There's Only One for Me


"Jase, come on we're going to be late!" Eight year old Allison called up to her brother. She stood, ready to go, with her pink backpack and pink flow-y dress and white sandals. Her mommy braided her hear in two adorable french braids.

"I'm coming, I'm coming" her twin brother yelled, and soon she heard his loud footsteps coming down the stairs of their two-storey house.

Jason is wearing jeans and a black T-shirt, reminding everyone of his father. If it wasn't for his mom, he'd most likely wear torn shirts and jeans with holes in.

"Daddy's taking us to school, he said to wait for him in the car while he calls uncle Brian." Allison mutters and Jason nods. The twins walk out of the house and gets into their dad's car. Their mommy is already at work.

"Alright, I'm dropping the kids off at school, then I'll come over to you" Matt says as he locks the front door of his mouth.

He hangs up the phone and gets into the SUV.

"Daddy, can we come to the studio after school, please, please?" Jason asks. He's obsessed with music and sports, just like his father, and fortunately inherited his dad's talents since his mom, pretty as she might be, can't throw a ball or play an instrument to save her life.

His sister inherited her mom's brains and fashion sense.

"Of course. Your mom isn't coming home until later this afternoon, so you two are stuck with your favourite parent until she comes home" Matt teases and Jason laughs as Allison gasps

"Bad daddy! Mommy is also my favourite!" She complains and Matt smirks as he kisses his daughter's hand. "I know baby"

Matt gets out of the car after he parked and helped his kids out. "You two be good and I'll see you at half past one. Jase, do you have sport today?"

"Daddy, mommy told you that Jasey doesn't have sports on Fridays" Allison chirps and Matt sighs with a grin, "I usually don't listen to mommy, don't tell her I said that"

Jason hugs his dad, "I see Robert. Bye, bye daddy!" he says and runs over to his friend. Allison stays behind and Matt kisses her cheek.

"Are you okay baby girl?" he asks and Allison nods, "I'll see you later daddy. Wuf you"

"Love you too" he presses another kiss to her cheek and watch until both his kids are in teachers' eye-sight before he drives off.
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this was a filler - the start of a new short story.

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