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Lost in the Echo

Chapter Five

Syndil lay there sleeping on her down mattress with the heavy quilt over her. For as luxurious as her bed chambers were, they were always ridiculously cold. It was frustrating that no matter how much she burrowed under her down comforter, she could never seem to be warm enough.

She opened her eyes and knew immediately that she was not in her bed chambers anymore. Now, she was in a field with what appeared to be millions of wildflowers growing all around her. A small, clear stream ran between her feet, and she glanced down to see her face reflected back at her. As she stared, the image changed and another face looked back at her. It was a face that looked familiar to her, but she could not bring his name to mind. He was a young boy with golden blonde hair and piercing grey eyes. He smiled at her reflection.

"Oi, are you ready Syndil? We leave tomorrow!" he asked, but Syndil could only stare at the image of him talking. He did not wait for her to respond. "I'm sure that I'll be put into Slytherin. You'll probably be in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, because you're really smart but also really laid back."

At this point, his face disappeared from the stream and Syndil looked up to see him lying on his back in the grass with his arms spread wide over his head.

"What if I get placed into Gryffindor?" she heard herself ask. The boy furrowed his brows at her.
"What are you talking about? Gryffindor is full of prigs. You definitely won't be placed there."

Syndil laid down next to him, with the stream the only thing separating them.

"Hey, will we be friends forever?" she asked, staring at the blue sky - a rare treat in England.
"Of course, you ninny. Always. Nothing will change that." he said, shaking his head at her.

The image blurred away into wisps of dark smoke, and the next scene she saw was herself sitting on a stool with an old, weathered hat atop her head. Once it had been sitting on her head for a moment, it called out "Gryffindor!"

A table to the far left of the giant room erupted into loud, obnoxious cheers, and Syndil could feel herself smile. She looked to the right towards her friend, but all she saw in his eyes was cold resolve as he turned his back to her and spoke with the others who sat at his table. Confused, Syndil had watched him as she walked over to the Gryffindor table and sat down. He hadn't looked at her even once more that night.

The images changed again, and now she saw herself and her friend standing in the hallway alone. She could feel the tears filling her eyes and streaming down her face.

"I don't understand! You said we would always be friends, that nothing could change that. Yet you won't talk to me anymore at all! What did I do?!" she shouted at him.
"You're just a stupid, brutish Gryffindor, Syndil. Our friendship ended the moment you were sorted into that damned house." he sneered at her, then spun on his heel and walked away.

They had never spoken again.

More images began flashing through her mind. Each image was of the same boy, but they changed as the boy appeared to age and change as well. In the beginning, his eyes had been bright and full of curiosity and mischief, but as they aged, his eyes became guarded and dulled, lacking that look of wonder she had loved as a child. They darkened and hollowed with the passing months, until there was no life left in them, just cold emptiness.

What shadows had haunted those halls that could pull that boy from the light so thoroughly?

Syndil awoke with a start. Her pillow and face felt wet, and she reached up to figure out why. She was crying. But what had caused her to cry? She dried her eyes with her sleeves until they felt red, then got out of bed and washed her face. When she looked in the mirror, she ran her left index finger down the scar that covered her eye. She often wondered how she had gotten that scar, but only briefly.

She shrugged and stepped out of the bathroom to get dressed. After all, that manservant Draco would likely come by again today. Despite how he frustrated her - honestly, he had been visiting every day for nearly three months and she felt it was quite unnecessary - she did enjoy his company. At first, she had treated him as a servant, because that was all she thought of him as. But as the days passed and they spent more time together, she thought that she could perhaps even call him friend.

The word "again" whispered through her mind, and she frowned. Again? What could that possibly mean? She had only met this man in September, and though it was nearing the end of November now, she hardly felt that was enough time to know someone well enough to call them friend. As she dressed in a crimson and gold gown that had been left lying on her bed, she let her mind wander back to that dream.

Back to that boy.

The shadows had claimed him, of that she was certain, but it bothered her a great deal that she could not name him - nor her mother and father, for that matter. She was fairly certain that she had an older sibling of some sort, but for the life of her, she could not recall any of their names. It distressed her greatly. They were her family, they shared blood, so how on earth could she not know their names? And then there was the matter of this unnamed boy.

Who was he? What had happened to him to cause the light to leave his eyes? Where was he now?

These questions plagued her daily, but she could come up with no answers. It also bothered her that these dreams had been happening since the first day she met this Draco character, and while it had started off happening only once a week or so, it now occurred every single night. Her sleep was constantly disrupted because she would always wake up after she saw the shadows claim the boy in the last scene.

Oh what on earth was she to do?