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Post Traumatic


After dealing with the tragic loss of his best friend, Mike's not so sure about anything anymore.
His music, his life, his love for anyone, it's all being questioned.
Until one day an unannounced visit from his longtime friend, Kelsey, makes him see things a whole lot differently.
Could she be just the light that Mike's been searching for all along?

**This is a present for my amazing friend/reader/supporter kdennis9. Thank you for everything, especially for being so awesome during my rough times! Love ya! Everyone go check out her stories!**
  1. Sometimes You Don't Say Goodbye Once
    You Say Goodbye Over, And Over, And Over Again.
  2. Holding Every Memory Close
    Tonight Is For Our Ghosts
  3. They'll Tell You I Don't Care Anymore
    And I Hope You'll Know That's A Lie
  4. I Thought I Had The Answers
    I Thought I Knew The Way
  5. I Don't Want To Know The End
    All I Want Is A Place To Start
  6. What's The Difference Between
    A Man and A Monster?
  7. As If They Can't Tell
    I'm Running From My Shadow
  8. I'm Somewhere Far Away
    Where You Can't Bring Me Down
  9. I Thought I Understood
    What The Words Meant
  10. Talkin Loud But Never Really Saying Much
    Tell Em Take An I.O.U
  11. I'm Just Trying To
    Hold My Shit Together
  12. But Maybe I'm Just Falling
    To Get Somewhere They Won't