Status: Ryan Evans fanfic

New Classic

I own no rights to Selena Gomez and Drew Seeleys song. I own no rights to Any Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato songs and I own nothing of High School Musical. I only own my characters which were Jessie and Lidia.

Name: Jessie Montez (Jessie or Jess)
Looks: long dark brown hair that curls at the bottom, 5’4, same body type as Gab, C-34 bra size, brown eyes with green around the pupil, a little lighter than gabby but still have a natural light tan but I’ll get tanner in the summer
Personality: I’ve always been into rock music, like punk rock. My mom always called me her little fire cracker. Right, I’m Gabriella’s twin sister. Older by 5 minutes. I’m into darker clothes and darker makeup. I love Halloween it’s like my Christmas. I love to sing songs in my room with my acoustic but I’ve always been too scared to sing in public. When I need to clear my head or I’m just stressed out I like to go ice skating for hours sometimes. I’ve always been considered the outcast no matter what school I’ve been to. People just think I’m different but I don’t care. Being alone never bothered me so I never got close to anyone other than my sister Gabriella. I call her Gabs
  1. Chapter 1
    New school, who dis ?
  2. Chapter 2
    The cellphones
  3. Chapter 3
    Just who are these girls?
  4. Chapter 4
    All dates are official even if guys say it isnt
  5. Chapter 5
    The auditon
  6. Chapter 6
    Heart attack
  7. Chapter 7
    Screw the standards
  8. Chapter 8
    Total Drama queen
  9. Chapter 9
    Don’t forget
  10. Chapter 10
    Can’t help falling In love with you
  11. Chapter 11
  12. Chapter 12
    You’re the new Classic
  13. Chapter 13
    Breaking free cuz we’re in this together