There Was You

67: It Feels Like Them

Gently adjusting the top of her dress, Riley glanced up towards the mirror which stood ahead of her, unable to stop the grin which itched to light up her features. It hadn’t been long, the time that had elapsed since she and Iker had been pronounced as husband and wife was less than an hour, but the giddiness that had filled her as soon as they’d kissed showed little sign of dissipating, meaning that Riley couldn’t stop herself from grinning, even if she had wanted to.

Chewing on her lip a little, she admired her grinning reflection sheepishly before she tentatively reached her hand up, carefully readjusting her hair for a few seconds before she heard the bathroom door open and close. Quirking a small smirk, she watched Iker’s reflection in the mirror for a moment before she felt his arms around her waist, something which made her shake her head, her eyes fixed on his hands. “Aren’t you supposed to be somewhere else?” she asked, her fingers gently pushing his wedding ring around his finger.

Iker smiled, watching her play with the ring, before he impishly shrugged his shoulders. “Your mama sent me to check on you” he noted.

Riley glanced up at him via the mirror, a little grin toying with the corner of her mouth. “Is that the only reason you came up here?” she posed.

“I might have wanted to get a couple of seconds alone with my new wife” Iker quipped, dropping a soft kiss against her shoulder.

Riley closed her eyes, relishing the feeling of his lips against her skin, before she shook her head, a breathy laugh falling out of her mouth. “Your new wife” she repeated, her voice soft in awe “I quite like the sound of that” she added.

Iker smiled against her skin. “My wife” he mumbled softly “My beautiful wife” he added.

Riley felt her cheeks warm up before a sharp knock filled the air, causing them both to startle a little. Shaking her head, Riley gently broke their embrace before she stepped towards the bathroom door, pulling it open to Garrett who stood on the other side, an impish smirk on his face. “Good, you’re still decent” he quipped playfully.

“Garrett” Riley warned.

Garrett held up his hands innocently. “You’re newlyweds, Ry” he chirped “No one would blame you. Though, mama and papa’s bathroom is hardly the most romantic honeymoon spot” he added.

Riley rolled her eyes, not missing the little snicker that Iker had let out behind her. “Did you need something, Garrett?” she asked.

“Mama sent me to get the two of you” Garrett replied “Matilda’s starting to get cranky so she wants to start serving some food. Apparently, we’re not allowed to start the party until the newlyweds put in an appearance, so, if you wouldn’t mind...” he trailed off, gesturing towards the living room.

Riley followed his gesture, glancing at the doorway for a second, before she nodded her head. “We’ll be right with you, Garrett” she noted.

Garrett nodded his head, padding out of the hallway.

Riley watched him walk away before she turned back towards Iker, her eyes mirroring his for a split second before she looked down, watching her hand which had moved to settle over her stomach. “You ready for this?” she asked gently.

Iker, who’d followed the movement of her hand, quirked a half-smile. “It’s not like we can avoid it forever” he replied “I mean, eventually, you’re going to start showing” he added, his smile softening a little at the thought of Riley’s stomach swelling into her baby bump.

Riley watched his expression, not able to stop herself from smiling in return, before she stepped towards him, gently twining their fingers together. Squeezing his hand gently, she guided him through towards the living room before the soft sound of applause reached their ears, something which made Riley giggle gently.

“At last” Isaac quipped “Mr and Mrs Casillas have decided to join us” he added as he stepped towards them, placing glasses of champagne into their hands.

Riley rolled her eyes. “I popped out for like five minutes” she complained playfully.

Isaac grinned. “I’m just teasing” he quipped “I was just waiting to say a few words before we ate” he added.

“You have a speech?” Riley asked.

“A little one” Isaac replied “I know you said not to make too much of a fuss, but it’s your wedding day, Riley, and I am your papa. I was always going to make a fuss” he added.

He knew that she didn’t want to much fuss, when she and Iker had called to announce that they’d chosen to bring the wedding date forwards, Riley had been quick to insist that there was no need to make a fuss, but Isaac couldn’t resist. It was his daughter’s wedding day, and regardless of how small it was, he wanted to wish her and her new husband luck, even if he doubted that they needed it. He wanted to say something in acknowledgement of how special a day it was.

Riley looked at him for a second before she quirked a small smile. “Gracias, papa” she mused.

Isaac flashed her a soft smile before he gently tapped the side of his glass, pulling everyone’s attention towards him. “I know that people are getting hungry” he noted “But I just...I want to say a few words. I always expected to be making this speech in a setting bigger than this. I mean, I knew that Riley wouldn’t want to go overboard, but I thought I’d feel weird about standing in my own living room, dressed in a tux and giving a speech to my daughter who looks just astonishing in that wedding dress, but strangely, I don’t. This makes sense, as rushed as arranging a wedding in two weeks was, this feels like Riley and Iker, and that makes it beautiful and lovely” he gushed.

Riley just smiled at him, feeling Iker’s hand against her hip.

“Riley” Isaac continued “Sweetheart, I don’t think I have the ability to express how beautiful you look, or how proud I was walking you up that aisle. You’ve come an awfully long way from the little girl who I used to have mud fights with, much to your mother’s annoyance. You’re bright and kind, and you’re brave too, because I know how much it took for you to pick yourself up after...after you know who. But you did it, and in doing it you found someone who...well, there’s no doubting how well you’re suited to one another. Iker, you won me over in minutes, not just because you used to play for Real, though, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t help a little bit” he joked.

Iker laughed, his hand gently brushing up and down Riley’s side.

“You won me over because of the way Riley smiled at you” Isaac mused “Even when you were just Nuno’s friend, there was something there, something that I saw instantly, and I am elated that we are here now, even if it did mean listening to two weeks of my wife insisting that it wasn’t enough time to plan a wedding. I’m just elated for you both. So, after all of that, if we could all raise our glasses to the newlyweds, Iker and Riley...”

“And Baby” Riley spluttered, cutting her father off.

Isaac blinked a couple of times, trying to process the interruption and what she had said, before his grin grew wider. “And baby” he gushed, toasting his glass quickly before he sped across the room, wrapping Riley in a tight hug that she didn’t hesitate in returning, giggling as the congratulations of both families filled the room around her.
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