A Mother's Prayer

Chapter Five: Parental Rights

Climbing out of the car, Cristiano couldn’t help but feel a little out of place as he stared up at the inn where Kenna worked; she had messaged him her address and he knew that there was no time like the present for them to talk.

It had been a week since Junior had brought Kenna home and Cristiano knew his son was anxious to start spending time with his mother.

Cristiano couldn’t believe that he was in this situation, he wanted his son to be happy and he was going to have to deal with sharing him from now on; he was hopeful that this wasn’t going to bit him in the ass.

Making his way up the steps, Cristiano was surprised that Kenna had settled somewhere like this; the place suited her and he would never have thought that she’d be working in a place like this.

He checked his watch to see that he had arrived a little earlier than expected and he was hopeful that his lawyer had come up with a good deal for the two of them.

The last thing that Cristiano wanted was for this to backfire and Junior ended up getting hurt; he knew that there was no way that they could get around this now.

“You’re early,” Kenna teased making Cristiano jump before he turned around to see her, she smiled at him as she made her way across the foyer towards him.

Cristiano smiled, she looked so professional in her suit and he never thought that he would see her like this; she suited it and he knew that she was probably busy as the manager here.

“Sorry,” Cristiano apologised, he glanced around the room and couldn’t help but wonder just how she had managed to find a place like this.

It was very different from Portugal and so far from the world that he had last seen her in; she looked so grown up and he was sure that she had changed in ways that he didn’t realise.

“It’s fine. Why don’t we talk through here,” Kenna said waving for him to follow her, she had put together a little brunch while they went through the agreement that their lawyers had come to.

This certainly wasn’t what she had expected when Junior had showed up here, she had never thought that she would get to see him grow up and she was certain that she would be able to handle this.

Taking a seat, the two of them knew that they couldn’t avoid this and they had to talk about how they were going to handle arrangements when it came to Junior; they would have to learn to co-parent.

“How have you been?” Cristiano asked knowing that it had been a strange couple of days, they were certain that things would settle down when they had sorted all of this out.

He placed the papers that his lawyer had sent with him on the table, there was a lot for them to go over and he knew that once it was done then there was no going back.

They would be granting Kenna, her parental rights back and this was just the start; they would have to set up a schedule that would suit Junior best.

“I’ve been good. Busy with work, how about you?” Kenna replied with a smile, she was sure that they would work this out; it wasn’t going to be easy and they would have to work together.

Cristiano and her might not have spoken in six years but they had to talk now and Kenna doubted that they were going to find this easy especially when they had worked everything out.

“Busy,” Cristiano told her, he looked down at the papers knowing that they had to talk about them; he was pleased that his lawyers had managed to work this out quickly.

Kenna nodded her head, she guessed that there was more pressing matters that they had to deal with; she was a little nervous that they would talk about this.

“You just need to sign these and you have your parental rights back,” Cristiano said sliding the papers across the table, his stomach twisted at the thought and he knew that he had to do this for Junior’s sake.

It was strange that they were reversing this when he had never thought that they would have to do it; his plan had fallen apart and he was having to deal with this now.

Kenna nodded her head, she stared at the papers that he had brought with him and she couldn’t help but feel nervous; she had always wondered what it would be like to get to know her son.

She feared that she wouldn’t be good enough for him and she had no idea what she would do; she had never thought that she would get to parent him or he would want her to.

“Kenna?” Cristiano asked seeing the look on her face, she looked so nervous and he was sure that there was something bother her; he wanted her to be hundred percent sure about what they were doing.

He didn’t want her to regret doing this and end up hurting Junior; the little boy was so excited to get to know his mother.

“What if I mess up?” Kenna asked quietly, she couldn’t bring herself to meet Cristiano’s eyes and she knew how stupid this must sound; she had always thought she’d have to deal with the eighteen-year-old version of her son.

And even then, Kenna wasn’t entirely sure what she would do, she had never thought that he would want her to be a part of his life at this age.

“What if I do this wrong and he ends up hating me?” Kenna continued to question, she doubted that he would want anything to do with her when he realised how useless that she was with this.

Cristiano couldn’t help but smile at that, he reached across the table and took her hand giving it a squeeze; he had no doubts that Junior could ever hate anyone.

“You’re his madre… he just wants to get to know you, we take this one step at a time,” Cristiano reassured her, there was so much that they had to do to make this work.

It would be a massive adjustment on both their parts, they were going to have to get used to the fact that they were raising Junior together; a fact that neither of them had thought would ever happen.

Kenna smiled at him, she doubted that this was easy for him especially since he’d had their son to himself for so long; she could only be thankful that he was willing to let her do this.

“Thank you for giving me a chance… I know this wasn’t what we planned,” Kenna said looking down at her hands, she could have never imagined that Junior would track her down and she wanted nothing more than to prove that she wasn’t going to mess this up.

Cristiano nodded at her, he didn’t know what else to say to her and he watched as she looked over the documents that he had handed her before she signed them.

It was official now and they were just going to have to deal with it, she was Junior’s mother and they would have to find ways in making sure that they both got time with their son.

The two of them were silent as they took in what had just happened, it was a big deal and Kenna could only imagine how she was going to manage this; she knew her mother had a lot of questions about all of this.

Rachel had been shocked when Kenna had sat her down and broke the news that Junior was her son and she had acted as a surrogate for Cristiano.

Her mother had been heartbroken that she had missed out on so much of her grandson’s life, she wanted to see him right away and couldn’t understand why that couldn’t happen.

The fact that there were things that needed to be sorted out before then didn’t matter to her; she just wanted to fuss over the grandchild that she had been denied.

“I’ll drop Junior off at your place tomorrow,” Cristiano said knowing that there was no time better than the present to start working on the relationship between her and their son.
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So Kenna has her parental rights back... what will happen next?

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