There Was You

66: Take It From Someone Who Knows

“You do know what you’re doing, don’t you?” Riley asked as she glanced at Marisol’s reflection in the mirror, watching as the blonde gently ran a brush through her hair. She knew that Marisol did know what she was doing, when they’d been younger, Marisol had worked as a hairdresser for a couple of years, but still she felt the need to ask, even if she knew what Marisol’s answer would be. It was a nervous habit of hers.

Marisol smirked, meeting Riley’s eyes via the mirror. “You’ve been very specific” she noted.

Riley’s cheeks flushed a soft shade of pink. “Too specific?” she asked “Because if you don’t think it’ll work...”

“It’s going to work” Marisol interrupted “Your hair’s going to look perfect, Riley, I promise you” she added.

Riley offered her a slightly dubious look, something which made Marisol shake her head as she turned her attention to Riley’s hair, moving a few strands around.

Riley stared into the mirror for a few moments, watching Marisol work, before she spotted the bedroom door opening out of the corner of her eye, something which caused her to look up, her eyes settling on Mia’s reflection. “What are you doing up here?” she asked.

Mia, who’d moved to plop down at the foot of the bed, smirked. “Aren’t I allowed to help my little sister get ready for her wedding?” she prodded.

Riley tried to stop the little giddy smile from spreading over her face at the use of the word ‘wedding’, but failed miserably, something which made Mia roll her eyes playfully. “Are you going to grin like that all day?” she teased.

“Because you were so cool and calm when you and Jonah got married” Riley scoffed playfully.

Mia made a show of rolling her eyes again before she shook her head. “Honestly?” she asked “I kind of wanted to see this. I still can’t quite believe that you and Iker are really doing this” she added, her voice softening a little.

It had come out of the blue, the phone call a couple of weeks previous that had announced that Riley and Iker intended to get married that day had surprised everyone, and whilst there was no denying that everyone was happy for the two of them, they were still attempting to wrap their heads around it. They’d been sure of a long engagement, and the idea that Iker and Riley would be married after only a few months of being engaged was a surprise to everyone around them.

Riley smiled shyly. “I can’t quite believe it either” she mused, just about refraining from touching the front of her dressing gown. The news of her pregnancy was something that was still waiting to be shared.

Mia marveled at the soft expression on her little sister’s face in the mirror before she grinned. “So much for him just being Nuno’s friend, eh?” she quipped.

Riley laughed. “None of you ever bought that anyway” she countered.

“That’s because you two are entirely unsubtle” Marisol contributed “I mean, I didn’t know for sure until I walked into your apartment and found him strolling about without his t-shirt on, but he did seem to have an uncanny knack for making you smile from the moment that you met. I should have pieced it together sooner” she fussed, twisting another strand of Riley’s dark hair around the curler.

Riley scoffed. “We’re not that bad” she noted.

“Yeah, you are” Mia noted with a grin “Even Papa knew that you liked him. Matilda too, and she was seven at the time” she added.

Riley glared at her via the mirror, something which made Mia laugh. “It’s not a bad thing” she countered “I mean, you are about to marry the guy. I think we can all safely say that Iker’s more than just some random friend of Nuno’s to you” she added.

Riley felt her cheeks warm up before she nodded, a familiar giddy smile on her lips.

Mia sat quietly for a few seconds, watching Marisol fix Riley’s hair, before the blonde woman stepped back, her hands gently settling on Riley’s shoulder. “Voila” Marisol cooed.

Riley grinned at her reflection before she turned in her seat, glancing up at her older sister. “Well?” she asked.

Mia hesitated for a moment, briefly contemplating making a joke, before she shook her head, her face lighting up with a tender smile. “You look beautiful” she mused “I mean, you might want to consider a dress rather than your dressing gown...” she trailed off as Riley let out a soft giggle, a sound which made Mia push herself up to her feet, quickly wrapping her little sister in a tight hug.

Riley jumped, surprised by the hug, but didn’t hesitate in hugging Mia back. “What’s this for?” she murmured.

“I’m just happy for you” Mia replied quietly, not pulling out of the hug “I mean, I know today’s not the day to know who, but I am elated that after what he did, you found someone who makes you so happy. You deserve this, Ry. You really, really do” she murmured gently.

Riley clung to her for a few seconds, trying to keep her composure, before Mia pulled back, her thumb quickly brushing away the loose tear that she had anticipated would be on her little sister’s cheek. “No crying” she warned playfully “You’ll not be able to hide it in the pictures. Take it from someone who knows” she added.

Riley let out a snuffly laugh. “Your pictures aren’t that bad” she quipped.

Mia scoffed. “I look like I’m recovering for a nasty cold” she noted “And I don’t want that for you” she added.

“You know what would make good pictures?” Marisol quipped “A bride in her dress. We really need to get a move on” she added.

Riley took a deep breath before she nodded her head. “We do” she noted.


Iker, who was sat on the front pew, inwardly rolled his eyes before he nodded. “Nuno’s got them” he replied “Which I’ve already told you, three times” he added, smirking a little.

Maria, who was stood ahead of him, offered him a glare, something which made Iker shake his head, his expression softening a little. “You’ve done a wonderful job, Maria” he assured her gently “You’ve pulled together something wonderful in just a couple of weeks, and me and Riley...we’re very grateful. But maybe, right now, you should relax a little and enjoy the fact that it’s your daughter’s wedding day” he added, his lips quirking upwards slightly.

Maria’s eyes searched his face for a moment before she leant forwards, kissing his cheek gently. “She loves you” she murmured gently “So much, Iker. More than anything, more than anyone” she added, meeting his eyes again.

Iker nodded. “I love her too” he replied, holding the older woman’s stare.

Maria looked into his eyes, smiling a little to herself before the sound of footsteps reached her ears, causing her to glance up at Garrett who stood at the back of the room. “Garrett?” she asked.

“Bride, incoming” Garrett chirped as he walked up the aisle, plopping into a seat beside Eva.

Maria nodded before she reached for Iker’s hand, tugging him up to his feet before she reached up, straightening his tie.

Iker watched her with a small smile. “Thank you, Maria” he noted.

Maria shook her head. “You’re family” she noted simply before she stepped away to find her seat.

Iker watched after her for a moment before he slowly scanned the room, smiling back at his parents who both offered him encouraging smiles before he stepped up beside Nuno.

Nuno smirked, patting the keeper’s shoulder encouragingly. “You ready?” he asked.

Iker nodded, but didn’t speak, watching as Matilda padded up the aisle, followed quickly by Marisol. Shifting his feet, he took a deep breath which hitched when Riley stepped into the room, her arm wrapped around Isaac’s. Swallowing, he watched as she took a few cautious steps, her eyes on her feet before she glanced up, something which caused him to grin.

Riley watched his face light up before she felt her own expression brighten, any little worms of worry melting away.
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