The Letter


"No drinking and driving."

"Yes, father," Olivia muttered, after being scolded for the twelveth time. "Morgan is driving us, so if we die, you know who to blame."

"Hey!" Morgan scowled at the girl.

Anthony laughed, kissing his daughter's head and then clapped Morgan on the shoulder. "Just don't be out all night, kid."

Morgan watched his coach disappear upstairs. "Can we go now? You two made us an hour late because you had to re-get ready,"

"That sentence was not correct," Lilly said, finally exiting the bathroom. "And yes, we can go now."

Morgan raised his hands as if he was praising God. The girls laughed and followed him out the front door.

As the three were buckling up, Morgan gazed upon Olivia, who had dressed herself up. "So...Auston, yeah?"

Lilly perked up. "Yes!"

"No," Liv said, firmly. "God, is this like some secret operation I don't know about? Set Liv up with Auston Matthews?"

Morgan gripped the steering wheel. "Not really. I mean I don't what the redhead is telling you, but I just know he thinks you're gorgeous."

This made Liv smile slightly, but she was standing her ground. "And I thank him for that, but I'm not sleeping with my father's players."

Morgan rolled his eyes. "Whatever, stupid. Stay dry."

Olivia widened her eyes at the boy. "Morgan!" Lilly started laughing in the back seat.

"Well!" Morgan said to her. "Jesus, Liv. I've known you since you were in high school and I've seen you go out with a guy once."

"Have you two ever thought that maybe I enjoy being single?"

"No, no," Lilly butt in. "Enjoying being single and sitting in a bed of your own misery and loneliness are two different things. Enjoying being single is going out, living your life, and occasionally taking a beautiful man home. You do not do that."

"Please tell me how I sit in a bed of my own misery and loneliness?" Olivia asked, quoting her friend.

"I'm not getting into this because then you actually will sit in a bed of misery tonight," Lilly leaned back. "So just promise me you'll have fun tonight. Let loose for once. Kiss a guy and then walk away. Take some shots. I don't care."

"What she said," Morgan said, staying focused on the road.

Olivia side-eyed Morgan, before breaking a grin. "Whatever you guys say, I guess."


Morgan got himself and the girls into the club quickly, skipping the line of rowdy college students whose weekend's were just beginning.

Olivia's eyes bolted back and forth around the loud club. She was out of her element tonight, but she knew she needed it. Lilly grabbed her hand, noticing her discomfort. "Fun," she mouthed to Liv while smiling.

"You guys go ahead! I'm gonna grab drinks!" Liv yelled at them. Morgan placed his hand around Lilly's waist, guiding her to the Leafs corner, making sure not to lose her.

Olivia smiled and narrowed her eyes at the gesture. Maybe it would be her turn to play matchmaker around here soon. She turned and pushed her way to the long bar.

She stood leaning against the bar for a few minutes, attempting to get the attention of one of the bartenders. Finally, a girl dressed in all black took her order.

"Put her on my tab," Liv felt a body press her closer to the bar.

Olivia turned her head to a tall man, gazing down at her. Olivia smiled tightly. "That's okay, thanks, though." Her skin began to crawl feeling this man so close to her.

"I insist," the tall blonde said, raking his eyes down her body.


"Liv! Babe! There you are!" A hand wrapped itself around Olivia's middle, pulling her into a warm body.

Liv's whole body became relieved as she looked up and saw Jake Gardiner beaming down at her. "You alright? This guy bothering you?"

"I... no. He was kindly offering to buy my drinks, but I explained I'm capable to pay for my own." Olivia said politely, not wanting to start anything.

"Oh, okay," Jake gazed at the blonde guy. "You heard her, bud. Beat it."

"This your boyfriend?" the blonde man scoffed.

Olivia felt Jake slide forward towards the guy. "Okkkkay," she put her hand on his chest. "This is my boyfriend. Screw off already."

The man remained, making Jake's jaw twitch. He narrowed his eyes at the blonde and nodded off. "Goodbye."

The blonde walked off finally backing down. Jake smiled, feeling successful, apparently. "D, can you put her and a redhead with a lot of freckles on our tab if they come up here?" The bartender nodded, giving Liv her drinks.

"Hi to you, too," Liv said to the man. "Boyfriend."

Jake laughed. "Your friend said you'd be down here and I needed another beer anyway."

"Well, thank you, my knight-in-shining-armour," Liv joked, bowing to the defenseman. "I don't suppose you could lead the way to wherever you're sitting."

He held his arm out to her. "I would be my pleasure, milady." Olivia took his arm, but not without rolling her eyes.


Auston sat around his friends, feeling good after the win. Everyone was enjoying themselves and these were the type of nights that he really loved. They felt like a family.

"Mo!" one of the guys yelled out.

Morgan had finally found his way to the group, after an hour of being missing.

"Where the fuck have you been?" Travis asked.

Morgan just heaved his arms at the redhead next to him, making everyone laugh. "We did not take that long!" Lilly said.

"Yeah, okay," Morgan breathed, plopping down next to Auston. "And before you ask, she's down at the bar."

Auston furrowed his eyebrows. "Who?" Morgan looked at him knowingly. "Oh."

Lilly plopped down on Auston's other side. "Just so you know, Olivia definitely thinks you're cute and she's going to play uninterested forever, so don't give up."

Auston opened his mouth to say something but got cut off. "You didn't hear this from me, but she has this weird thing going on in her brain that because her parent's marriage ended so brutally that she should never, ever get married or love someone," Lilly spilt out. "She deserves the moon and the stars, and I'm not saying you're the guy who's gonna give that, but you know, just so you get the picture."

"Lilly, he's just got a crush, he doesn't wanna propose," Morgan said.

Lilly shrugged. "Liv's kinda taking a while."

"I could go over there-" Auston tried to say.

"Gards just went down to order and find her," Mitch chimed in.

As if on cue, Jake walked into their private area with Olivia right beside him. Auston watched him crack a joke, making her laugh. Gards was married and knew he had nothing but pure intentions, but the thought didn't make Auston's face heat up any less.

Jake parted to find his wife again, leaving Olivia to rake her eyes around the room. They finally landed on Auston's little group, making her shoulders slump with relief.


Jake left Liv after they got to the private room to find Lucy, his wife. She looked around at the large private area, raking her eyes over who was here.

Steph was taking shots with a bunch of other girls, which she had learned from Morgan that most girls here would be girlfriends and wives. Not many boys on the team were single.

Pretty boy Andreas was on the other side of the room with two girls flanking his sides because single.

In the middle of all the noise, she saw Morgan and Lilly sitting beside Auston. Lilly seemed to be chatting Auston's ear off, while Morgan made side comments, which prompted Auston to roll his eyes.

Olivia sighed in absolute relief before making her way to them. Morgan and Auston had noticed her on the way over, both scooting over so she could sit between them. "About time," Morgan teased.

Olivia handed Lilly her drink and then plopped down, sipping hers. "Sorry, Jake had to fend off a very persistent man who wanted to buy my drinks."

"Why wouldn't you let someone buy our drinks?" Lilly asked.

"Because we're buying your drinks," Auston chimed in, making eye contact with Liv.

"Yeah," Morgan said. "Only we can harass you guys to spend money on your drinks."

Olivia noticed Mitch and Steph having a slight disagreement off in the corner. Steph rolled her eyes one too many times at her boyfriend, which seemed to tick him off more.

"He's probably telling her to slow down," Auston said, leaning his head slightly toward her. "Steph has a tendency to drink too fast and then Mitch has to bring her home early."

Olivia looked over at Auston, through her eyelashes. His eyes had a way of rendering her without words. "You look beautiful, by the way," he said, making sure only she could hear.

"I-thank you," she stuttered. "You, too."

Liv closed her eyes while Auston laughed at her mistake. "Thanks, Russo."

Lilly and Morgan seemed to disappear as soon as Olivia had sat down. How convenient. She knew full well why they'd left her with Auston.

Olivia had no intentions of getting with any of the Toronto Maple Leafs, ever. She didn't know how many times she could express that to everyone before they stopped trying to get Auston and her alone.

However, the more and more she came under the eyes of Auston Matthews, she could feel her built-so-high walls shudder like an earthquake was coming.

"Liv!" Steph's voice penetrated her thoughts. Auston was having a new conversation with Mitch and Willy. "Come dance with me!"

The three boys watched as Liv stood and placed her drink down. Before she took a step towards the blonde girl, she looked over at Auston. "See you later?"

Auston nodded. " 'Course"

Liv grasped Steph's waiting hand and let her pull her downstairs to the dance floor.


Lilly eventually joined Steph and Liv downstairs and the three girls danced their asses off for as long as they could. They even took a bunch of pictures together, making Steph scream for Liv to post them on Instagram.

Lilly and Olivia headed over to the bar when Mitch came down to grab Steph. As they waited for shots, Olivia began questioning her friend.

"So where'd you and Morgan disappear to?"

Lilly laughed. "Why? Are you jealous I stole your puppy dog?"

"He is not my puppy dog," Liv said. "Is he?"

"He follows you around like one. Anyway, how was Auston?" Lilly waggled her eyebrows.

Olivia leaned up against the bar top. "He told me I looked beautiful."

Lilly grinned. "See, Morgan told me he's just shy and that's why he stares so much, but I believed in him."


Lilly waved her hands. "Yeah, yeah. You won't, but whatever. I think you should go for it."

Olivia took her shot and clinked it with Lilly's. "I don't know. To puppy dog's."

"Puppy dogs!" Lilly screamed, laughing.

The girls threw their shots back and then pushed through the crowds to get back upstairs. An intense game of pool had broken out in their absence.

Auston and Morgan were up against Jake and Tavares. Lilly sauntered away quietly to "get a good look at Tavares' ass," as she so gracefully whispered to Olivia.

Liv walked around the table, across from the side Auston was on, getting ready to try and sink the 8-ball.

She watched him lean down and flex his arms through his tight shirt. Her mind was telling her to roll her eyes at the announcement of testosterone that he made, but it made her face get hot.

And as if Auston could feel her eyes, he looked up to lock eyes with her while he was lining up. For what felt like hours they held each other's eyes until he winked, looked back down, and sunk the last ball in the pocket.

Lilly came out of nowhere with a drink in her hand for Olivia, muttering, "I'm wet for you,"

Olivia's eyes were like saucers as she sipped her drink, not even bothering to scold her friend. She watched Morgan and Auston laugh about beating their teammates.

Olivia saw a flash of long blonde hair and pulled Lilly with her over to Steph who was sipping a water bottle her boyfriend had instructed her to drink.

"Mitch has ended my drinking for the night," she pouted.

"Can I ask you something, Steph?" Liv said quietly. The girl nodded at her serious tone.

"Auston...what's his story?" Steph smiled from ear-to-ear as Olivia finished her question.

"Oh, Liv, please tell me you like him. He's really such a sweetheart once you get to know him!" Olivia rolled her eyes, knowing that was coming.

"I'm neither confirming nor denying my opinions on him. Just give me the scoop, Steph."

Without taking a breath (or so Liv swore), Steph gave her anything and everything she knew about Auston Matthew's love life and personality.

"When he first got here, he had a girl back home, but it didn't work out with the distance, I think, but they're still good friends. And then he dated this model, Jordyn, for a while, but she was kind of a bitch if we're being honest. Anyway, he's been single for a while, just focusing on hockey, I guess," Steph explained. "But, as I said, he really is a sweetheart. He can be really quiet and shy, Mitch told me he would stare at you a lot and that's most likely why. He's not that smooth when it comes to girls."

"How good of a fuck you think he is?"



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