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Short Story: Silenced Tomb
I embraced, thee enjoyment of
Silence. (Pause)

Except when I fell into a chamber, —more likely, I accepted an experiment through the student lab.
Appeased,--ebulliently, I signed my signature at the bottom as a volunteer—ee, placed my black gloves into a container—they told me to toss as I had no needing of them.
Chary, yet I engaged the order obediently by walking alongside the lab coat-man, us breezing down a terrible hall, it prolonged—kept straight and there were bright bulbs hanging above us from the height—very height ceiling, it burdened my eyes.
I ought to have changed my mind then, a pulsing vein on the side of my head split-pained an headache...
Alas, I had to remain committed as it was a committal too late; inside, through tall light-weight double doors, they’ve swished as I have been introduced to a spaced room--large enough to play a game of kickball.
I breathed timid, wondering in mixed emotions; I was rarely to try the silencer.
Over my shoulder, I reacted to a faint flick of a switch, which coordinated the electric fluorescent beam lights.
“No worries.” The man had finally spoken—and spoken deep,
“Your eyes will adjust after the first thirty-minutes—here’s a seat…”
I submit into the chair.
“The experiment will be approximately ninety-minutes.”
Ninety-minutes, in thought I wimp, clearing my throat almost as erogenous—this will omit pleasure.
He finishes before leaving, “Shall begin, if this becomes overwhelming, you need to push the far button, over there, on the left.” I rolled my eyes as I was trying to adjust with the lightening. I stood, watched the lab coat breezed by an almost farewell—and, uh, goodbye.
The first five minutes were easy—see it was like meditating and or going over thoughts I have missed during the bustling weeks--listening to eternal thoughts-- until--I even noticed small detail… an itch, a tiny itch at the bottom of my foot or a small nerve delicately pinching at the side of my neck as to-so when preoccupied, I wouldn’t care to think of its’ sensation.
Then the silencer, perhaps became boring suddenly, thirty-minutes must have passed-- my eyes finalized an adjustment in the midst of the white room…I heard nothing...(Pause)
I could not talk or fool around...I could only do the hearing of my breath—most—I heard or the sounding for my ear awaiting a pin to drop—I made focus…
no noise!
The quiet enticed, the isolation became unfathomable inhering the next few minutes—I haven’t had the time—it was close to getting over--but the counting of my breath, my ears lurking indefinite silence and the seeking for the listening of my own heartbeat failed!—And then I began to feel alone—trapped! Sighting through the room, it was like a dimension—an eternity with no mankind.
I had to sigh--so I could shake myself for sound as I began to grow scared--needing an fulfillment of something, yet I could only feel then: the tip of my palms pulsing--thee trembling of my heart—I needed to hear a fierce chink--perhaps a quarter—or glass, a clang of some object--crinkling plastic!!!
In thought, my breathing paced and my eyes tried to make an creation as there were neither ceilings nor walls to define—I could only await for the double doors to open.
An hour hitherto(from what I recall), the silence daunted, as well as my breath—till I realized my breathing was being rushed from my insanity.
Shaken, I jumped up and started jogging, though was I not jogging?—everything was white—unmoved—subterfuge vision?! I whimpered then—later then, I was ashamed, but presently I was in a lonesome fright. I had to cry so that I could relish the tone of my own sound—where was that far button? My mind spun—I jerked around like a sensitive cat anticipating noise—then I ran down, down—no straight, straight—my run elongated—where was that far button?
In hopelessness, I led myself into a ball on the white floor like a cat under a bed protected.
I sobbed.
In seconds my body stuttered at the reaching arms picking me up from the ground. I was not relieved, I was much more in shock!
They carried me into an exam room. My experience had only been forty-five minutes according to what they’ve timed—I dissuaded how long, I cared more about my ears being reborn from the automatic slams and squeaks under someone’s shoes!--because as so, I would never do as I have done before, silence myself for the swish sound of those double doors.