There Was You

04: You’ve Already Said That

“Are you sure that you don’t mind sticking around here for a little longer?”

Iker, who was staring across the living room towards the couch where Riley was sat, blinked a couple of times at the sound of Nuno’s before he whipped around, shaking his head slightly. It had been a little while, after Riley had finally admitted to Marisol that things between her and her boyfriend were over, the blonde had been quick to usher her friend towards the couch, but with both Nuno and Marisol still waiting to get more information about what had happened from Riley who was still trying to compose herself, the plans that Iker and Nuno had made had been temporarily postponed, leading the keeper to sit in the kitchen, watching as Riley tried her hardest to calm herself down, a sight which made his stomach ache slightly.

He didn’t want to intrude, despite the couple of conversations that they had shared, he knew that stepping in and comforting her wasn’t his place, but still he hoped that Marisol did it right, even if she was curious about what had happened. He wanted to stick around to make sure that Marisol and Nuno didn’t lose sight of Riley, who was clearly hurting, in trying to find out what had happened between their friends.

“I’m OK” Iker replied “How’s Riley?” he asked, trying to be subtle about sparing another look across the room towards where she sat, allowing Marisol to wipe a few more tears off of her cheeks.

Nuno sighed gently before he shrugged. “She’s not good” he mumbled “I mean, we’ve not got much out of her between the crying, but as far as we can, Ben just ended things out of the blue. Apparently, they had pretty different ideas about how their relationship was going. Riley thought it was great, Ben apparently didn’t and here we are” he added gently.

Iker nodded his head slowly.

“You really don’t have to stick around” Nuno mused after a couple of seconds.

“It’s fine” Iker replied.

Nuno offered him a dubious look before he patted his shoulder, padding back towards the couch. Iker watched him back across the room, sparing another brief look towards Riley before he caught her eye, something which caused him to offer her a small smile.

Riley smiled back at him weakly before she turned back towards Marisol, wiping her eyes again. “What do you want to know?” she asked quietly.

Marisol blinked a couple of times, surprised by the question, before she quirked an uncertain smile. “Well” she mused “How long ago did he end things?” she asked.

“A couple of weeks ago” Riley replied “A couple of days before Nuno...” she trailed off, pushing her hair back off of her face.

Marisol nodded. “And you didn’t tell us?” she breathed out “I mean, it’s a pretty major thing to happen, Ry” she added.

“Marisol” Nuno warned softly.

Marisol glanced up at him before she let out a sigh, nodding her head as she turned back towards Riley. “Sorry” she murmured “It’s just... I really thought that the two of you were good and I am surprised that it fell apart like this” she added.

“You’re surprised?” Riley grumbled sarcastically.

“Riley” Nuno sighed.

“What?” Riley replied “She’s surprised? He was my boyfriend” she added, her voice shaking a little.

Iker, who was still sat a little away from the group, shuffled back to his feet, clearing his throat slightly as he approached the couch. “Maybe you ought to head home, Riley” he suggested gently.

Riley looked up at the sound of his voice, surprised to hear it, before she nodded her head. “Maybe that’s not such a bad idea” she agreed “Marisol...”

“I get it” Marisol interrupted, smiling sympathetically “Do you want a lift? Nuno and Iker had plans, but I could...”

“I can take her” Iker offered gently “I mean, Nuno and I can always reschedule, so I am heading out. I can take you home if you want me to, Riley” he added, turning his stare back to her.

Riley hesitated for a second before she nodded her head, offering him a small grateful smile. She knew that she couldn’t avoid talking about it forever, with her having told Marisol what had happened, she knew that her friend would have questions that she eventually would have to answer, but in that moment it felt a little overwhelming, something which made her grateful for Iker’s offer, even if she knew it was just a chance to avoid things again. It seemed like the best option in that moment.

Iker returned her smile gently before he gestured over his shoulder. “The car’s outside” he noted “I mean, of course it is, I just meant...”

“I knew what you meant” Riley interrupted with a soft smile.

Iker nodded his head, trying to hide the faint hint of pink which had spread over his cheeks, before he looked over at Nuno and Marisol, offering them a little wave. “I’ll see you guys later” he mused gently.

Nuno nodded. “We’ll rearrange those plans” he quipped “I was looking forwards to catching up properly” he added with a smirk that Riley could swear caused Iker’s expression to flinch ever so slightly, though he didn’t show it, seamlessly breathing out a polite laugh.

“Of course” Iker replied.

Riley frowned a little at the goalkeeper before she felt a set of arms wrap tightly around her, pulling her attention back towards Marisol who’d moved to hug her tightly. Hesitantly, she hugged her friend back for a few moments before she stepped back, stepping a little closer to the door. “We’ll speak later, yeah?” she asked softly.

Marisol nodded her head firmly.

Riley offered her a last smile before she turned to Iker who nodded, leading her out of the apartment.

“Here we are”

Riley, who’d been quietly staring out of the window of Iker’s car, startled a little at the soft sound of his voice before she looked up, her eyes settling on her apartment building. “Thank you” she murmured quietly “You didn’t...”

“I thought you’d appreciate the break from Marisol” Iker interrupted “I mean, telling her was a good thing, but she’s still a little...much” he added.

Riley scoffed quietly. “A little much?” she mumbled quietly “Have you actually met her?” she added.

Iker smiled at her joke, allowing a beat of quiet to pass between the two of them, before he lifted a hand, lightly settling it on her shoulder.

Riley jumped, surprised by the touch, before she turned to look at him, smiling gently. “Thank you” she repeated.

“For the lift?” Iker asked “You’ve already said that” he added.

Riley shook her head. “Just for being nice” she mumbled “I mean, I love my friends, I really do,’s been nice talking to you. You’re not quite as...much as Nuno and Marisol, and I like that. I needed that, so thank you for randomly strolling out onto that balcony. I am glad it was you” she added before she leant over, quickly kissing his cheek before she shoved the car door open, pushing herself back up to her feet.

Taking in a breath, she stood beside the car for a split second before she shuffled away, pausing only when she felt her phone vibrate in the pocket of her jeans. Furrowing her forehead a little, she pulled it out of her pocket before she glanced down at the screen, a soft smile blooming across her face as she spotted the text from Iker which consisted simply of a smiling emoji. Shaking her head, she turned back towards the car before she grinned, admiring the soft smile he wore for a second before she walked inside, still smiling to herself.
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