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I Knew the Moment I Met You


Maddison rolled over in her sleep, pulling the blanket around her tighter as her hand laced into her hair, cushioning her head to the pillow. She didn’t want to open her eyes, she didn’t want to get up. She was having the loveliest dream about being on a very romantic date with a very handsome Chris Pratt and she wasn’t ready to leave it just yet.

However, the overly loud banging from the kitchen below her room was not playing ball, wanting to throw a spanner in the works and ruin her literal dream date with her dream man. A grunt slipped through her lips, as she rolled over again, hands moving to her face, but her forearm brushed someone in her bed, causing her eyes to snap open and the memories of yesterday to flood back into her head.

John was still sound asleep, the loud noise not seeming to bother him, though for John this was nothing compared to being on a noisy tour bus, especially when it was hitting pot holes. His mouth was open slightly and his hand was gripping the pillow as though he was scared to move.

Maddison couldn’t believe what she had gotten into, or the fact the boy had agreed to it. She was far from the impulsive type, never going on dates or letting her guard down because she was too scared of getting hurt or letting the wrong person in. She had never done drugs or anything foolish whilst she was at school, and tried to live by the rules as best she can. Though she will admit that she did party underage, but everyone had to get their kicks.

But bringing home a guy she had only none for a couple of hours to her family home was a big no-no, heck, she had never had a one night stand. But John seemed harmless, and whether this was the wrong thing to think, Maddison felt like she could trust him.

“Mornin’” John breathed, causing Maddison to jump, not realising he was awake whilst she was having her internal meltdown; hopefully it hadn’t shown on her face.

“Hey” she murmured with a weak smile, brushing her hair out of her face before rubbing at her eyes, “I can’t believe that we have done this” Maddison sighed, turning to lay on her back, rubbing her hands over her face as she let out an exasperated breath as John propped himself onto his elbow, looking down at the girl.

“Hey, hey, don’t stress” he soothed, reaching out with his free arm and rubbing it over her forearm trying to calm her down “There has been absolutely no harm done. Now, we have some options: 1) I can leave and we can tell your Ma I had a big emergency and we can act like this never happened 2) We can come clean and explain the situation – you can plead madness if you wish 3) We continue with the plan, I will stick with you until boxing day, providing you with the support you need to get through the holidays” John explained, counting through the different options onto his finger before dropping his hand onto the bed. “The ball is in your court”

Maddison stopped for a moment, allowing her thoughts to run through the different scenarios that he had suggested, weighing them up in her head trying to figure out which was the best one, or the best one for her to pick right now.

“I think that I want to see this through” Maddison breathed, looking John in the eye, a small smile playing on her lips “If you aren’t happy to do it though you are more than happy to leave, I won’t hold it against you” she added, giving the boy an out. She didn’t want him to stay out of pity, after all he might actually prefer being at the airport instead of being with her.

“In that case Mads, then we are on. I think it’s time we show our faces” John grinned, swinging his legs out of bed and walking over to his backpack in his boxers as Maddison stayed still, not wanting to leave the comfort of her bed. “Plus I’m starving” he added cheekily as Maddison let out a laugh, swinging the covers off of her, walking to her closet as she rolled her eyes at John before leaving to the bathroom to get changed.

“Auntie MadMad, Auntie MadMad” A young voice chirped from the kitchen as soon as the pair walked in, before she had even made it to the island in the middle of the kitchen she was attacked in a hug.

“Hey my gorgeous girl” Maddison beamed, leaning down to give Faith a hug, picking her up and carrying to the island and placing her on top of the surface as she beamed down at her niece, tugging playfully on her pigtails. “I missed you”

“I missed you, Auntie MadMad” the girl pouted, wrapping her arms tightly around her aunties neck and pulling her into another hug. “Who is the man?” Faith asked, clocking the new person who was still stood at the door, John didn’t seem the shy type, but had hung back in the doorway whilst Maddison had interacted with the small girl.

“This is my friend John; he is going to spend the holiday with us” Maddison smiled, turning to John and beckoning him closer to the pair of them that stood in the middle of the empty kitchen. “John, this is my niece, Faith”

John walked across the kitchen, stopping next to them as Faith looked up at him, a curious expression on her face as though she was trying to evaluate whether or not to give him a chance.

“Nice to meet you, Faith. Your Aunt Maddison has told me a lot about you” John said with a goofy smile on his face, offering Faith his hand as she giggled, shaking it over enthusiastically before dropping it to the side.

“Where is everyone?” Maddison asked, heading over to the cabinet and grabbing two glasses, handing these to John before heading to the fridge and grabbing a cartoon of orange juice before filling them up. Stopping to survey the contents of the fridge to work out what she could make them for breakfast.

“Mama and Papa have gone to the shop, Daddy is in the living room and Auntie LolLol hasn’t come over yet” Faith explained with a shrug, grabbing at Maddison’s glass and taking a long messy slurp of her drink, leaving an orange moustache on her face.

“Has your Daddy fed you?” Maddison asked with a raised eyebrow as Faith shook her head, Maddison rolled her eyes before turning to shout for her brother over the shoulder before walking back to the fridge, pulling out various ingredients you need.

“Hey Maddy, I didn’t realise you were back yet” Jace grinned from the doorway, stepping into the room and pulling his sister into a hug. It was safe to say that out the three of them Jace and Maddison were the closest whilst Laura seemed to be made out of a different mould.

“Hey Jace, you need to feed your sprog” Maddison responded with a raised eyebrow, moving over to a cupboard and pulling out a frying pan before heading to the hob.

“Why would I do that when you can do it for me?” Jace shrugged as Maddison scoffed, grabbing a tea towel off the side and lobbing it at her brother in protest before handing John a mixing bowl to mix together whilst she preheated the pan.

“I’m Jace by the way, this cheerful cherub’s big brother” Jace said introducing himself to John as he leant against the counter opposite him offering him a cheery smile and a hand to shake.

“Nice to meet you man, I’m John, Mad’s boyfriend” he responded with a smirk as Maddison choked on her drink. That was still odd to hear.

“Boyfriend? Wow” Jace chuckled causing his sister to glare at him again, flipping the pancake that she had poured into the pan with extra force.

“Don’t sound too surprised, bro” she responded sarcastically as Jace held up his hands up in surrender, backing away from the girl causing John to laugh.

“Not surprised at all, just hurt that this is the first I’ve heard of it is all. Laura is going to have a field day with this” Jace laughed, pulling his sister into a side hug as Maddison grimaced, that was what she was dreading.