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Kiss the Flame


The fourth installment of 'The Fire' series finds Tre at war with himself after the birth of his and Sabrina's son, TJ. As the need to 'Make it right' drives him it destroys Sabrina's life.

What will happen... do they find their way back to one another.

Mike and Beth continue their 'relationship' though that's not a smooth road either.

To find out what happens... you'll have to read....

Kiss the Flame
  1. A Baby is Born
    Tre and Sabrina's son is born but something goes terribly wrong
  2. There Goes My Everything
    Tre has to 'Make it right'
  3. A Zombie and a Truce
    The aftermath of Tre leaving for good
  4. It Was Animalistic and Primeval
    Beth's birthday doesn't go as planned.
  5. ... I did this for you
    A party is not a party until someone sings.
  6. Little Overwhelmed?
    Maia overhears something important and Beth's life is about to change and Sabrina and Tre come to an impass.
  7. Falling In and Out of Love
    Halloween in Oakland
  8. 'Girl Power'
    The winter season is upon everyone.
  9. An Offer From the 'Inside'
    Sabrina gets an offer she can't refuse and Beth is a writing 'fool'.
  10. Hollywood or Oakland Or Bust
    Both Beth and Sabrina begin new chapters of their lives
  11. Southern Raised Boy and a New York Girl
    more on sabrina and george and insight into beth
  12. Wonders Never Cease