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Lost in the Echo

Chapter Eight

Scorpius sat in the common room in front of the fireplace, lost in thought. While it had been great to see his father, he couldn't help but be a little bit angry at him. Who did he think he was, "reconnecting with an old friend"?

Yes, it had been four years since his mother's passing, but it felt as if it was yesterday. His heart still broke when he looked at her wand, resting in a case on his bedside table. His mother had left it to him, probably hoping that he would use it, but he could never bring himself to. So it sat, nestled in a silvery case with a glass top on a bed of dark green velvet.

He laid back on the couch and stared at the ceiling. He wondered who this woman was that his father was "reconnecting" with. What did that even mean? Were they seeing each other? Were they really just friends? He groaned in frustration, and sighed when he felt the couch dip beside him.

"You alright, Scorpius?" Albus asked.
"I don't know, Albus." he replied, glancing to the side at his friend.
"I saw your dad came to visit. Did you ask him about coming out for the holidays?"
"How'd that go?"
"Good. He said he didn't mind, that he knew things were difficult around the holidays for me since Mother's passing."
"That's good, right?"
"Yeah." Scorpius said, turning away.
"So... why do you seem so down?"

Scorpius sighed and then sat up, placing his elbows on his knees as he stared into the eerie green flame.

"He told me he had "reconnected with an old friend" but that "she didn't really remember" him." Scorpius sighed, paraphrasing a little bit.
"So what's the problem?" Albus asked, a bit confused and Scorpius growled.
"It's another woman, Albus. I can't believe he's started seeing someone so soon after my mother's death. Didn't he care about her at all?!"

Albus looked away. This sounded like something Rose could handle better than he could. He glanced at the clock, relieved when it said it was only 6. Rose would be in her dorm studying, probably, just like his aunt Hermione.

"I'm not really sure how to answer that. Maybe you should talk to Rose, though. She'd probably be better able to help than I can. I mean, I don't know if you even want help, but. If you do."

Scorpius thought about it. Rose was the one that usually kept Albus grounded when he got frustrated. Maybe she could help him, too.
"So, what's the problem, exactly? Because I'm not seeing one." Rose said, idly practicing one of the Charms she'd created for their project on a small group of twigs.
"How can you not see the problem?!" Scorpius asked, frustrated.
"Your father is trying to reconnect with one of his childhood friends. That's NOT a problem."
"But it's a SHE!"
"So what?" Rose asked, glaring at him.
"Mom died just four years ago! How can he be moving on so fast?!" Scorpius asked, exasperated.

Rose set her wand down and stared hard at him.

"Did your father say he was dating her? Did he explicitly say 'Hey son, I'm seeing this new girl in a romantic way'?"
"Well, not exactly."
"What does "Not exactly" mean?"
"He said he was "reconnecting with an old friend" but that "she didn't really remember" him."
"And so you automatically assumed he was trying to date her?"

Scorpius looked down at the ground and shifted uncomfortably.

"Scorpius, you are male, and I am female. Because we're opposite genders, does that mean that we are trying to date?"
"Well, no, but..."
"No buts! Just because he's trying to reconnect with an old female friend doesn't mean that he's automatically trying to get with her. And even if he WERE trying to go out with her, what's it to YOU?"
"What do you mean "what's it to you?" He's my father!"
"Yes, he's your father, but he isn't you. YOU don't control him. YOU don't own him. What would you have him do? Would you prefer that he remain lonely for the rest of his life just because you're mother passed? Would you prefer him to grow old and watch you find happiness, while he's denied his own?"
"Well, no, but... My mother..."
"Scorpius, I'm sorry, but your mother? Is dead. She doesn't really have a say in what your father does now either. They were in an arranged marriage, Scorpius, and while they obviously cared for each other, I don't think they were really in love with each other. But, nevertheless, don't you think she would have wanted him to be happy?"

Scorpius remained silent. Rose was always harsh and direct. It was never how she intended to come across, it was just how she was, and while he didn't really appreciate her cold reminder that his mother was gone, he knew that she was right. Unless he used the Imperius curse on his father, which he refused to do based on his father's history, he couldn't control what his father did. And after the life that he had lived, how could Scorpius deny him happiness IF he was actually looking for it? It wasn't right of him, nor was it fair to his father who had done so much for him in these past few years. ESPECIALLY this year.

Scorpius groaned and then got up and walked away from Albus and Rose, who thankfully knew he needed time to brood and didn't follow him. Before Scorpius was fully out of earshot, though, he heard Albus scold her for being so harsh, and couldn't help a small chuckle from escaping him. It was so typical of Albus. It was why Albus was and always would be his best friend.
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