Status: Greetings, readers. The very first part of the very first short story venture. It is a thrilling short story. I hope you will enjoy the reading experience :)

Dog Raid

Maksim's den, a cursed house at the top of hill. Whose rumors are spread all around the snowy hills, attracts three adventure seekers.

Viktor, Bogdan and Okb decide to investigate the accursed den. But they fail to foresee the upcoming trouble.

The first day accounts the encounter between the infuriated dogs and hunter duo. Leaving the two hunters in shock and excitement.
  1. Dog Raid#1
    The very first encounter between the hunter duo and the dog pack.
  2. Dog Raid#2
    Okb tries to construe his ancestral handbook in attempt to crack the mystery behind Maksim's den. He tricks the hunter duo to support him in his venture. But, he fails in the first go. As the hunters were not in a mood to return to that den. He trick