There Was You

75: I Know I Wasn’t My Best Then

Messing with the blanket which covered her, Riley quirked a sleepy smile, her eyes fixed on the bassinette which had been wheeled up to the side of the bed. It hadn’t been there long, with Alma having taken the newborn away to make sure that he was fine, he had been out of the room for nearly half an hour, but since the midwife had bought him, Riley hadn’t been able to look away from him, still in awe of his arrival. It had been over so quickly, before she had even got to grips with the idea that he was finally on his way, he had been placed into her arms, and since he had been, Riley hadn’t been able to do much more than stare at him, smitten by all the little things about him.

Tentatively reaching her hand out, she ran her fingertips through the fine dark hairs on the top of his head before she pulled it back, watching as his blue eyes flickered open briefly before he yawned.

“When’d he get back?”

Riley startled before she carefully turned over onto her back, her stare settling on Iker who stood in the doorway, sipping from a coffee cup. “Five minutes or so ago” she replied “Where’d you go? You weren’t here when I woke up” she added.

Iker’s lips quirked upwards slightly as he padded into the room, taking a seat on the side of her bed. “It wasn’t a lot of fun watching you sleep” he quipped “So I ducked out into the waiting area for a little while. Your mama and papa are still here, but your siblings have gone. Marisol’s apparently just waiting for a call so she can come and say hola” he added.

Riley smiled through a soft yawn, something which caused Iker’s smile to widen a little before he lifted his hand, gently tucking her messy hair back off of her face. “I was going to ask how you felt about visitors” he mumbled “But I think that yawn just told me everything I need to know” he added.

“I’m OK” Riley replied.

Iker leant down, kissing her temple gently. “They don’t mind waiting” he murmured “I mean, they’re excited to meet him, but they’re more than happy to wait a while. No one blames us for wanting to keep him to ourselves for a while” he added.

“You’re sure?” Riley asked.

Iker didn’t hesitate in nodding. “I showed them a few pictures” he noted “They seemed happy enough with that” he added.

Riley spared him a slightly uncertain glance before Leo let out a croaky cry, something which caused both Iker and Riley to turn around. Hesitating for a beat, they both watched the little boy cry before Riley tentatively leant out of bed, taking the baby into her arms. Carefully sitting up, she sniffed a little before she wrinkled her nose, something which caused Iker to let out a soft laugh. “He needs a new nappy?” he asked.

Riley nodded. “Definitely” she noted “Alma left a few on the side over there” she added, gesturing across the room.

Iker nodded his head dutifully before he stood up, moving to collect a new nappy before he handed it over to Riley.

Riley took it out of his hand before she moved to undo Leo’s onesie, preparing to change him.

Iker retook his seat on the side of the bed and watched her, his face lighting up with a tender smile.

Riley finished changing the baby, dressing him in a new, clean onesie, before she looked up, her cheeks flushing a soft shade of pink. “What are you grinning at?” she pressed.

“I’m not allowed to smile?” Iker retorted boyishly, laughing as Riley rolled her eyes before he shook his head “Honestly? I am just smiling at you, the two of you. The last few months have been...they’ve not been the easiest, but you look so in love with him and I love seeing that. I know that there’s a long road ahead of us, but right now...” he trailed off, stuck for the right words to say.

Riley shook her head, her eyes fixed on Leo who was settled in her lap. “I’m still scared” she admitted quietly.

Iker nodded, offering her a little smile. “You’re doing OK so far” he mused.

Riley rolled her eyes, but couldn’t keep a little smile away from the corner of her mouth. “He’s been here for like two hours” she quipped, half teasing and half sheepish.

“You’re still doing a good job” Iker noted “Though, right now, I think I could probably use some more cuddles” he added.

Riley laughed softly before she leant forwards, gently settling Leo in his arms. Leaning back, she watched Iker smooth out the onesie that she had dressed Leo in before he dipped his head, pressing a soft kiss against the top of the baby’s head, a sight which made her stomach flip, more than a little smitten with the sight of the two of them together.

Chewing on her lip, she tried to stifle her giddy smile, but Iker caught it, flashing her a playful smirk before he shook his head, staring down at Leo for a few seconds. “Two years” he murmured.

Riley tilted her head. “Huh?” she asked.

“We met two years ago this month” Iker clarified.

Riley’s expression softened into another soft smile. “Two years since some friend of Nuno’s took me for coffee” she noted.

“Two years since one of Marisol’s friends yelled at me on their balcony at their engagement party” Iker played along.

Riley scoffed. “I didn’t yell” she quipped.

“You did” Iker replied, smiling a little as Leo’s tiny hand gripped at his thumb “But I don’t mind. Without the yelling, you wouldn’t have cried in front of me and I probably wouldn’t have asked you to come and get coffee with me and we probably wouldn’t be here right now” he added, glancing up at Riley briefly.

Riley met his stare for a second before she shook her head, gently tucking her hair behind her ear. “Then I don’t quite know that I have the words to tell you how glad I am that I yelled at you” she cooed “Because of where we’ve ended up, not because you deserved to be yelled at. I still hate that your first impression of me was that I was some kind of mess” she babbled.

Iker, who’d looked back down at Leo in his arms, shook his head. “I didn’t think that” he noted.

“You don’t have to lie” Riley replied “I know I wasn’t my best then” she added.

“I was still pretty smitten” Iker replied “I’m still pretty smitten now” he added, flashing her a soft smile.

Riley felt her cheeks warm, something which made Iker’s smile widen a little before he leant forwards slightly, brushing a quick kiss over her lips. “I love you” he whispered.

Riley pecked his lips again. “I love you too” she murmured.

Iker flashed her another warm smile before a knocking at the door filled the air, causing them both to turn, glancing at Alma who stood in the doorway. Sharing a quick look, Iker quickly stood up with Leo in his arms before he stepped away from the bed, allowing Alma to check Riley over. Cuddling the baby close, he kept his eyes on Riley before she glanced up at him, causing them both to grin at one another bashfully before they looked away.
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