There Was You

53: I Don’t Think It Is, But You Might

“Are you anywhere near being ready?” Iker called from his spot at the end of Riley’s bed, his hands anxiously fidgeting with themselves as he listened to her move around the bathroom. It wasn’t the first he had done it, since he had spoken to Isaac a few weeks previous, he had started to find himself a little more anxious around Riley when they were alone together, but with him having made the decision that that night was the night, he couldn’t stop himself from being nervous, even if he didn’t want Riley to catch on. The thought that by the end of the night they could be engaged was enough to have his stomach doing anxious somersaults.

He had given it a lot of thought, since he had broached the topic with Isaac, he was sure that the thought was one that hadn’t left his mind for more than a few seconds at most, and after weeks of finding excuses not to do it, he had resolved to just go for it, even if he wasn’t sure what Riley’s reaction would be. He doubted he would grow surer of what she would do until the moment he actually did it.

“I’m just getting dressed” Riley called back “Calm down” she added impishly.

Iker laughed despite himself, his hand once more subconsciously patting his jacket pocket to ensure that the small box still remained in place.

“Why are you in such a hurry, anyway?” Riley asked as she stepped back into the bedroom a moment later “I mean, we’re just going out to dinner. Is it really that big a deal if we’re a couple of minutes late?” she added.

“We have a reservation” Iker pointed out “And I’d quite like to keep it” he added.

Riley smirked a little, like an amusing thought had crossed her mind, before she nodded her head, slipping her feet into the pair of shoes that she had left next to him at the foot of the bed. “I think I am about ready” she mused.

Iker, who’d been watching her, looked her up and down before he quirked a soft smile, something which made Riley shake her head, her cheeks starting to turn a soft shade of pink. “What are you smiling at?” she grumbled playfully.

Iker just grinned up at her.

Riley rolled her eyes gently before she stepped towards him, stealing a quick kiss. “Come on” she mumbled gently “We have the reservation, remember?” she added between soft kisses.

Iker held onto her for a second longer than she had been anticipating, kissing her a couple more times, before he stood up, gently entwining their fingers together. Squeezing her hand gently, he felt his stomach give another turn before he padded towards the bedroom door, feeling the outline of the small box in his pocket against his side.

“Are you feeling OK?”

Iker, who’d been drumming his fingers against his steering wheel, offered Riley a surprised look out of the corner of his eye. “Huh?” he spluttered.

Riley smiled amusedly. “Are you feeling alright?” she repeated “I mean, you’re normally pretty quiet, but this is something else. Is everything OK?” she asked, her voice softening a little.

He had looked uncomfortable, since they’d left her apartment, he had been fidgety and quiet, and whilst Riley was used to him being a little shy, it felt different, something which worried her a little. It wasn’t the first time she had noticed it, since he had gone away to Valencia with her father, he had seemingly been a little on edge, and it worried Riley, even if she hadn’t said anything. The idea that there was something bothering him, something wrong, was enough to have her stomach in knots.

Iker blinked a couple of times, slightly surprised by the question, before he let exhaled slowly, pulling his car to a stop outside her apartment building. “It’’s nothing” he noted “I’m just...I’m trying to figure out the best way to say something, and I am having a hard time with it” he added.

Riley tilted her head. “What are you trying to say?” she asked cautiously.

Iker caught the trepidation in her voice before he shook his head, a faint smile pulling at his lips. “It’s nothing bad” he noted “I mean, at least, I don’t think it is something bad. You might, once I say it, you might think it is the worst thing I could say” he babbled.

Riley smiled gently at his babbling. “Just say it” she encouraged.

Iker shook his head. “Wouldn’t you rather go upstairs?” he asked. The idea of proposing in the front seat of his car didn’t feel the most romantic.

“We will” Riley noted “After you say what’s on your mind” she added.


“Iker, whatever it is, you can just say it” Riley interrupted, cutting off his objections “You know that you can say anything to me” she added.

Iker took in a deep breath, thinking over her words for a moment, before he stuffed his hand into his jacket pocket, pulling out the small box which had poked into his side all night. Turning it over in his hand, he let out a gentle sigh before he leant forwards, setting it down on top of the dashboard.

Riley, who’d been watching him closely, felt her breath catch, something which caused Iker to smile a little. “This is why I took your papa to Valencia” he noted “I know it is old fashioned, but part of me wanted to have his blessing before I really started to think about doing this. I mean, I have thought about it a lot, for a few months now, I’ve been trying to talk myself out of it, telling myself that it’s probably too soon and that I’d probably scare you off but...” he trailed off, shrugging in place of the end of his sentence.

Riley just blinked a couple of times, her eyes not shifting away from the box which sat on the dashboard.

Iker watched her quietly for a second before he let out a little laugh, making the decision to just go for it. “Meeting you was the best kind of surprise” he mused “After what happened with...her, I hadn’t even begun to think about meeting someone else, but then I met you, and you’re someone I didn’t even know I was looking for...a new best friend. Being around you is easy, it’s felt easy since that first night at Marisol and Nuno’s party, and whilst we’ve undoubtedly had our moments, it’s still easy now. You’re warm, you’re funny, and yeah, you still stumble over your words when you’re nervous, but I love that because it’s you. I see my future with you, Riley, I see everything with you, and whilst I know it’s soon, I know I am going to ask this eventually. I think I’ve been sure of it for a while” he noted.

Riley looked up at him, watching as he took in another deep breath before he leant forwards, taking the box back into his hand. Hesitating for a beat, he closed his eyes before he flipped the box open, his eyes opening to meet hers. “Riley” he murmured.

“Iker” Riley mocked softly, a tearful smile coming up on her face.

Iker couldn’t stop himself from smiling. “Will you marry me?” he asked.

Riley didn’t hesitate, nodding her head firmly. “Yes” she noted “Of course I will!” she exclaimed.

Iker’s expression slackened a little, surprised by her lack of hesitation, before his face lit up. Letting out a slightly surprised laugh, he gently tugged the ring out of its box before he slipped it onto her finger, kissing it softly before leant up, meeting Riley halfway in a soft kiss.
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