Sparrow Lane


I waited, messing with my ipod, for my friends, when the door opened and Elena slipped into the passenger seat, her arms full of snacks.

"Good lord," I said, glancing at her. "What is all that?"

"Road trip provisions," she declared, grinning. She turned her head and looked out the window at the gas station doors. "I don't know where Max is."

"Probably getting twinkies," I murmured. "You know how he feels about them."

I turned my attention to the blinking light on my dashboard, when the door opened again, and Max swooped in.

He was, in fact, clutching several boxes. He tore it open and shoved a twinkie into his mouth.

"Onward!" he shouted, leaning over the middle console.

"I should get this checked out," I said, gesturing to the CHECK ENGINE indicator.

"Oh, you're fine. That happens all the time to my car. You can make it, Dom."

I hesitated before choosing to trust him, then I turned onto the road.

I didn't know what awaited us.

But we were going to find out.