Miles to Go

Rylie Miles has done her best to develop a personality solely based on lying. Sarcastic, bold, and intimidating, she is your average, not-so-average teenager. She’s got a horrible attitude, and an even worse case of absolute indifference. Her brother, Seth, strives for normality, and almost achieves it… if it weren’t for his (in his opinion) crazy sister. Desmond DeLuca is literally the boy next door, but not in the typical manner. The three meet by chance, a lucky (or unlucky) move and suddenly everyone realizes they’ve all got quite a few miles left to go.
Written in three teenagers’ perspectives, each persona with a voice different enough to relate to anyone’s life, these characters explore the many relationships in life and the efforts required to maintain them. Rylie is central to the story with her eccentric I’m-above-all-this-you-included attitude that goes beyond teenage rebellion but remains real, believable. She’s the character you’ll love to hate, until you simply love her, and she’ll remind readers of their own situations as she leads them to self-discovery.
  1. Chapter 1: Her
    In which we meet Rylie Miles.
  2. Chapter 2: The Other One
    In which we meet Seth.
  3. Chapter 3: Him
    In which we meet the boy next door.
  4. Chapter 4: Her
    In which Rylie acclimates, kind of.
  5. Chapter 5: The Other One
    In which Seth confronts everyone and meets Charlotte
  6. Chapter 6: Him
    In which the mysterious neighbor briefly meets Rylie.
  7. Chapter 7: Her
    In which Rylie speaks to Seth.
  8. Chapter 8: The Other One
    In which Seth and Rylie bond. Sort of.
  9. Chapter 9: Him
    In which Rylie finally meets the boy next door.
  10. Chapter 10: Her
    In which Rylie and Seth attend a party.
  11. Chapter 11: The Other One
    In which Seth tries to be better.
  12. Chapter 12: Him
    In which Rylie is offered a ride.
  13. Chapter 13: Her
    In which Rylie takes a sick day.
  14. Chapter 14: The Other One
    In which everyone freaks out.
  15. Chapter 15: Him
    In which there are confrontations
  16. Chapter 16: Her
  17. Chapter 17: The Other One
    In which there are resolutions.
  18. Chapter 18: Him
    The chase.