Status: This is my first ever book! :D I won't publish all chapters at once (but they will be posted in order), so don't worry if chapters are missing.

The Dragon Rider

The world of Arivon is an amazing place; It's a place where mighty dragons, powerful magic, and animals bound to the souls of humans called Spirit Guardians are a part of everyday life. Even though the towns, villages and cities of Arivon are many, they are all united by the Three Great Laws;

1. Your Guardian is your soul; Treat it as such.
2. We
3. Dragons are chaotic and evil in nature, and must either be avoided or destroyed.

Enter siblings Ores and Andrea, who's childhood friend, Ryoto, has just returned after running away three years before. Hoping to rekindle their friendship, Andrea and Ores persuade Ryoto to stay in the town of Permis. But neither could have guessed the secret that Ryoto was hiding; His Spirit Guardian is a dragon.

It doesn't take long, however, for Andrea and Ores to see that the dragon named Silver isn't a terrible village-raiding beast like they have been taught. In fact, the bond between Ryoto and the dragon seems stronger than others. Ryoto hopes that despite his bond, he can return to just being friends with Andrea and Ores.

But fate has other plans.

For months, some unknown faction has been running rampant through Arivon, stealing people's Guardians through any means necessary. Their motive; to give power to a soon to be resurrected deity. And the only ones that can put a stop to it are Ryoto and Silver.