Echoing Fears


A smile crept onto her lips as the girl finished her story. Black Canary took a sip of her tea before setting the teacup on the table and looked at her current charge. Hana looked relaxed and happy but yet, Dina could see that the young girl’s mind was going over all that had transpired. She was trying to process what had happened.

“It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the Aquarium,” Dina said softly.

Hana gave a small nod, a faint smile forming on her lips. Her heart skipped a beat at the strange feelings rushing through her. They were strange but very pleasant. The calm of the room was almost enough to make Hana fall asleep but after lapsing into a comfortable silence, Hana looked over at Dina, their eyes locking with each other. One question slipped from the teen’s mouth as she spoke.

“What was your first kiss with Green Arrow like?”

It was an innocent question, but Dina couldn’t help feeling a bit embarrassed. Of course, she gave M’Gann some romantic advice before but this was totally unexpected. But the blonde superhero chuckled. She cleared her throat and sat straighter as she thought about the memory of her first kiss with Ollie. The same rush of warmth and excitement returned to her heart and the woman finally answered.

“It was exciting and a bit confusing. I felt such a rush that my mind felt blank. All I knew was that I felt the same way he did about me. I was happy.” Dina said softly. She then raised an eyebrow with a knowing smile. “Is that how you felt at the Aquarium when Kaldur kissed you, Hana?”

Hana had to close her eyes and to think about it for a but she nodded. Despite Hana having shared the story with her, Dina couldn’t help sensing that there was something on her charge’s mind. Something that might be bothering her. Dina leaned forwards, bringing her arms to rest on her knees as she did so. Maybe she should try probing about the accident? About the day of the storm?

Just a small probing, just test the waters to see if she’s ready to open up, Dina. one simple question. Black Canary thought to herself.

The older woman brushed a few strands of her pale blond hair out of her face. She was ready to speak when Hana opened her eyes. There was a panicked look on her face as she bolted upright.

“Hana?” Dina started.

“I forgot to ask him about it!”

“What? Ask who about what?” Dina asked.

Hana looked back at her, guilt in her eyes as she responded.

“Aquaman about my father’s good luck charm.”

“Good luck charm?” Dina blinked, feeling confused. All the woman could think of was how in the world Aquaman would know about some silly trinket that belonged to Hana’s father. Before Dina could ask anymore questions, Hana got up and hurried to the door.

“Hana! Wait!” But the girl was already out of the room, Hana muttering an apology to Red Tornado as she almost collided with him while running out.

A sigh left her lips, and she massaged her temples. These teen superheroes… Dina thought.

“Hana seems to be full of energy all of a sudden.” Said Red Tornado’s mechanical voice as the red robotic hero glanced after Hana before entering the room, carrying a plate of what looked like cookies that M’Gann baked.

“I guess it’s better than her moping around,” Dina said with a chuckle.
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So this chapter is a bit short because I'm wanting to write another chapter (one that's obviously gonna be longer) to kick off the next plot point and I didn't know how to jump into the next plot point in this chapter without it coming off as rushed? So yeah. Thanks for reading!