There Was You

76: You Looked Like You Were Having A Family Moment

Clutching the handle of Leo’s car seat in his hand, Iker pushed the car door closed, sparing a quick glance down towards the baby who snoozed happily, oblivious to what awaited his mother and father on the other side of their front door. They hadn’t stayed in hospital for long, with Riley’s labour having been quick and without complications, they’d been allowed home the same day, and whilst they were both looking forwards to introducing their little boy to their friends and family, they were both equally dreading it, not quite ready to share him with anyone yet.

Tentatively reaching forwards, he adjusted the hat on Leo’s head, being careful not to wake him before he felt something brush against his hand on the car seat’s handle, causing him to glance up slightly, his lips curving into a soft smile as he glanced at Riley who was smiling up at him. “You want to do the honors?” he asked.

“Do you mind?” Riley asked.

Iker’s smile widened a little before he shook his head, letting his grip on the car seat slacken. “Go ahead” he mused.

Riley glanced down at Leo, watching him sleep for a moment before she lifted her head, her eyes meeting Iker’s for a split. “They’re going to...”

“Absolutely adore him” Iker finished for her, his voice warm and confident “How could they not?” he added.

Riley couldn’t help smiling at his confidence, something which caused Iker to press a quick kiss against her cheek before he stepped past her, pulling his door keys out of his jacket pocket. Placing the key in the lock, he quietly inched the front door open before he stepped into the hall, pausing for a few seconds before the sound of slow, cautious footsteps reached his ears. Quirking an impish smile, he spared a playful roll of his eyes back towards Riley before he turned around, his stare settling on Maria who stood at the end of the hallway, watching the two of them curiously.

“We didn’t know you were coming back so soon after us” Maria noted “If we had done, we would have cleared out sooner” she added.

“Cleared out?” Riley asked.

Maria nodded. “We’d made plans to spend the night at Mia and Jonah’s” she noted “We figured that, after the day you’ve had, you’d appreciate having the house to yourselves. If you just give us a few minutes...Isaac!” she called before she grimaced, remembering that there was a baby in the room.

Iker reflexively turned slightly, checking that Leo hadn’t been woken up, before he turned back to his mother-in-law, a soft smile on his lips. “Wouldn’t you rather stay and say hello to your grandson?” he asked gently.

Maria’s expression softened a little before she glanced between Riley and Iker. “We don’t want to...”

“Who are you kidding, Maria?” Isaac chirped as he jogged down the stairs “You’ve been talking about this moment all day. They’re inviting you to meet our newest grandbaby, so accept the invitation” he added.

Maria blinked a couple of times, surprised by her husband’s interruption, before she rolled her eyes, a goofy smile appearing on her lips. “If you two are sure...” she trialed off, glancing at Riley.

Riley didn’t hesitate in nodding. “Of course, mama” she insisted “Though, I do have one stipulation. That we get out of this hallway. I did have a baby this morning” she added, her voice caught between awed and playful.

Iker’s eyes widened slightly before he turned around, his mouth opening as he prepared to start fussing.

Riley’s laugh, however, cut him off before he had a chance to get a word out. “I’m Ok” she insisted “I’d just like to sit down. Can we do that?” she asked.

Iker nodded before he stepped towards her, gently taking Leo’s car seat out of her hand. Offering her a little smile, he watched her step past before he dutifully followed after her, helping her to settle down onto the couch in the living room before he settled Leo’s car seat down onto the coffee table, allowing him to lift the sleeping baby up into his arms.

Maria, who’d sat down in an armchair across the room, watched the keeper with his son before she turned to look up at Isaac, sharing a soft smile with her husband.

Iker caught the look between Riley’s parents before he shook his head, smiling bashfully. “I don’t want to wake him” he noted “He’s got quite a set of lungs on him when he gets going” he added.

“Something he got from his mama” Isaac chirped “Riley screamed for almost an hour solid after she was born. We were worried she’d never stop” he added.

“Papa” Riley complained, ignoring the little snicker that Iker had let out.

“You did” Isaac retorted, holding up his hands innocently.

Riley rolled her eyes.

Iker smiled at her gently before he turned back towards her parents, tentatively holding Leo out towards him. “Do you...would you like to hold him?” he asked.

Maria glanced up at him hesitantly. “Only if you’re sure” she replied.

“I’m sure Leo would love to meet his nana” Iker mused politely.

Maria flashed him a tentative smile before she stepped towards him, carefully lifting Leo out of his arms. Iker made a move to speak, to remind the older woman to support the little boy’s head as she held him, but the smile on Maria’s face stopped him, even if he did want to fuss. It was a look that reminded him that Maria had raised three children of her own, and already had two grandchildren before Leo. She knew what she was doing. Feeling his cheeks warm, he offered her a sheepish smile before he stepped back, sitting down next to Riley who was quick to rub his arm, smiling at him softly.

“Leo?” Maria asked after a couple of seconds, glancing away from the sleeping infant.

Riley looked up at her mother. “It was just a name we both loved” she mused “We bounced ideas around for months, but Leo was one we kept coming back to over and over again. I know we’ve already got Theo in the family but...”

“Leo’s lovely” Maria interrupted, stopping Riley from defending their name choice. It was their decision and there was no need to defend it to anyone.

Riley nodded, smiling sheepishly.

“It’s not short for Lionel, is it?” Isaac joked.

Iker laughed. “It isn’t” he noted “It’s just Leo. Leo Casillas Munuera” he gushed.

Isaac flashed the two of them a grin before he stood up, extending his arms out towards Maria. “Grandpa would like some cuddles now” he announced.

Maria smiled and placed Leo into her husband’s arm, her fingertips gently straightening out his little hat. “He’s perfect, isn’t he?” she whispered quietly, her eyes glancing up at her husband’s face.

Isaac’s expression softened, tears threatening to fall for a moment before he blinked them away. “Of course he is” he replied “I mean, he’s the son of our little girl. How could he be anything less?” he asked.

“Papa” Riley cooed, allowing Iker to help her back to her feet before she stepped towards her father.

Isaac shook his head. “It’s true” he noted “Though, I imagine that Iker played some part too” he added with an impish smile which faltered slightly, becoming an expression of pride which was meant just for the goalkeeper.

Riley just wrapped an arm around him, hugging him carefully.

Isaac closed his eyes, relishing the hug for a few seconds, before he looked up, smiling at Iker who was still sat on the couch, watching Riley and her parents with Leo. “Are you going to just sit there, Iker?” he prodded.

“I didn’t want to intrude” Iker replied, scratching his jaw sheepishly “It seemed like you were having a family moment” he added.

“You are family” Isaac replied “So get over here and hold your son and your wife so that me and his nana can fuss over how cute the three of you are together” he added, his voice warm and playful.

Iker hesitated for a second before he let out a bashful laugh, ushering himself back to his feet so that he could take Leo from Isaac. Still moving carefully, he cradled the little boy in his arms before he glanced back up at Isaac, grateful to see the comforting smile that the older man wore. Isaac didn’t hesitate in patting the keeper’s shoulder, still grinning at him. “He looks like you” he noted.

“You think?” Iker asked, not even making an attempt to hide the proud smile that lit up his face.

“Definitely” Maria contributed.

Iker let out another bashful laugh, not quite sure what to say.

Riley marveled at the sound before she pushed herself up onto her toes, pressing a kiss against his cheek which had both of her parents cooing, a sound which had her grinning against his cheek.
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