Reaper and honzo Hasashi

After losing Aurora to one of the ice worriers that live in Sub-Zeros clan Honzo was ever depressed but he couldn't close himself off like he normally would do his Daughter Luna needs him as he needs her but he later finds out his Bother Genji is alive he wants to mack amens of what he did so he asks Sub-zero to look after his daughter so he can meet his bother as he was asking for his help Sub-zero would teach Luna how to use her ice as her mom did them when she was ready Honzo would teach her how to use her fire but Honzo meats someone that slowly opens his hear again but will he let this person in or will this person be purged away or burned? only one way to find out
  1. Reaper and honzo Hasashi part 1
    trying to move forward
  2. Reaper and honzo Hasashi part 2
    going on to the battlefield
  3. Reaper and honzo Hasashi part 3
    Scorpions pain
  4. Reaper and Honzo Hasashi Part 4
    eazing Scorpions Pain
  5. Reaper and honzo Hasashi part 5
    all out war! And reveling flings?
  6. Reaper and honzo Hasashi part 6
    Rage and hate