A Mother's Prayer

Chapter Three: Ditching School

Cristiano took a deep breath as he made sure that Junior had everything that he needed for school, he had noticed a change in his son since their talk and he hoped that he would be okay.

Things had been rather quiet and Junior had been so focused on his schoolwork that Cristiano wondered if he was okay with the information that he had been given about his mother.

Cristiano hadn’t even been able to avoid talking to his mother about this, she had taken one look at the picture that now sat in Junior’s room and confronted her son about the fact that Kenna was her grandson’s mother.

Dolores had always adored the young woman and had been so confused when the two had just stopped talking to one another all those years ago.

She hadn’t thought that Kenna could be the mother and she was angry that her son had done such a thing; they had been such good friends and she was a lot better than the air-heads that Cristiano had dated in the past.

Cristiano looked at his son, there was so much that had changed in the past couple of days and he wanted nothing more than to try and keep things as normal as possible for him.

The last thing that Cristiano wanted was for Junior to be upset; he didn’t have a clue what Kenna was doing now and he knew that they would be fine without her.

Walking towards the entrance, Cristiano handed Junior his bag and checked his watch; he was going to be late for training and he had to get there through morning traffic.

The last thing he wanted was to be fined for being late, Cristiano knew that Junior could get inside and he doubted the little boy would run into too much trouble here.

They were inside the school gate and all the other children were rushing towards their classrooms; it was always busy here and the school bell would ring at any moment.

“I’ll be back later to pick you up from school,” Cristiano reminded Junior, he brushed his fingers through his son’s curly hair and smiled down at him; he liked the fact that he was a miniature version of him.

Junior nodded his head and waved to his dad before he started to walk towards his classroom, he counted to ten and turned around already seeing his father jogging back to the car so he wouldn’t be late for training.

He had deliberately made them late that morning so that his father wouldn’t be able to stay and watch him go inside; he had been planning this out carefully and he knew that this was his chance.

Slowly changing his direction and heading for the other gate that was further down from the entrance that he and his father had used; he didn’t want to get caught when he was so close to finally meeting his mother.

Cristiano had thought that Junior had been busy with homework but the realty was that Junior had been carefully planning how he was going to meet his mother for the very first time.

He had discovered that she worked at an inn, he had been surprised to see a recent picture of her as the manager page; he had been able to read a little about her and what she did.

It would only take him a couple of buses to get there and he had saved up his snack money to make sure he had enough to get there; he just had to be quick before anyone could stop him.

The little boy doubted that the bus driver would think too much of him getting on the bus by himself during rush hour; especially when it was the school rush hour.

He started off towards the bus-stop and hoped that he wouldn’t have to wait too long for the bus; the sooner that he was there the better and he couldn’t wait to finally meet his mother for the first time.


Staring up at the inn that his mother worked out, Junior couldn’t help but feel a little in awe of the place; it wasn’t like any of the hotels that he had stayed in with his dad but it felt so homely.

It was nice and Junior could see why his mother worked here, it was just outside of the main city centre and the spacious area was perfect; he could see the stables not far from here and the marque where a wedding had been set up.

Junior swallowed nervously, he couldn’t believe that he was actually going to do this and his stomach twisted; he had never felt so nervous in his life.

Making his way towards the entrance of the inn, Junior eyed the people around him unsure of what reception he might find when he spoke with his mother for the first time.

Would she remember him?

Would she recognise him?

Would she actually want to see him?

Junior had no idea just what would happen, he nervously stepped into the inn and peeked around not sure what to do for a moment before he spotted the reception desk.

Taking a deep breath, Junior slowly made his way over to it; there was a man working there speaking in rapid french clearly arguing with someone on the other end.

Stopping in front of the desk, Junior waited for a moment as the man continued to argue on the phone before he slammed the phone down making him jump slightly.

“Excuse me?” Junior asked after a couple of moments, he was sure the man was busy and he didn’t want to get in the way; he was sure that he had so much to be doing right now.

The man frowned and moved to glare at whoever had disturbed him before he glanced down spotting the child that was stood before the desk.

He didn’t look like one of the children that were staying at the hotel and he was clutching onto a piece of paper; he frowned wondering who had brought the little boy to the inn.

“Can I help you?” the man asked, his french accent was thick and he looked rather annoyed at being interrupted; he tapped his foot as he eyed the child that shouldn’t have been in his reception alone.

Junior swallowed, he was suddenly starting to think that this was going to be a bad idea; he had no idea what reception he would get and she might not want to see him.

“I’m looking for Kenna Sousa,” Junior said trying to sound more confident than he felt, he was so close to finally meeting the mother that he had never met.

He felt so nervous and he knew that the woman that he was here to see had no idea that he was here to see her; he wondered how she was going to react to seeing him.

The man pursed his lips and opened his mouth to say something when someone appeared behind him to use the computer; she didn’t look at what was happening and instead focused on making some notes from the computer.

“This child is here to see you,” the man said disgusted before he moved down a corridor that she had appeared from; the woman looked after him confused before her brown eyes peeked down at the child in front of the desk.

Kenna Sousa completely froze at the sight of the little boy before her, she felt speechless and she almost couldn’t believe that he was standing before her; she hadn’t been expecting this.

“Oh My God,” Kenna whispered, she had no idea what to say and she knew that he shouldn’t be here; he wasn’t meant to find out about her for another twelve years.

It made Kenna wonder why Cristiano had told him about her, she was sure that he wouldn’t have done so without reason; she had no idea what to say to the little boy that stared up at her.

He looked so much like his father and Kenna knew that she was going to have to speak with Cristiano now.
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So Junior has tracked down his mother to the inn that she works in... what will happen next?

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