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Are You There?

are you there?

today, 2:43am
mason: are you there?

The bright light of your phone screen bounces off the wall behind you, creating a halo of daggers directly into your eyes. You throw the device somewhere into your mess of blankets and make a sound loudly into the darkness as you yawn, rolling over to let your eyes readjust. You inhale deeply, taking in your surrounds as they slowly start to surface from the black space around you as you hear another buzz, buzz.

today, 2:44am
mason: it’s late, i’m sorry, nevermind

You sit up slowly, searching through the sea of fuzz and pillows, and you’re suddenly hyperaware of your surroundings. You take in the soft streetlamp light coming through your slightly open window, the breeze that curves around it and brushes past your cheek, the 2:45am flashing red in the corner of your eyes. Your hand wraps around the cold metal of your phone and you lift it and look at the screen. A small smile forms on your lips as your fingers move along the smooth screen.

today, 2:47am
oliver: hi

You lay back against your pillows and flick on your lamp, holding your phone close as you wait for the reply. You know that Mason is toying with the idea of not replying, maybe if he waits until the morning you’ll be able to get back to sleep, and you shake your head a little at the thought. You can feel your heart beat, thump, thump, thump and the next vibrations match up with it perfectly.

today, 2:50am
mason: i woke you up

You smile at the screen, aware that he can’t see you but wishing that he could as you feel the familiar surge of emotion run through your veins. You picture his face, filled with sleepy concern, as he’s nestled into his couch covered by his old tattered blanket, the dull glow of the television casting shadows across him. You wait another quiet minute, you know his habits better than you know your own, and shift your weight forward so you’re sitting cross-legged in your bed. You can feel the warmth of sleep leaving you and replacing itself with a chill from the night air so you settle into the blankets just a little deeper.

today, 2:52am
mason: are you there?

You pause for only a second, barely needing to read the words that flashed across your screen before your fingers began forming a reply. You hear the familiar whoosh, that little smile never leaving your lips.

today, 2:53am
oliver: of course, always
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hello friends it's been a minute I didn't think I had it in me to write anymore. please enjoy my favourite gays and their fluff