The Letter


"Hurry up, Olivia!" Leo yelled up the stairs.

Olivia, hearing her brother, fixed her hair and came out of her bedroom. As she came down the stairs, Leo grumbled, "Finally." She rolled her eyes and grabbed her car keys. Lilly, in a Travis Dermott jersey, stifled a laugh at the siblings.

"Let's get going," Olivia said, ushering her siblings and friend out the door.

Once they were on their way to Scotiabank Arena, the attitudes were lost and chatter about the game began. The Russo kids were regulars at Maple Leaf home games, but the routine never stopped their excitement.

"Are you guys sitting in the family suite?" Leo asked the two girls in the front seat.

Olivia frowned slightly at him in her rearview mirror. "We'll be up there when we first get there and for intermissions, but Dad got us glass seats," she explained.

"Basically, we can't get hammered in front of other people's children is what your sister means," Lilly said.

"Lilly, jeez," Liv scolded, making Lilly shrug. Leo and Emily talked amongst themselves in the back seat, making Lilly grin and lean towards Olivia. "Sooooo...."

Olivia raised an eyebrow. "So what?"

Lilly rolled her eyes. "Auston Matthews. I saw him staring at you all night the other night," now it was Olivia's turn to roll her eyes.

"End this conversation before it starts, Lilly,"

"Oh, C'mon! You can't tell me you don't find him attractive," Lilly raised her voice slightly.

"I can tell you he's very attractive, but I'm not interested,"

"You are no fun whatsoever, Liv," Lilly plopped back against her seat.

"He's on my father's team, Lilly," Olivia said. "Not to mention I'm just not interested in dating at all.

"Who said you had to date? You need to get laid-"



Olivia glared at her friend. "End it."


After parking below the arena, the group of four began their walk towards the locker room in search for Anthony. Leo and Emily ran ahead, knowing full well where to find their father. Olivia and Lilly walked a normal pace.

Just before exiting the parking lot, a whistle sounded behind them. Olivia whipped her head around to see Morgan, Auston and Mitch walking towards them. "Oh, for the love of God," she muttered.

Lilly's eyes burned with excitement, grinning over at Liv.

"Fancy seeing you here, Russo," Morgan said, grinning happily. "And in my jersey."

"Shut up," she told Morgan, before waving to the other two.

Lilly nudged Olivia with her elbow slightly. "This is my friend, Lilly, if you guys didn't meet her the other night."

"Nah, she was too busy making googly eyes at Freddie, I think," Mitch said, snickering.

Lilly groaned, spinning on her heel and walking inside. Olivia shrugged, "C'mon, she's a different person tonight." Morgan laughed, shaking his head.

Auston hadn't taken his eyes off Olivia once and it was making her skin burn. Lilly was right, he did stare. Did he know what words were? "Well," Olivia dragged. "I'm gonna head in and find the three people that I originally arrived with, so..." she trailed off and saluted to the boys.

After the door closed behind her, Mitch smacked Auston in the back of the head. "What the fuck was that for?" Auston said angrily.

"Quit fucking staring. You made her run off," Morgan said, taking the words right out of Mitch's mouth.

Auston huffed. "She's cute,"

"Staring a girl down isn't gonna make her drop her panties, man, Jesus," Mitch said, opening the door and walking inside. Auston looked to Morgan, who just shrugged.


Olivia found her siblings eagerly speaking at her father about the game. She approached with a small smile on her lips. "Ah, there's my girl," Anthony said, bringing his oldest daughter under his arm.

"Hi, Dad," she squeezed him slightly. "Ready for tonight?"

He nodded. "Hoping for a win. Washington is tough."

"I don't suppose you guys have seen Lilly?"

Anthony laughed. "She went to will call for the tickets and said she'd keep the seats warm."

"Well, warmups start soon. Let's get you two up to the suite," Olivia said to her brother and sister.

"Good luck, Daddy!" Emily said, jumping to high-five her father.

"Thanks, Blondie. I'll make sure the boys score for you," Anthony told his youngest while simultaneously fist-bumping Leo.

"See ya later, Dad!"

Olivia held hand with Emily while they took the elevator upstairs. "Leo, maybe that girl will there again tonight," Liv said, smiling at her brother.

"Nah, she was someone's sister, just visiting," he shrugged.

"Should've gotten her number, stupid," Olivia pushed him.

"Yeah, I'll take dating advice from you, Cobb web," her brother teased.

Olivia was mortified. "Jesus, I'm not bringing Lilly around you guys anymore."

She brought her siblings into the huge family suite, making her rounds and saying hello to all the families and girlfriends. She stopped especially long to speak with Steph, Mitch's longtime girlfriend.

Steph was always excited to see Olivia. They had made quick friends when they first met during training camp in the fall.

"Are you staying up here tonight?" Steph asked.

"No, sorry," Olivia shrugged. "My friend Lilly and I are gonna be normal for the night and get drunk in the stands."

Steph looked dejected for a moment, but then perked up again. "You guys should come out with all of us tonight! We're going to a bar after the game, it'll be fun."

Olivia was prepared to say no but remembered that she needed fun, as per Lilly. "Yeah," she said. "Yeah, definitely. I could use it."

"Just think of this as your pregame," Steph said, laughing.

Olivia made her rounds throughout the family suite and let her siblings know she'd be back during intermissions. As she was waiting for the elevator, she realized she never said good luck to her Dad, like she always did. So she went all the way down to the level where the locker rooms were. When the doors opened, she was met with every player waiting in the hallway.

"Liv!" Morgan screeched.

All eyes came down on her, making her uneasy. "Uh...where's my dad?"

"He's in the office," Auston said, from her left, gesturing to the door down the hallway.

Olivia smiled at him and headed towards the office. As she came closer, her father exited. "Liv," he furrowed his eyebrows. "Is everything alright?"

Olivia nodded. "Yeah, I just came to say good luck," Anthony smiled. "I almost forgot."

"Creature of habit," Anthony threw his arm around her, continuing back towards the team. "Thank you, Livy."

Olivia smiled big at her dad who reciprocated right back. "Listen, you and Lil have fun. Don't drink too much and please check up on your brother and sister for me."

"Yeah, yeah, I think I'm gonna go out. After the game, I mean. Steph, ya know, Mitch's girlfriend, invited me out with her tonight. So I'm gonna bring Lilly."

Anthony grinned. "Good, kid. You deserve a night out." He clasped her shoulder and then left her to join the other coaches.

Auston, wanting to redeem himself, moved over, tossing his head in her direction. "Coming out with us tonight?"

Olivia studied the boy. "Maybe. Who's asking?"

Auston chuckled. "Let's go boys!" a voice rang out.

As Auston watched his team head towards the ice, he looked Olivia up and down. "I'll see you at the bar."


Six beers and two periods later, Lilly and Olivia were wasted. The Leafs were down 4-2 at the start of the third and it only made Olivia want to drink more. However, Lilly, somehow, became the responsible one tonight and convinced her friend that they'd drink later and should stop to focus on the game.

"C'mon Leafs!!" Lilly screamed, banging on the glass where a group of players were fighting for the puck.

"God, they need to get their shit together," Olivia said.

Right after she said it, Tavares rushed down the ice with Mitch skating to catch up on his left. With the 2-on-1 forming, the entire arena jumped to their feet, watching and waiting. Tavares looked up and passed to Mitch right past Carlson's stick. Mitch was ready, with his stick in the air for the one-timer.

It was like in slow motion, watching the puck take its course. It whipped right under Holtby's arm, burying itself in the back of the net.

The crowd at Scotiabank erupted. The comeback was on.

"Yes!!" Olivia screamed, jumping up and down. Her and Lilly high-fived as the two teams met at centre ice again after the goal.

About five minutes later, the Leafs killed a tripping penalty that Auston took. As he was coming out of the box, Morgan gained control of the puck and threw it down the ice for a waiting Auston. The crowd got up again as Auston skated towards Holtby all alone with the Capitals racing to catch him.

Auston faked Holtby out and easily slid it right past him for the tying goal. And suddenly they were right back in the game.

"Wow...should we get another beer?" Lilly asked.

Olivia laughed and shoved her friend lightly. "We can't leave now!"

The final minutes were winding down and the Leafs were dominating the entire period, but Holtby was standing on his head to make sure the Leafs didn't get ahead.

The clock dropped to the last minute of regulation as a faceoff was won by Tavares back to Dermott.
The Leafs cycled and passed, attempting to set up.

30 seconds left.

Auston and Mitch jumped over the boards for a final attempt to win in regulation. As Auston crossed the blue line, Patrick Marleau put the puck on his stick.

Auston slid through two Capitals. 10 seconds left.

Auston shot the puck.

Olivia swears the entire arena held their breath, on the edge of their seats as the puck went through the air and the clock winded down. The goal horn blared and the two girls jumped out of their seats.

Auston Matthews had scored the tying and game-winning goals. The rest of the team hounded him as the Capitals skated off with their heads down.

Lilly and Olivia's mouths were moving non-stop as they hugged. "WE WON!!"


After retrieving her siblings, Olivia headed down to the locker rooms, chatting excitedly about the game. The hallway downstairs was buzzing.

Olivia stood on her toes, searching for a familiar face. She noticed a few girlfriends waiting around for their respective players to stumble out of the locker room.

"Hey, you think Freddie's coming out tonight?" Lilly said, making Olivia whip her head around to glare.

Lilly laughed, getting the reaction she wanted.

"There's Daddy!" Emily yelled, leaving the group to run to Anthony.

Anthony picked Emily up and threw her over his shoulder. Olivia, Leo and Lilly came over, smiling.

"Great game, Dad!" Leo said, punching his arm.

"Yeah, that win was sick, Mr. Russo!"

Anthony placed Emily down finally. "Thanks, guys. It was all the guys, though. They really came together in the third."

Leo and Emily became engaged in a separate conversation, leaving Olivia to take a moment with her father. Having her siblings and father together with her makes her out-of-this-world happy, but it also made her think of her mom.

"What's going on up there?" Anthony said, tapping Liv's head.

Olivia lifted the corners of her mouth slightly, trying not to get into a bad mood from her thoughts. She lifted her head to her dad and stepped into his body, hugging him. "Hey..." Anthony started, wondering where her mind was.

"Mommy would be so proud of you. I'm proud of you." she whispered to him.

Olivia laid her head on his shoulder, squeezing him tighter.

As she embraced him for a little longer, she saw a few players exit the locker room. Some wandered over to their girlfriends, but one stopped to look around. Auston.

His eyes landed straight on hers.


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