There's Only One for Me


"Please talk to me" Matt's voice breaks the unbearable silence. The parents kept their cool during dinner for the sake of the kids, but now the twins have gone to bed and Matt is desperately trying to get his wife to talk.

"I have nothing to say" She runs a hand through her blonde hair and Matt clenches his jaw, "I promise you I didn't do it. She's making it up I swear"

Hannah nods, though she still doesn't believe him, "I need to see it."
"See what baby?" Matt asks softly

"I need to see the...the shit she has on you. I need to see everything, photos; the ultrasound; whatever you have. I need to see it"

Matt nods, his heart beating in his throat, he swallows nervously and rubs his sweaty palms on his jean. He doesn't want to show her the video, he can't show her that, she'll leave for sure.
She'll hate him forever.

"Of c-course. I uh, I'll get it from Larry tomorrow"
"Alright. I'm going to bed" Hannah murmurs and stands up. Matt stands up as well, he's never felt this awkward in his own house in his life.

"I'll uh, I'll sleep on the couch tonight" He mutters and Hannah shakes her head, "The kids get up early, they'll ask questions. Just sleep in the bedroom, it's fine."

"Thanks" Matt's voice cracks

Hannah walks up the stairs to the bedroom and Matt follows like a lost puppy. Other days he'd pick her up bridal style and kiss her all the way up the stairs, or they'd act like children and chase each other up the stairs.

Now, he's not sure if he will have a wife tomorrow, and he's not sure if she'll ever grant him custody over their children.

Matt brushes his teeth as Hannah gets into the bath tub, he tries his hardest not to stare but he's a man and his wife is still as sexy as the day he met her.

Oh, how he remembers that day.

22 years ago:

14 year old Matt walks up to his 4 best friends, they're behind the bleachers smoking cigarettes.

"Have you seen the new chick hanging out with Sophia? She's fucking insanely hot" Matt says with a smirk. He was in the drag's class at Calculus, and where he normally sleeps while the teacher blabs on, his eyes caught the blonde girl he has never seen before. He knew he had to have her.

"You'll have to keep your mouth shut because she's coming here" Brian smirks and Matt's face breaks out in a smile.
Sophia smirks at the smile on the dimpled man's face

"Guys" Brian snakes an arm around his girl's waist as she continues talking, "I want you to meet my new friend, Hannah, Hannah, this is the guys - that's Matt; Zacky; Jimmy; and this is my boyfriend Brian"

"It's nice to meet all of you" Hannah smiles politely and Matt grins even bigger. The guys all get to know Hannah but he's still dreaming as he stares into her eyes.

Her blonde locks hung down to the small of her back, Matt's drowning in her blue ocean eyes and his heart beats faster when he sees the dimple in her right cheek.
She's insanely beautiful, and she might just be different than any other girl Matt has slept with.

"Matt- Matt, yo, if you're done staring into my soul, I asked if you want to sit with me in Calculus. I don't know anyone and it'd be nice to sit with a familiar face" Hannah says, smirking, as the rest of the guys and Sophia laugh at him.

"uh-I-y-yeah, I'd like that" he stumbles over his words and blushes when she giggles.

"Alright, thanks"

"Uh, well, um, goodnight baby. I really do love you" Matt says, his voice full of emotion.

Hannah sighs as she turns on her side to look at Matt, he has tears in his eyes and lets out a quivering sigh

"I love you too Matt"