Echoing Fears

Group Date: Part 3

Sometimes surface customs were a little strange. Many different trinkets and toys (most of them either soft or rubber and plastic) lined the shelves of the gift shop. The second they stepped into the shop, Hana seemed to become… happier. And it was quite endearing to see her admiring all the stuffed plushes of the various animals that lived in the ocean and of course there were stuffed plushies of various animals that reside in the Rainforest.

“For someone so scared of taking a dip in the pool, she really seems to like the sea life.” Said a voice beside him.

“Yes, she does, I do find it odd, but if this is how things are then…” Wait, why was he speaking to a complete stranger about Hana? When Kaldur looked to who he was speaking to, he gasped at seeing the sight of Aquaman, his mentor, his king dressed in what looked like a work uniform of someone working at the Metropolis Aquarium. “My liege? What?”

Confusion graced the Atlantean youth’s face as the said water king chuckled at seeing his surprise.

“Do not fear, Kaldur’ahm, I am only here to see how things are going with Miss Hana over there.” Orin said softly, his blue gaze studying the girl perusing the many human toys.

“But if you wished a report, I could have reported to you over the League Communicator.” There was a small sense of distress in his student’s voice, but Aquaman placed a hand on the lad’s shoulder.

“Peace, Kaldur. Sometimes us Justice League members need to see for ourselves how things are faring. And I see nothing is wrong here so I will now--!”

“Kaldur-kun, I--!” Hana started, as she turned around. Her long dark hair swung about her face (she had taken her hair out of its ponytail) and back. A medium sized dolphin plush with gray and white fur she held fell to the floor as she saw Aquaman standing beside Kaldur. “Aquaman!”

Seeing the blonde superhero brought about a feeling of unease and with it, many questions bubbling in her mind. Her blue gaze looked around in case other members of the Justice League were around. Before she could say anything, a hand touched her shoulder, causing her to look up into the eyes of the ruler of Atlantis.

“Calm yourself, Hana. No harm will come to you. I was just saying hello to Kaldur’ahm and now I shall take my leave.”

With that said the Atlantean nodded his head at Kaldur and the other members of the Team (who had apparently been in the shop the entire time) before picking up the Dolphin plush and handing it to Hana. He then walked out of the shop, going back into his undercover disguise.

“Why was Aquaman here?” Asked Wally as he and the others stepped out from behind their hiding spots.

“Probably to just check in on Kaldur and Hana.” Robin said. As he said that, Robin smiled weakly, realizing him and the others were no longer invisible. “Oops, guess we stepped too far from Zatanna and M’Gann.” His voice was teasing and playful, but he just shook his head.

“We were just worried about the two of you.” Wally interjected.

“Guys, I don’t think they care.” Artemis added, “I mean this was a group date, right?”

“Right,” choosing to ignore his team mates’ antics for once, Kaldur turned his attention to Hana. “Is that the gift you wish to buy?” He asked softly.

A deep blush rose on Hana’s cheeks but the girl nodded. Her blush deepened as Kaldur took the plush from her, only to grab her hand with his free one, leading her to the cashier. This action made Hana feel happier, but she felt something else in her heart, something she couldn’t quite describe what she’s suddenly feeling for the Atlantean boy. But whatever it was, she was enjoying it.