There Was You

06: You Think We’re Friends?

Sparing a glance down at the watch that she wore, Riley let out a quiet sigh, her eyes scanning the street for any sign of an approaching taxi. She had ordered it a little while ago, with Marisol and Nuno having made their excuses almost as soon as the last dessert spoon had hit the plate, she had been left to find her own way home, and whilst she knew that they couldn’t have gotten out of the last minute invitation to visit Marisol’s mother, she was a little irked that they had left her without a ride home, especially since they’d been the ones to convince her to go out with them in the first place.

She had enjoyed herself, despite her original reluctance to head out to dinner with her friends, she had found herself having fun, and whilst she was irked to find herself still stood waiting for her taxi, she was glad that Nuno and Marisol had been persistent, knowing that it was something she had needed, even if she hadn’t necessarily wanted it.

Sparing another glance down at her watch, she let out a quiet grumble in frustration before she pulled her jacket a little more around herself, trying to ward off the slightly chilly breeze which had brushed past her.

“You’re still here?”

Riley, who’d been watching cars pass by, jumped a little at the sound of a voice from behind her before she turned around, her eyes settling on Iker who had stepped out of the restaurant behind her, a curious look on his face. “I assumed you’d gone when Marisol and Nuno left. What are you doing standing out here?” he asked.

Riley shrugged, a small sheepish smile on her face. “Waiting on a taxi” she mused “Marisol’s mother called to invite the two of them over, and they didn’t have time to drop me home before they went, so they left me to make my own way home. I didn’t know you were still here” she added, stuffing her hands into her pockets as she diverted her stare down towards her feet.

Iker smiled a little, amused by her staring at her feet, before he shrugged. “I grabbed a drink at the bar” he quipped “You could have joined me” he added.

Riley scoffed playfully. “Says the man who opted to text me rather than talk to me when I was sat next to him” she teased.

Iker just shrugged, offering her another soft smile.

Riley looked at him for a second, allowing a moment of silence to pass between the two of them, before she shook her head, breathing out a soft laugh. “Thank you” she murmured “I mean, I can’t quite believe that I am saying that to you again, but the texting...the hand holding, it was...” she trailed off, her cheeks flushing a soft shade of pink.

Iker, who’d been watching the passing cars, turned back to her as she spoke, a slightly sheepish look on his features. “It wasn’t too much?” he asked “I mean, I was just trying looked a was OK?” he stumbled out.

Riley nodded. “It was” she mused.

Iker breathed out a little laugh in relief before he stuck his hands in his pockets, shifting his feet a little as he tried to think of the next words to say. “You...uh” he stuttered “You told Marisol that you were texting a friend, trying to make plans. Would you...would you actually like to make some?” he asked, frowning a little at his own awkwardness.

Riley’s eyes widened a little, something which made Iker shake his head quickly. “Not like that” he insisted, guessing where her mind had jumped to “I was just thinking lunch or coffee or something, just as friends obviously” he added quickly.

Riley blinked a couple of times, surprised by his interjection, before she nodded head, smiling a little to herself. “You think we’re friends?” she asked, her voice caught between soft and playful.

“What else would you call us?” Iker countered “I mean, you’ve cried in the front seat of my car, and held my hand. I don’t think you can call me just ‘Nuno’s friend’ anymore, Riley, unless it’s something you do will all of Nuno’s friends” he added, offering her a playful look.

Riley laughed quietly, tucking her hair off of her face. “I don’t” she mused “You just got lucky” she added teasingly.

Iker smirked for a moment, briefly contemplating teasing her back, before he shook his head, staring down at the floor again. “I mean it, though” he mused gently “About us getting coffee or dinner sometime. I mean, I like texting you from the seat beside you as much as the next guy, but it’d be pretty nice to have a conversation out loud, no?” he prodded.

“You texted me first” Riley countered, causing the corner of his lips to quirk upwards again.

“I thought it was a good idea” Iker replied “I mean, I know Marisol’s your friend, and Nuno too, but I kind of get the feeling that if we so much as looked at one another for too long, they’d start planning for our wedding, and I am sure that that’s not something either of us need” he added, his voice softening a little.

Riley tilted her head at the tone of his voice. “Either of us?” she asked gently.

Iker just offered her a small sad smile. “Three months” he murmured “It wasn’t the prettiest breakup either” he added.

Riley’s expression softened, something which made Iker shake his head. “You think I make a habit of hiding at parties?” he asked, forcing his voice into being bright and teasing.

Riley just started at him for a second before she shook her head. “Give me your phone” she announced.

Iker furrowed his forehead. “What?” he asked.

“Your phone” Riley repeated “Give it to me for a second” she added.

Iker quirked a slightly bemused smile before he slipped the phone out of his jacket pocket, unlocking it before he offered it out towards Riley who quickly took a hold it, typing into it for a few seconds before she handed it back. “I’ve saved my office address in your notes” she announced “I tend to get off for lunch at about one most afternoons, but if you’re planning on dropping in, make sure to text me first” she added, her expression brightening into a shy smile for a split second before she tilted her head, hiding her face shyly.

Iker fought the urge to tilt her head up before he nodded. “I’ll do that” he quipped.

Riley nodded her head slightly, allowing a few beats of silence to pass between the two of them, before she heard the sound of a car horn behind them, something which caused her to turn, catching sight of her taxi over her shoulder. “That’s my ride” she quipped “I’ll...uh...I’ll see you?” she asked.

Iker grinned amusedly at her stumbling before he stepped towards her, hesitating slightly before he leant around, kissing her cheek softly before he pulled back. “I’ll see you” he confirmed before she turned and walked towards the car, stopping only to offer him a shy smile over her shoulder before she climbed into it.
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