Sequel: Return to Emanon
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Children of the Beacon

Rowan did not know much outside the tower's walls. He knew that there was a tree right outside and a rickety, old bridge that connected the tiny islet it sat upon to a much larger hunk of land. In the distance, he could see some buildings loom the horizon. There was a mountain not too far away. And, of course, water surrounded him. He had been in that tower, the Tower of Pyre, for as long as he could remember along with his infant sister, Ruby, and six other children: Zephyr, Amaya, Merrick, Nerio, Ciel, and Itzel.

However, one fateful day, the children are forced to leave when their caretaker, Queen Edana, suddenly disappears. It is then that Zephyr, the eldest of the bunch, tells the others the truth: they have fantastical powers that were sealed away, along with their memories of their lives before moving into the Tower of Pyre. There are others who also have mythical powers, the Mystics, some of whom have been searching for the children to utilize in their malicious plans against the humans upon whom they seek vengeance.

And now, the plans are finally in motion for a catastrophic war against the non-Mystics.

It is up to these children to venture further into their homeland, the lost island of Emanon, than they ever imagined to regain their memories and powers to stop the Mystics from committing genocide on a species that no longer even knows of the Mystics' existence.
  1. Prologue: The Legend of the Emperor and the Warrior's Son
    The origin of Emanon's secrecy is explained.
  2. Chapter One: Two Rings and Three Moons
    It its a typical night in the Tower of Pyre until Rowan sees something he really should not have.
  3. Chapter Two: All was Silent, All was Well
    It is a tense night in the northern Ulverwood of the Dagrun region.
  4. Chapter Three: The Pillar of Light
    The Norma spell is put to the test, but at what costs?
  5. Chapter Four: The Tale of the Falling Bridge
    After some bad news shocks Edana, Zephyr takes it upon himself to put the children to bed for the night.