There Was You

27: That’s Not The Good Part

Looking up from the screen of her computer, Riley quirked a soft smile, her eyes landing on the bouquet of flowers which sat on the corner of her desk. They had been surprise, when she had got into work that morning, she had been more than a little shocked to see the beautiful bouquet sat in front of the screen of her computer, but since she had looked at the card that had accompanied them, she hadn’t been able to stop grinning whenever she looked at them, more than a little smitten with the idea that Iker had chosen to send her flowers. They hadn’t seen much of one another, after Iker had arrived back in Porto, he had been swept up in preseason training, and Riley in work, and whilst they kept missing one another, they did have plans for the end of the week, something the brunette was more than looking forwards to.

There was no denying that they were still getting used to the shift in their relationship, whilst things on the surface were the same, there were a few more butterflies, a few more uncertainties which accompanied the new labels that they had for one another, but it hadn’t changed the way Riley felt about them spending time together. For a long time, the mere thought of them being in the same place was enough to have a smile brighten her face and it hadn’t changed, even despite the increase in nervousness. Seeing him was still enough to brighten her day.

Bumping her glasses back up her nose, she admired the flowers for a second before she shook her head, smiling goofily to herself.

“Look at those flowers”

Riley jumped at the sound of Marisol’s voice, her eyes quickly flicking up towards the doorway where the blonde woman stood, grinning brightly. “Marisol” she breathed “You scared me” she added.

“Sorry” Marisol chirped as she stepped into the room, plopping down into the chair on the other side of the desk “I was just about to knock and then I spotted those. They’re gorgeous, Ry” she fussed, leaning forwards to brush the petals.

Riley watched her, feeling her cheeks flush a soft shade of pink, before she nodded. “They are” she agreed “Did you need something, Marisol?” she asked, pulling her glasses off of her nose.

Marisol, who’d been happily admiring the flowers, looked up with a grin. “You’re just about to get off for lunch” she quipped “And I have the afternoon free. I thought it was about time we had a catch up. Between the wedding and me going off on honeymoon and you going off to Spain, I feel like we’ve not seen each other in months. I bet we have a lot to catch up on” she added, sparing a pointed glance at the bouquet of flowers.

Riley followed her stare, eyeing the flowers for a few seconds, before she let out a soft sigh. “Marisol...”

“I just want to know what’s going on with you, Ry” Marisol interrupted gently, cutting off Riley’s inevitable complaints “And besides, I’ve got amazing wedding gossip to share. Please?” she asked with a hopeful grin.

She knew that Riley didn’t want to talk about it, after the way that Marisol had reacted when she’d first found Riley and Iker together, she didn’t blame her for being secretive about their relationship, but still Marisol couldn’t help but be a little curious. Whilst neither Riley nor Iker had said too much about whatever it was that was happening between them, the way they were around one another spoke volumes, and Marisol wanted to make sure that things were going well between them, not wanting Riley to find herself nursing another broken heart.

Riley looked at her for a second, briefly contemplating turning down the invitation, before she let out a soft sigh. “The gossip you have really ought to be something spectacular, Marisol” she quipped, a faint smile on her lips.

Marisol grinned. “It is” she enthused.

“Then we can head out to lunch” Riley quipped “But I do have to be back within the hour. I’ve got a meeting later” she added as she stood up, collecting her bag.

Marisol nodded dutifully. “I’ll make sure that you’re back in time” she mused.

Riley quirked an amused eyebrow, something which made Marisol roll her eyes before she grabbed a hold of Riley’s hand, leading her out of the office.

“So” Riley quipped as she looked away from the sandwich she had bought for herself “What’s this spectacular gossip you wanted to share with me?” she added.

Marisol, who was sipping on her bottle of lemonade, shook her head. “Nuh-uh” she replied “You’re going to go first. You’ve used that trick on me before” she added.

Riley rolled her eyes before she shook her head, glancing back down at her food. “What do you want to know?” she asked quietly.

Marisol was quiet for a second, thinking the question over, before she quirked a shy smile. “The flowers” she asked “Iker?” she added.

Riley nodded her head. “They were on my desk this morning when I got in” she mused.

“And he just sent them to you?” Marisol asked “There’s no reason?” she added.

Riley shrugged, her cheeks already glowing a familiar shade of pink. “Not that I know of” she replied.

Marisol’s smile widened a little as she spied the blush on Riley’s cheeks before she shook her head. “Are you official now?” she asked.

Riley hesitated for a beat before she gently nodded her head, something which caused Marisol to let out a small squeak before she clapped her hand over her mouth, knowing that Riley wouldn’t want her to make too much of a fuss. Taking a breath to compose herself, Marisol gently lowered her hand, but couldn’t keep the wide smile off of her face, causing Riley to shake her head. “Mari...”

“I know, Ok?” Marisol interrupted quickly “I know it’s early days and I know that you’re not going to give me much more than you already have, but you have to see that I am just happy for you, Ry. I know I can be a little...overzealous...”

Riley scoffed. “A little?” she interjected, her voice only half teasing.

Marisol rolled her eyes. “Fine” she replied “I stick my nose in, I’m not going to apologise for it. But I just...I’m happy for you, Riley. Iker...he’s a sweetheart and I, I know, he’s going to be good for you” she added gently.

Riley’s expression softened a little, brightening with a shy smile. “I really like him, Mari” she mumbled softly “I just...I don’t know, I just like being around him. He’s got this way about him, he’s kind of nervous and he stumbles over words all the time, but at the same time he’s so reassuring and warm. I don’t know what it is about him, but I just...have you ever met someone you just instantly feel better around?” she asked, trying to find the right words to express herself. It wasn’t like her, even when she had been with Ben, she had never really been the type to gush over a relationship, but there was just something about Iker, something which, despite their cautious relationship, made her want to talk about him all of the time.

Marisol nodded. “I have” she confirmed.

“And what happened between you?” Riley pressed.

Marisol grinned coyly. “He’s now my husband” she quipped.

Riley blinked a couple of times, slightly dazed by Marisol’s comment.

Marisol laughed softly, her hand gently patting Riley’s. “Don’t look so worried, Ry” she cooed.

Riley blinked again before she shook her head, allowing her expression to soften. “So” she quipped “I’ve fulfilled my end of the bargain. What’s this fascinating wedding gossip you’ve got for me?” she asked, wanting to pull the topic away from her and Iker.

Marisol’s grin grew a little. “My sister made a move on your new boyfriend” she announced.

Riley’s forehead furrowed. “You thought I’d want to hear that?” she asked.

“That’s not the good part” Marisol replied “Apparently, when she tried to flirt with him, Iker was very clear that he’d much rather spend his time with you. She threw a proper little hissy fit, insisting he didn’t know what he was missing out on, but I thought... I don’t know, I kind of thought that’d be nice for you to hear” she added, marveling at the way Riley’s face had lit up with the faintest hint of a smile.

Riley felt her cheeks warm at the knowing look on Marisol’s face before she shook her head, tucking her hair back off of it. “He...uh...he really said that?” she asked.

Marisol grinned, resting back in her seat. “It’s almost like he likes you or something” she teased impishly.

Riley just rolled her eyes, not able to stop her cheeks turning a deeper shade of pink.
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