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The Cocky Guitarist

Will You Be Mine?

Danny smiles brightly as she hangs up her call with Lacey Franklin Seward.

She hasn't spoken to Lacey in over three years and although Lacey's sister Carmen is Danny's best friend, work and responsibilities have taken over her life.

They've agreed to meet each other for coffee at Bella's Cafe near the beach in an hour. Danny quickly blow dried her hair, and straightened it otherwise the frizz would take over and she'd look like Monica in Friends when they went to Barbados.

She applied some light makeup, sprayed a little perfume and checked the time. 20 minutes until she had to be there.

Danny locked her apartment and drove off to the beach which was a 15 minute drive. When she got to Bella's she parked and found Lacey at a table with a beautiful view of the beach.

"Hi" she squealed, "I haven't seen you in forever!"
"I know" the brunette laughed and hugged her again, "it's good to see you Dee"

As arranged with Brian, the two hung out for two hours and then he made his appearance. "So don't be mad, but he begged me to come" Lacey murmured and Daniella's confusion washed away as a certain brown-eyed guitarist showed up.

His hands tucked away in his jean pockets and his usual cocky posture replaced with a hesitation, as though he realized he could be chased away.

Daniella sighed, "it's okay. Hi Brian" she murmured and Brian gave her a smile. Lacey was thoroughly amused - this man, this arrogant man she's known her entire life was acting like a scorned puppy. He must really like Danny.

"Hi Danny. Thanks for allowing me to have coffee with you"

"It's all good" she smiled, she had to admit her heart skipped a beat when he arrived, she's not blind, he's a gorgeous man, but she's not a fool either and he knows her heart will only get broken by him.

"Excuse me, I need to use the little ladies room" Lacey mocked and walked away.

"How have you been?" she asked after a few seconds of awkward silence passed, and Brian straightened up and looked her into her eyes.

"I'm good. I'm good. Uh recording has been a bitch but thankfully I'm done for a few days, how have you been?"

"Work has been tough, but it's going. I need to move out of the hotel soon and find my own place"

The two enjoyed small talk for an hour or so until Brian pointed out that Lacey would probably not be coming back from the bathroom. Daniella surprised herself when she murmured 'I've been having so much fun with you I haven't realized"

"So tell me about yourself" Brian asked as the two ordered lattes.

As she delved into herself, Brian looked into her eyes and realized he's found the woman of his dreams.

"Brian" she snatched him out of his day dreaming and Danny giggled as he blushed, "was it nice where you were?"

"I listened. I really did" he insisted, "You're probably the only girl I've ever listened to"

Daniella gasped, "I'm starting to really like you Brian, please don't break my heart"

Brian smiled a beautiful, breathtaking smile and a blush warmed up Daniella's cheeks, "give me a chance and I will spend my entire life holding you to that promise"

"One chance" she whispered and pecked his lips, "one chance"
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