

“Yes, the blanket thing” Isla replied “I’ve looked through almost the entire house and I can’t seem to find it, and you know that she won’t nap without it. I think the last time I remember having it is when we took her out to the park yesterday, which makes me think it could be in your car somewhere. Do you think you could go and look?” she asked.

“Now?” Gerard replied “Even if it is here, it’s not like I can just bring it home to you” he added.

“I know that” Isla replied “I just want to know you have it so at least then we have hopes of getting her to sleep tonight. Would it kill you to just go and have a look in your car?” she asked.

Gerard huffed out a playful sigh. “I suppose I can check” he quipped “You know, as it’s your birthday” he added.

Isla laughed. “Aren’t I lucky?” she played along.

Gerard smirked to himself, briefly contemplating making another joke, before he shook his head. “I’ll go and look” he mused “I’ll call you back in a few minutes” he added, hanging up the phone before he stuffed it into his pocket. Pushing himself up, he made his way across the room and towards the door, pausing slightly as he heard a few snickers from his teammates. Frowning a little to himself, he shuffled out of the door and made his way towards the carpark, quickly locating his car.

Pulling the keys out of his pocket, he moved to unlock it before he heard footsteps behind him, something which caused him to turn around, his expression softening as he glanced at the person who’d stepped up behind. “What?” he breathed.

Isla, who’d been adjusting the jumper that Maddie wore, smiled a little to herself before she looked up, offering him a small shrug. “What does it look like?” she chirped.

“I left you at home” Gerard replied, his voice still clearly surprised.

Isla’s smiled widened at the surprise in his voice. “You didn’t happen to speak to Luis?” she asked.

“Luis?” Gerard asked.

“Who do you think got me the ticket?” Isla replied nonchalantly, her fingers gently smoothing out a curl of Maddie’s blonde hair.

Gerard shook his head, watching the two of them for a moment, before he stepped forwards slightly, pulling Isla’s attention up towards him. “You didn’t have to come” he mumbled “I mean, it’s your birthday, and you could have spent the day doing anything you wanted” he added, gently tucking a strand of blonde hair off of Isla’s face.

“I am doing what I want to do” Isla replied.

Gerard snorted playfully. “Nena...”

“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want to be, Gerard” Isla interrupted.

Gerard’s expression grew a little bashful, a soft smile playing on his lips, before he looked up, his blue eyes mirroring hers. “OK” he mused.

Isla laughed. “OK?” she asked.

Gerard just grinned at her before he leant forwards, moving to lift Maddie into his arms. “Come on” he mused “I’ll show the two of you to your seats” he added, offering a hand back towards Isla who rolled her eyes before she took a hold of it, happily following after him.

“Your tea” Gerard murmured quietly as he stepped into the living room, placing a mug of tea down onto the coffee table ahead of Isla who was sat up on the couch, talking quietly into the phone.

Isla looked up and offered him a small smile, mouthing a quick ‘thank you’ before she continued to speak into the phone.

Gerard flashed her a small smile before he plopped down into the seat beside her, simply watching as she messed with his glasses and smiled at something her mother, who was on the other end of the call, had said to her. Shaking his head, he watched her for a few more seconds before Isla met his stare, causing him to blush a little before he turned away, ushering himself back to his feet before he stepped out of the room, making his way towards the kitchen.

Stepping inside, he made his way over towards the fridge before he pulled it open, scanning the contents for a few seconds before he came to a stop, collecting a neat little box from inside. Smirking to himself, he pulled it out before he settled it on the counter, carefully opening it up to reveal the cupcake that sat inside.

“What are you doing?”

Gerard, who’d been carefully pressing a candle into the icing of the cake, smiled to himself before he stepped back, showing it off to her. “What does it look like?” he chirped impishly.

Isla shook her head. “Did you make that?” she asked.

Gerard snorted out a laugh. “I’d not subject you to my baking on your birthday, Isla” he quipped “Luna told me that you have a favourite bakery in the city so I took a detour on the way home” he added with a shrug.

Isla smiled a little at his joke before she stepped forwards, leaning against the counter opposite him. “You didn’t have to do that” she mused.

“It’s your birthday” Gerard replied “Of course I did” he added as though it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Isla’s smile widened a little, something which made Gerard smile in return before he pushed away from the counter, moving to retrieve a box of matches out of a nearby drawer. Lighting one up, he used it to light the candle before he gently nudged it towards Isla before he stepped up behind her, his arms wrapping around her waist loosely.

Leaning down, he kissed the top of her head softly before he started to sing happy birthday to her quietly, something which made Isla grin goofily before she leant forwards, blowing out the candle. “Gracias” she murmured softly.

Gerard kissed her head again, smirking into her hair. “This is nothing” he mumbled “This is just the best I could pull together today. I’ve got a whole lifetime of birthdays yet” he added.

Isla rolled her eyes, but didn’t say anything, instead opting to stand, smiling, in his embrace until one of them opted to pull away.
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