Sequel: Return to Emanon
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Children of the Beacon

Prologue: The Legend of the Emperor and the Warrior's Son

Far away, lost in the seams of time, where both the auroras Borealis and Australis danced, and hidden deep within the eighth sea, under the stars of both Draco and Hydris, there was an island by the name of Emanon. It was a tiny island, yes, but one that was shrouded in a veil of mystery, mysticism, and magic. It was here that the scent of witch doctors’ potions laced the air of the westward jungles, that the eerily beautiful and captivating siren songs could be heard from the eastern shores, that the beating dragon wings and those of fluttering fae alike created the south’s sand dunes, and that the northbound witches’ spells casted an ominous chill throughout the frosted tundra.

Emanon was an island that was anything but ordinary, filled with supernatural spectacles and regular, natural beauty alike. Humans from all across the globe travelled by the boatload to set foot on the rich soil. For centuries, Emanon was the capital of the world. People from all sorts of cultures did all but kill to see the island. The Mystics of Emanon, including the witches, fairies, trolls, and all other “mythological” creatures, lived in harmony with all of these people, as well. Everything was perfect on the thriving, little island. That was, until the rest of humanity realized just how powerful the Mystics were.

It was just three decades short of two-hundred and fifty years —or rings, as the Emanonians called it— before the birth of Christ. The legend says that an unnamed emperor from Rome had ventured east and boarded a boat to Emanon. The emperor befriended the son of great Qin warrior on his travels. The emperor revealed to the warrior’s son that he came to Emanon to seek the help of an enchantress, a witch of the north. His wife was with child and was growing very ill. Nobody could heal her, so he grew desperate and travelled to Emanon to bring back a witch to heal his dearly beloved

The warrior’s son told the emperor that he was sent to Emanon to bring back a dragon to help his father and the rest of the Qins acquire dominance over China. The ever-clever emperor suggested that if they helped each other, their two empires could have a good relationship and do much trade with one another. The warrior’s son was ecstatic by the proposal, and agreed.

And so, the two went off to find a dragon and a witch. They started by trekking south, where the dragons and their leaders lived. They first met with the Dragonlords, a class of men who could communicate with dragons, and tried to exchange gold and wine in exchange for one of their beasts. The Dragonlords were disgusted at the idea, telling them that dragons were companions, not slaves nor pets. Additionally, all of their dragons were raised to be peaceful and therefore, despite their massive size and power, were not suited for conquering land.They refused the humans' offer and sent them back north. Not wanting to displease his father, however, the warrior’s son stumbled upon a dragon’s nest and attempted to steal an egg. However, the mother dragon captured him and burned him alive, charring him to nothing but ash and bone.

Some say that his screams can still be heard on the southern winds.

The emperor gathered the remains he could, which was just a skull, a few bones, and a pouch of the ashes, and headed north. When he came across the Norma Clan of Mages, he begged the Clan Head to allow one of the Normas to return to Rome with him to heal his wife. The Clan Head agreed, seeing how distressed the emperor was. The emperor then presented the remains of the warrior’s son to the clan head, asking if he could revive his friend. The Clan Head declined, explaining that she cannot transcend death, no matter how powerful she may be.

The emperor became so infuriated, he began to shout obscenities at the Normanic Mages, calling them liars and cheats. In doing so, he also said that without the warrior’s son, his empire would not grow more wealthy. Realizing the emperor’s selfish intentions, the Clan Head turned him into stone right on the spot. Using an enchanted casket, the she flew the now-statute emperor back to Rome with a note, threatening anyone who returned to Emanon. She did the same with the warrior’s son’s remains, as well.

Seeing how dangerous the Mystics were, the horrified non-Emanonians both declared war on the tiny island in fear of its vast power. However, the King of the Phoenixes (who were considered the rulers of the Mystics) and the King of Emanon both left the island to negotiate with the other lands. They avoided the war, but at a great cost: Emanon was the be placed under an embargo and quarantine, permanently shutting its gates. Nobody was to leave the island, nor was anybody to enter. Albeit reluctant, the two kings agreed.

Afterwards, the only records that the outer world had of Emanon were placed in a hidden vault in the Great Library of Alexandria. After the library was burnt to the ground, the records of Emanon ever existing were lost. This led to the rest of the world either regarding Emanon as a riff, if not completely forgetting of the island's existence altogether.

Upon their return to the island, the King of Emanon asked the King of the Phoenixes to keep the Mystics isolated from the Emanonian humans. The King of the Phoenixes agreed, albeit with much reluctance from their Mystical subjects.

Battles were fought, allies became enemies, and lives were lost, but the Mystics eventually gave in to the King of Emanon’s request. The Mystics hid from the humans, retreating from all of the towns and cities. They built new homes and small villages far away from civilization. Emanon was greatly hurt by the embargo, but learned to fend for itself over the ages. After a few centuries, the Mystics were seen as “forgotten,” regarded as nothing more than mere fairy tales and lore. As the Emanonians became more oblivious and blissfully unaware, the Mystics became more hostile.

Even more battles were fought among the Mystics as they turned on one another. Most of them were killed at some point or another. Clans of Mages that were once groups of at least sixty Warlocks and Witches now had a mere ten at the most. Entire species became extinct or completely cut off from other Mystics. Albeit they had their conflicts, however, many of them did share three things in common: a loathing for Emanon’s humans, bloodlust, and a desire for vengeance.
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