There Was You

74: Not As Nice

Gently rocking in the chair that he sat in, Iker placed his hand over his mouth, hiding another yawn he couldn’t stop from coming. He had been sat there for some time, with Riley having had a hard time getting comfortable, she had spent the majority of the night tossing and turning in an attempt to find a position that suited her and her bump, and after hours of her accidently kicking him, Iker had gotten up. Riley had tried to stop him, she had sleepily insisted that there was no need for him to get up, but Iker had told her that it was fine, knowing that with her due date approaching them quickly she would need all the sleep she could get.

It had been a few months, after their trip to Madrid, they’d had a couple more bumps, but things seemed to have settled down, something which relieved Iker, even if he was aware that things would change when the baby came along. With only a matter of days left before their little boy was due to put in his first appearance, he was pleased that both he and Riley seemed to be more prepared for his arrival than they had been when they’d visited the Spanish city.

Sleepily scratching his jaw, he allowed his stare to wander around the quiet room he sat in before the sound of a light tapping against the door reached his ears, causing him to lift his head, his forehead furrowing slightly as he caught sight of Riley in the doorway.

Riley smiled a little, her fingers fiddling with the bottom of her pajama shirt. “I thought I’d find you here” she mused.

“You thought you’d find me in our son’s nursery at four in the morning?” Iker countered.

“I figured you wouldn’t go downstairs” Riley replied “My parents have only been here two weeks, but in that time, my mother’s already seen you in your boxers about five times. I didn’t think you’d be aiming for a sixth” she added, a playful smile on her lips.

Iker felt his cheeks warm before he shook his head, sheepishly staring down at his feet. “It’s not my fault” he quipped “She walks into rooms unannounced” he added.

Riley’s smile softened a little before she stepped a little deeper into the room, carefully bending over so that she could press a soft kiss against the top of his head. “You didn’t have to let them stay here” she mumbled, tenderly combing her fingers through his hair “My parents have a hotel in the city that they love. They’d have been more than happy to stay here” she added.

Iker shrugged, a bashful smile on his lips. “Your papa wouldn’t let me pay for it” he noted “I mean, they’re here for you, for baby, and I told him that if they wanted to stay in a hotel, then I’d pay for it, but he insisted I didn’t have to. I don’t quite know how we reached the compromise of them staying here, but it’s got to earn me some son-in-law points, right?” he prodded, glancing up at Riley.

Riley shook her head. “You’re already their favourite” she noted

“It doesn’t hurt to make sure” Iker quipped boyishly.

Riley rolled her eyes before a soft yawn fell out of her mouth, something which caused Iker laugh quietly, his hands finding their usual spots on her stomach. “Why are you out of bed?” he asked before he leant forwards, scattering kisses against the material of her t-shirt.

Riley watched him for a moment, a doting smile on her lips, before she gently cleared her throat. “Because I think my contractions may have started” she announced.

Iker stilled for a second before he slowly lifted his head. “What?” he whispered.

Riley shrugged nonchalantly, her smile growing a little shakier.

Iker blinked a couple of times before he leant back in his seat, his hand pushing back through his hair. “You didn’t lead with that?” he asked, a shaky laugh falling out of his mouth.

Riley just shrugged again.

“How sure are you?” Iker asked “Could it just be cramps or something?” he pressed.

Riley quickly shook her head. “I am almost certain” she noted “My due date is in a matter of days. There’s not really a lot else it could be” she added.

Iker nodded his head slowly, taking a moment to allow her words to sink in, before he glanced back up at her. “Do we need to go to the hospital now?” he asked “Are the pains frequent?” he added.

“Every nine or ten minutes” Riley replied “Do you think we should go?” she asked.

Iker opened and closed his mouths a couple of times before he shrugged, a baffled smile on his face. “I honestly don’t know” he noted “I want to go, but what if it is too early? Your waters haven’t broken have they?” he asked.

Riley shook her head. “Not yet” she noted.

Iker nodded his head slowly. “We should wait for that” he noted “And in the meantime, we should get you back to bed” he added, offering his hand out towards her.

Riley nodded her head, gently placing her hand in his, before she felt him squeeze it, something which caused the lump in her throat to loosen a little.

“There are people outside. Should I send them in?”

Iker blinked a couple of times, taking a second to realize that Alma, who was stood in front of him, was actually speaking to him. Lifting his head, he took a second to admire the midwife’s soft smile before he shook his head. “I didn’t hear a word you said” he breathed.

Alma laughed. “I’m hardly surprised” she mused “That’s quite a distraction you’re holding there” she added, nodding downwards towards the baby who was laying in Iker’s lap.

He had arrived quickly, no more than two hours after Riley had told Iker about her first contractions, they’d found themselves in the delivery room, listening to the most beautiful cries either of them had ever heard, and Iker still couldn’t wrap his head around it. He’d been with them for a while, the last time that Iker had pulled his eyes away from his son to look at his watch, a little over an hour had passed, but still Iker couldn’t stop staring, more than a little awed by the baby.

Iker smiled down at the baby again, fussing over the dinosaur covered onesie he wore.

“Riley’s parents” Alma noted “And a few other well-wishers, they’re waiting outside. Can I send them in now or should I tell them to wait?” she asked.

“They can wait” Iker replied without looking up “Riley’s asleep and I don’t want to share him without her. Tell them I will call them?” he asked.

“Of course” Alma replied “I’ll pop back a little later to check in” she added before she slipped out of the room, closing the door quietly behind herself.

Iker listened to the soft click of the door before he let out a soft laugh, his fingers lightly adjusting the hat that was on the baby’s head. “Nana Munuera isn’t going to take that” he mumbled softly “Maybe I should call her nana Maria? I don’t even know if she’s going to want to be called nana. I don’t even know if I want to be papa or papi” he added.

The baby shifted a little, his face screwing up as he let out a yawn.

Iker couldn’t stop himself from smiling. “We’ll figure all that out, though” he cooed “Me and your mama, we can figure anything out if we put our minds to it. I mean, we managed to choose a name for you, and get your room all ready. Don’t get me wrong, there were disagreements...”

“Because your papa has no interior decorating sense”

Iker rolled his eyes, laughing quietly at Riley’s interruption. “If your mama had her way, we’d be calling you Isaac, like grandpa” he countered.

“It’s a nice name” Riley argued playfully.

Iker shook his head, looking up at Riley briefly. “Not as nice as the one we settled on” he quipped.

Riley’s expression softened, a tender smile flitting around her lips. “Can I hold him again?” she asked.

Iker didn’t hesitate, lowering their son into his mother’s waiting arms.

Riley shifted her hold on him, getting comfortable, before she glanced at Iker, her cheeks flushing at the adoration on his face.

Iker smiled as her cheeks flushed before he stood up, pressing kisses against both Riley and the baby’s head. “You Ok?” he asked quietly.

Riley nodded. “I’m good” she replied “Leo and I both are” she added.

“Leo” Iker repeated the name quietly, grinning when it fell out of his mouth. They were still nervous, despite Riley's giddy smiles and his own, he knew that both of them still felt unsure and scared, but neither of them wanted to let it ruin the moment. For a second, they just wanted to marvel at the little boy who sat between them and not worry about the next step.
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