Grim Love

Chapter 1

Usually, he was good at his school work and casting spells and whatnot, but because he and James had done more goofing off and pulling pranks than pay any attention in class, he was assigned a tutor. His tutor was that quiet soft-spoken girl he never really learned the name of. He scarcely paid her any attention most of the time (he barely paid attention to any of the girls at Hogwarts really). And it seems she barely paid him any attention in return. Not that he cared.

As he leaned back in his chair, his shoulder-length black hair hanging about his face and shoulders as he did so, he glanced around the library as if trying to identify his so-called tutor. A few girls giggled at him in passing, otherwise, he just saw a lot of boring bookworms sitting at tables, reading or browsing the old bookshelves of the library (just how old was the library? It must be extremely old, like Dumbledore himself). Sirius chuckled at the thought but instantly frowned. He shouldn't be laughing at that thought. Dumbledore, despite looking ancient, was actually a great headmaster and one worth respecting.

A chair being pulled out at his table made him look over and when he did, he saw her. Long dark brown hair, equally dark brown eyes, and a pretty beige complexion. She placed a small pile of books (there were at least four) at the corner of the table and taking one of the books off of the said pile, opening it to a random page. And all the while, this girl sat down in the chair next to him. From around him, he could practically see all the other girls in the library glaring at this girl.

It was some silly unwritten rule among all the girls in his year that unless a girl was dating him or planning on asking him out, no girl was to sit next to him so casually. And the girl in the chair next to him seemed to not care for the stupid rules (Good on her then, He thought.)

But still, Sirius wasn't much for rules like that. If he wanted to, he would've asked the first girl he saw out and that would be that. He could also put an end to all the fuss girls make over him as well, but in a strange way, he kinda enjoyed all the attention girls gave him, albeit he liked the distance even more (the further away they oggled him from, the better).

For a little while, they sat there in silence, Sirius boredly wiggling the chair back in forth until he got bored enough and almost dozed off, and the girl quietly reading a book and copying what appeared to be notes on to a scroll (he could've sworn he was supposed to do something like that for a class -- Transfigurations, maybe? Or was it Potions? After all, it was Professor McGonagall who assigned him the tutor).

All that could be heard were the soft whispers of other students, who were either working on their own homework or were glaring at the girl sitting beside him, and the rustling of pages when she turned the page of the open book in front of her.

Her dark chestnut hair spilled out over one shoulder as she leaned over the scroll and book, her eyebrows furrowing in concentration. He had to admit, she looked studious, but in a charming, nerdy way. (it kind of reminded him of Remus when Remus actually tutored him and James--sadly, Remus isn't here to tutor him now).

But still, what was this girl's purpose? Who was she? Sirius could see from her robes that she was a Gryffindor, but he couldn't really place her name. Unless...

"Uh, excuse me, but what do you think you're doing sitting next to Sirius?" An angry female voice broke the silent spell, almost startling Sirius out of a somewhat sleepy stupor. The girl beside him remained silent, all of her attention focused on the book and scroll in front of her. Either the girl had guts, couldn't hear the fangirl, or she just didn't care. It almost made him chuckle honestly.

When she didn't reply, the other student became irritated. Her face turned pink from the anger slowly building up in her, her eyes narrowed into a glare. "Didn't you hear me, you stupid bookworm?" The girl asked, her voice getting a little higher from anger. "Hey! Are you stupid?"

It was at this point Sirius sensed that this whole thing could snowball into a big problem, but before Sirius could say or do anything, the girl sitting beside him finally looked at her.

"Don't you know how to be quiet?" She asked. "You're causing a scene over something stupid and pointless and unless you want points docked from Gryffindor, I suggest you let me do what Professor McGonagall told me to do."

Oh, this girl was the tutor. Well, that makes a shitload of sense now. Sirius felt the beginnings of a smirk gracing his lips but he masked his amusement by pretending to look elsewhere, the girl just at the edge of his vision as he did so.

The gaggle of girls glared at his tutor, an angry shade of pink tinging the cheeks of their leader. (He never did like the leader of his so-called fan girls--That Maggie was such a pain in the arse). But she sneered, her glare darkening.

"You're not here to tutor him. Sirius always has Remus for that." Maggie said this with the usual snooty hair flip that girls like her usually do (God! Why do girls like her do this? Just why?) "besides," She continued, "you need permission to sit by Sirius. So don't sit there like you're some kind of special exception."

The way his fellow Gryffindor ignored Maggie so nonchalantly made Sirius want to smile and laugh, but at the same time, Maggie's words of people needing permission to sit next to him? What was he? Some Goddamn God?

"I don't need anyone's permission to sit anywhere. The school's rules state we're free to sit wherever we want as long as it doesn't disrupt the education of others. And since Remus is sick right now, and you're so worried about Sirius's education, I suggest you leave us alone and let me do as I was told by McGonagall."

Oh yeah, this girl, she was something else. For a seemingly quiet girl, her words were definitely sharp, much like Remus's way of speaking actually. Each word was chosen carefully and carried with such precision that it left his fangirls seething with anger, but since fighting was prohibited in the castle, Maggie had no choice, but to leave with her pride not intact. As she walked away, Sirius and the Gryffindor Girl looked at each other. They held each other's gaze before bursting out into laughter.

It was Madame Pince's sharp glare that made them quickly regain their composure. Once they had quieted down, Madam Pince went back to her duties and both Sirius and the girl stifled another small laugh before finally speaking, albeit a little more quietly this time. Sirius could behave, when he didn't want to hear lectures from the teachers.

"So, does the bookworm have name?" Sirius asked this with a playful but slightly arrogant smirk. This girl was definitely amusing. He saw the same mischievous glint in her eyes as she stared back at him.

“Leanna Morin, but my friends call me, Lee… If I had some.” The girl said this with a light shrug, stopping momentarily to flip the page in her book, “And I already know who you are dog-breath.”

His blue eyes widened at the reference and he immediately looked around before leaning into her. His voice was a lot quieter as he spoke. “How the bloody hell did you know about my furry secret?” He asked.

When Lee looked back at him, Sirius froze, realizing how close he was to her. He could see a few freckles on Lee’s nose and her brown eyes had tinges of green. Just what the hell was he doing?

Lee seemed unphased by how close they were as she raised an eyebrow at his cautious tone. “You have a furry secret? Not that it’s none of my business, but I called dog breath because of how you’re obviously named after the dog constellation, Sirius.”

“What? Constellation? Oh, oh.” Sirius finally smiled faintly, running a hand through his black hair. “R-right. The constellation.” The boy let out a small nervous laugh as he now pulled back from her. “Right, sorry. Forget I said anything about a furry secret?”

Lee blinked for a second, her brown eyes staring at the boy in front of him. This seemed so… out of character for the great Sirius Black she’s heard so much about. But then again, maybe he’s not what everyone thinks he is. Lee finally shrugged with a nod.

“Yeah, sure, if we can finally get this tutoring session done and over with.” She pulled out a spare quill, handing it to him.

“Right, that’s what I came here for.” Another nervous chuckle. Sirius cleared his throat and for once, he sat straight, taking the quill from the girl. “Thanks, not just for the quill, but for not mentioning anything about the secret.”

Lee glanced at him from over top her scroll she had started writing in, but she shrugged once more before going back to writing, Sirius opening up his own scroll and textbooks.