Status: Work in Progress

Lost in the Echo

I AM SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone. I hope you haven't completely lost interest in this story, and if you have, well... I can't really blame you since it's been months since I last updated it.

2018 was really crazy for me. I finished off my Bachelor's degree, and then the holidays came and I was busy gift-wrapping and Christmas shopping. In January I started a full time job at a tax firm (not really my area, but I needed a job), so I'm there Monday through Friday, and I also work my old part-time gig that got me through college on weekends. I don't have nearly as much free time as I thought I would have when I finished college. On top of that, I got a gym membership, because my plan is to go into the military and so I'm trying to get physically in shape again, and where I live, we don't have anything I can do besides run up and down our road, which won't help with everything else I need for the military, too.

The good news is that tax season is almost over, so I'll once again have time to write. I'm going to go through the previous chapters and change the direction I was going with it just a bit, but other than that, the story and it's plot/characters will stay the same. I don't know how much longer this story is going to be. Initially I had wanted this to be a short fanfic, maybe 5 or 6 chapters max, but it's developed into a bit of a longer story.

Please be patient with me. I've had some serious writer's block for this particular fanfic, and I'm working on it, but in between everything else, I can't guarantee a weekly update. Bear with me, please.

Thank you for everyone who has read it so far, and hopefully will continue to read it as I get back into writing it, among others.