There Was You

57: I’m Not That Indecisive

Turning the page over in her book, Riley gently pushed her sunglasses back up her nose, her legs shifting in the warmth of the sun. She had been sat there for a while, with Iker having departed early in the morning to spend some time with some of his friends, she had had a lot of time to herself, and after spending a little while catching up with some work, she had made her way outside, wanting to make the most of the time that she had in Madrid before she was due to head back to Porto.

Letting out a soft yawn, she gently folded down the page of her book before she settled it down onto the patio at her side, allowing her to get slightly more comfortable in the lounger she sat on.

“You’ll burn”

Riley, who’d moved to push her sunglasses up off of her face, quirked a small smile, but didn’t open her eyes. “I didn’t hear you get back” she mused “I thought you were supposed to be gone all day” she added.

Iker, who’d stepped close to her seat, leant down, kissing the top of her head gently. “I was” he noted “But the others had other plans, so I thought I’d come back. I can leave you to it. I mean, I just thought I’d let you know that I am back, but if you wanted some quiet...” he trailed off as Riley’s lips quirked upwards into an amused smile.

Shaking his head, he smiled sheepishly to himself for a moment before he stepped around her seat, plopping down onto the end of it.

Riley peeked an eye open, watching him sit down, before she shifted her foot, gently nudging it against his leg.

Iker, who’d been staring down at the patio, looked up at the feel of the nudge, his face lighting up with a soft smile. “What?” he prodded playfully.

Riley shrugged. “Nothing” she chirped impishly.

Iker rolled his eyes playfully before he shook his head, glancing back down at the patio. “When’s your flight?” he asked.

Riley lifted an amused eyebrow. “Are you trying to get rid of me?” she asked.

Iker shook his head quickly. “Of course not” he spluttered out.

Riley playfully feigned a dubious look before she shook her head, gently twisting a piece of her hair around her finger. “It’s Friday morning” she noted “I thought it’d been good to have the weekend at home to make sure that I had things sorted out before I went back to work on Monday. What about you? How long are you sticking around?” she asked.

“A couple of weeks maybe” Iker replied “I’ve not quite made up my mind yet. Depends how much I miss you” he chirped with a small smile.

Riley rolled her eyes, but couldn’t stop a soft pink hue from spreading over her cheeks, something which made Iker’s small smile widen a fraction as a moment of silence passed between the two of them. Settling his eyes on her, he watched her shyly push her hair back off of her face before he leant forwards, gently replacing her fingers with his.

Riley closed her eyes at his gentle touch. “Madrid” she murmured.

Iker tilted his head. “Huh?” he asked.

“Madrid” Riley repeated “I’d like to get married in Madrid” she added.

Iker blinked a couple of times, more than a little surprised to hear those words fall out of her mouth. He hadn’t thought that Riley would have given it any thought. He had. After he had asked, he had spent a little while thinking about what kind of day he wanted, where he wanted it to be, who he wanted to be there, but with how hesitant Riley had been, he had assumed that she hadn’t. They weren’t in a hurry, he had told Riley that more times than he wanted to count, but he had to admit that, whilst he was surprised, he was also a little pleased to hear her talk about it. As much as he didn’t want to rush things, he couldn’t help but be a little excited about the prospect of them getting married getting a little closer.

“You would?” Iker asked gently.

Riley nodded. “I know my brother and sister are in Porto” she mused “And most of my friends too, but I was born here and I like the idea of getting married here. I mean, I don’t know what sort of venues are available, but I like the city. Don’t you?” she asked, her voice more than a little tentative.

“You know I do” Iker replied “I’m just a little surprised. I thought for sure you’d want to do it in Porto” he added.

Riley shrugged, her fingers gently messing with the bottom of the cover-up that she wore.

Iker’s lips quirked upwards slightly, his fingers gently brushing against her jaw. “I like the idea of doing it in Madrid” he mused gently.

Riley glanced up at him questioningly.

“It’s an important place to me, Ry” Iker mused, answering the question he knew she had wanted to ask “And if it is what you want, then I’d love that. I mean, I am more than a little surprised that you were able to make a decision so quickly, but I am glad” he added, his voice warm and teasing.

Riley rolled her eyes. “I am not that indecisive” she countered.

Iker quirked an amused eyebrow. “You forget I know you” he quipped “And that I have sat in your living room for almost an hour before whilst you choose to put on the first dress of the five you tried on. Or that I’ve taken you to dinner and watched you call back our waiter to change your order, twice” he added.

Riley scoffed, but couldn’t keep the corners of her lips down something which caused Iker to lean forward, stealing a soft kiss. “Madrid” he murmured “Next summer” he added.

Riley met his eyes, searching them for a few seconds, before she quirked another soft smile, nodding her head ever so slightly. “Madrid” she repeated “Next summer” she added.

Iker grinned at her boyishly, his fingers gently pushing her engagement ring around her finger.

Riley watched him push the ring around her finger before she laced their fingers together, gently squeezing his hand. “I love you” she murmured gently.

Iker nodded, keeping his eyes on their hands. “I love you too” he replied “So much, Ry” he added.
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