There's Only One for Me


The guys and I are fooling around while we're supposed to be recording when Larry walks in. His somber, concerned look makes us all stop laughing.

"Who died?" I joked and the guys laugh under their breath but Larry's face doesn't change.
"I need to talk to you" Larry looks at me, "Now, in private"

I furrow my eyebrows, "Everything okay?"
"Just come with me Matt"

My heart hammers in my chest, I'm afraid he'll tell me something wrong's with Hannah or the kids. I'm afraid he'll tell me they died in a car crash on their way from school, or the school burned down. I'm afraid he'll tell me I lost the best things in my life.

"What's going on Larry?" I ask as I sit down on the chair in his office, he sits down on his chair and hands me a file with documents in.
I frown and open it, my confusion raises when I see a sonar in it

"Do you remember the evening of the 8th of May? It was a Thursday?"

"Yeah Avenged played in Chicago at House Of Blues, we had an after party in a club. Why?"

"Hannah didn't go with you right?"
"She had to stay home for the kids."

Larry nods, "That was 5 months ago Matt"

I shrug, I'm confused, very confused.

"Where's this going?"

"Do you remember at the after party, you got wasted - really wasted - and you were flirting with a blonde chick named Tammy Lawrence"

I swallow, suddenly nauseous, "I don't remember that"

Larry sighs, he's drawling this out and I'm getting pissed and stressed out of my mind.

He switches on the television and enters a DVD. My confusion washes away when I see myself partying with a blonde drunken chick.

'What's your name handsome?'

My eyes are glazed and red, Larry's right - I was wasted.

I sloppily pull her into me and rests my arm around her shoulders, she leans into me.

"You don't have to know that sweetheart" My arm snakes down to her ass and squeezes it, she giggles and pours us both two Tequila shots

"I like a man of mystery"

The video ends and I clench my jaw, I look at Larry helplessly.

"That was Tammy Lawrence in the video, this-" he points to the sonar picture - "is Tammy Lawrence's ultrasound. She's 5 months pregnant. She says it's yours."

My face falls, my body freezes; I'm nauseous, my heart jumps in my throat and my body feels numb

"No" I whisper
"No, no, no, no. I didn't do it, I didn't sleep with her. I would never cheat on my wife Larry! Please! You know that!"

He sighs, "You need to go tell Hannah"

I frown, "I didn't cheat on her. I didn't cheat on her man"
I'm desperate now, he has to believe me. He has to make this go away. I can't lose my wife, I can't lose her I can't.

"I know, I know. But tell her, before she finds out any other way."

I didn't cheat on her.
I promise, I didn't cheat on her.